Charlie Wilson: Help Yourself Caf' and Feminine Alchemy

By Devaa Haley Mitchell

Meet Charlie Wilson, a recent graduate of our Feminine Alchemy Immersion (formerly known as the Soulful Women Certificate Program).  Charlie is a woman on a mission, having been the visionary behind the Help Yourself Café in Key West, Florida. The café launched in 2008 and is a now burgeoning hub of health and community.

But at the beginning of 2014, Charlie was at a bit of a loss.  Though her business was thriving, she knew that she was ready to write a new chapter of her life. But the details of this next chapter were very vague.

“The truth is that I was sort of hiding behind my business because there was always so much to do, and I was very good at doing all of the tactical pieces.  I am good at taking action!  But I was operating in a very masculine paradigm,” admits Charlie.

She continues, saying, “my feminine side was a bit undernourished.  Though I was successful to the outside world, I actually felt rather insecure inside.  I knew I wanted to be more of a teacher and a leader, but I didn’t feel that I really had much of value to share.  I lacked confidence in who I WAS as a woman.  I didn’t know how to powerfully stand in my feminine presence.  I didn’t feel that people would really want to hear what I have to say. And I felt quite blocked in many ways.”

But all that started to change mid-way through last year. As Charlie moved through our program, she was challenged to grow in many new ways. “I had a deep desire to grow my business, but I now see that it couldn’t actually grow until I grew personally. I needed to work through blocks and fears and spiritually evolve my own being.  The course was so life changing.  And as soon as I finished, so much started happening in my life.”

Five months after the end of the Feminine Alchemy Immersion, Charlie is truly on fire!  She was able to get very clear on the next chapter of her vision and gained the confidence to raise US $55,000 in one week to begin to manifest that vision.  She is  stepping out as a more prominent voice in the health scene, teaching people how to bring in healthier habits into their lives.

Her most recent development is a new class called 21 Days to Help Yourself where she personally guides her clients to make healthy lifestyle choices.  The idea for this course sprouted during the Immersion program and was supported through one-on-one coaching sessions with me. Charlie then she took the idea and ran with it. And voila, a more soul-aligned aspect of her business was born!

Charlie is also opening a second café in a new building, which also has a yoga studio, a retail store, and space for her to teach live classes. She’s rebranding her café and feels her whole business has up leveled a notch, so it’s now feeling much more professional and abundant.

In her spare time, Charlie is dedicated to building a global community connected to the Sacred Feminine.  After graduating from our course, she wanted to keep the energy alive. So she has joined the Board for the Sanctuary of the Open Heart, the non-profit mystery school whose teachings are the basis for the Immersion program. As a Board Member, she’s catalyzing a new initiative to share deep soul-filled content with our community around the world.

But perhaps more important than these outer Shifts, it’s how Charlie feels inside that’s important to her.  She says, “I did so much potent clearing work in the program that I now feel my pathway is truly open to receive more. My vision, drive, and clarity are so much deeper today, as they are no longer clouded or blocked.  Energetically, I see how I have shifted so much.  I’ve cleared out fears that I did not even know existed until I began doing this work.  I also had the confidence to end a long-term romantic relationship that was badly needing to shift into a new form.  So my life and my business are both totally transformed, and I’m so deeply grateful!”

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This article appears in: 2015 Catalyst, Issue 2: Rising Women, Rising World