My Commitment to Peace -- Urgent Animal Messages for the Human Heart

By Billie Dean

In 2013 my husband Andrew and I founded the Billie Dean Deep Peace Trust, a global not -for-profit founded on ancient principles of non-violence, promoting deep peace for all species through the arts, education and compassionate action. I also run a school, Rainbow Fianna, teaching The New Shamanism, again based on the spiritual principles of non-violence. My belief is that peace is not just anti-war, it is about how we live our lives and that we can’t live our lives promoting peace, when we still make violent acts every day through the way we eat and act in the world. We have to consider both nature and animals in our circle of compassion.

As an interspecies telepath and empath, I have committed to being a voice for animals and nature, and helping humans understand that for real peace to exist on the planet, we have to live much more mindfully and kindly in harmony and respect with the other species who live here too. My whole family are award-winning vegans and for the last 20 years we have also run an animal sanctuary helping animals find peace, and saving them from slaughter and torture. We now have over 300 farm animals at home who are free to live in peace. This includes 40 of Australia’s wild horses who were going to be culled. From these acts of kindness, come ripples of peace which resonate out into the world.

I first heard about the indigenous prophecy of peace in 1978, and put my hand up as a warrior for peace way back then. But now, through our not-for-profit we are stepping onto the global stage with international initiatives with our Deep Peace Movement. We are also negotiating to expand our sanctuary to create a Deep Peace Farm, saving hundreds of farm animals and leading the way in showing the importance of farm animals to the landscape through enlightened land management, kindness and harmony.

Further, as creative artists we are committed to changing the culture of violence and fear, to kindness, peace, happiness and compassion, through our artistic endeavours, especially videos, books, films and songs.

We are fully committed to creating a world of peace — a place where every soul can enjoy deep peace.

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About Billie Dean:

Billie Dean is an award-winning actress, author and animal rights activist. She is an internationally acclaimed interspecies telepath, a spiritual teacher, runs A Place of Peace Farm Animal Sanctuary, and Rainbow Fianna: Wisdom School for Earthkeepers, and is the co-founder of the Billie Dean Deep Peace Trust. Billie is foremost a writer and filmmaker, having written for newspapers and magazines for over 30 years, for the stage, for film and television and children’s books. Her book on her animal work “Secret Animal Business” won the 2013 Global Vegan Award for Outstanding Author. She is now writing a book on her peace activism and the role the animals have to play in the quantum leap of consciousness.

Video: Urgent Animal Messages for the Human Heart

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