By Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

There is a great power hidden in the practice of gratefulness and thankfulness. It has the capacity to bestow an expanded state of consciousness and self-equilibrium that leads to blessings. Practiced actively, gratefulness and thankfulness will lead to an awakening and renewal of the soul’s powers, which can carry you through any adversity. Being grateful opens our minds and hearts to the touch of the Divine mind and consciousness. In so doing we are attuning to the Divine. When we give thanks, we create an alignment to the creator of our soul and the source of our being. Therefore, giving thanks and being grateful acts as a self-protective formula against all known and unknown forms of negativity. Our Light becomes so bright that darkness is dispelled. Developing a conscious feeling of gratitude and thankfulness for all that we encounter in life therefore, is a magical practice and one of the fastest ways to shift the circumstances of our lives for the better. No matter what is happening in your life, find one thing to be grateful for. This simple act will initiate constructive change.

Our level of gratitude and thankfulness is a clear indication of our level of consciousness as we humble ourselves before the Divine and activate our creative power. Through these channels, blessings flow. Conversely, focusing on what you do not have automatically suppresses your creative power. Operating from what you lack produces outcomes that are in alignment with lack. In order to create abundance, you must first acknowledge and appreciate the abundance you already have. Therefore, count your blessings, however large or small they appear which will brighten your soul. In turn, the Light you are reflecting into the world will manifest itself in the form of success leading to a crystallization of a positive evolutionary structure.

Often, we do not realize how blessed we are. Our perception of the world is what shapes our world, meaning, our perception of our reality changes that reality for us and, through our deeds, impacts the reality of others. By living gratefully and thankfully, we embrace our challenges as well as our blessings, developing a positive mental attitude and greeting each day with positivity. Starting the day full of positivity creates a synchronicity of pleasant moments, so we are better able to absorb the unpleasant moments we encounter. We develop the power to transform everything around us through our attitude of gratefulness and thankfulness, and its presence in our interaction with others.

Being ungrateful for what you have however, leads the Universe to take away from you in order to teach you the important lesson of gratefulness. Find the perfection of God in each moment so as to utilize it to restore harmony. Most importantly, understand that all circumstances happen to give us opportunities to grow and learn. These opportunities prepare us for things that may occur in the future to ourselves or others. It is often difficult to make sense of them in the immediate moment, but by allowing ourselves to enter into the more neutral space of our own Divinity, the importance of what we have experienced becomes clear. The lack of gratefulness and thankfulness prevents us from entering into the neutral space that is required for us to be liberated from limitations, so that we may freely move into a space of infinite possibility. Move into that neutral space and release yourself from the reactions that confine you, by being grateful and thankful.

The first place to start is being grateful to God for the breath of life. Remember that it is not wise to take things for granted. What happens to us is only the result of what we have attracted with our attitude, which triggers either beneficial or harmful currents in the Universe. Every experience you go through is designed for you to learn the right lessons. Seen through this lens, we can understand that everything that happens to us, good or bad, is something to be grateful and thankful for. So, let’s begin a daily healing practice of counting our blessings and be thankful for what we have received. Have faith in yourself and the power of the Universe. This will help you attain your goals faster and success more easily. Your enhanced sense of gratitude and thankfulness will positively impact those around you, thereby creating a ripple effect throughout your life and the lives of others. By developing gratefulness and thankfulness, and practicing them in our lives, we build our capacity to receive more abundance. Our presence and projection become powerful forces for positivity. As we align with the Divine through thankfulness and gratefulness, we have the experience of everything working together for our greatest good. We receive and perceive more opportunities, and start living a life of ever increasing prosperity and blessings.

Dr. Joseph Michael Levry is an internationally renowned spiritual leader, mystic, composer, author, and lecturer. He is the founder of Naam Yoga®, a unique practical system of self-healing which unites the spiritual doctrines of the East with Western mysticism, healing arts, ancient yogic practices, mathematics of spirituality and the laws of nature. Today, he travels the globe in service to spread the healing messages of this divine spiritual wisdom to fulfil the mission of spreading Love, Peace and Light to the world. His 37 CDs comprised of mathematically produced healing vibrations, ten certification courses and lifestyle programs, and seven books translated into multiple languages, have been the subject of countless testimonials for their help with health, family, psychological well-being and career advancement. Recent accomplishments include founding the Naam Yoga International Headquarters, a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit in Los Angeles, establishing a Community Outreach Program which offers free classes to over 10,000 people with specific health challenges, establishing 13 world-wide franchises, and holding world-record yoga classes of its kind in Mexico City (2014 - 21,000/2013 – 15,000/2011 – 12,000). The next class to spread Love, Peace and Light to the world is scheduled for November 29, 2015 in Mexico and over 100,000 are expected.

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This article appears in: 2015 Catalyst, Issue 23: Thanksgiving and Gratitude