The Heart Of Humanity Speaks

By Cynthia Shepherd

True peace is a state of the heart, not of the mind. Too often we experience our world, from the space of our head, when our whole being is yearning to experience it fully, which requires that we engage our hearts. Peace is a concept we contemplate and desire to manifest, yet when we realize it’s more than just an ideal, that it’s actually our heart’s intention and an attainable state of being, then we free ourselves to move from our mind to our heart where the true fullness of peace can be experienced.

My quest to find ways to illuminate this realization in others led me to become a life coach and a peace minister. As a coach, it became clear to me early on that clients could obtain deeper, more effective results if they could first be soothed into a more peaceful state. Soothing quickly emerged as the core of my coaching practice and my first objective. It is obvious to me that when clients feel the peace and subsequent strength attained by doing this work from their hearts they also achieve their goals more easily.

While the successes my clients experienced individually were, and continue to be, deeply gratifying to me, I realized that mentoring one-on-one only allowed me to reach a small fraction of the people on the planet during my lifetime, and yet everyone deserves peace and happiness. I knew that designing a project that the Internet could propel to the world would magnify the impact I could have and bring more people what their hearts desire. The idea-seeds for this project were in my mind many years ago, but it has finally found its way to reality with the launch of The Heart Of Humanity Speaks project.

The project is a simple idea with profound potential: just state, in nine words or less, the message your heart would most like to say to the rest of humanity. The messages should be submitted in English, in their simple verbal form, or as a photo of the written phrase in a simply or artistically represented expression. The message should be accompanied by the originator’s name and their location on the planet. To learn more or to share your Message For Humanity, go to

When people ask me about the project, I remind them that the voices of war and anger ring out loud and clear, but the soft voice of peace speaks mainly through expressions of love, and through acts of honor and loving-kindness. This makes it challenging for the gentle wisdoms of the heart to be heard amongst the cacophony clamoring for our attention. Another challenge for the messages of the heart is that so often we feel we stand alone in our opinions and intentions, therefore we feel powerless in our ability to affect the change we so desire to see on the planet.

There is a tremendous need for a vehicle that can bring heart messages into the light and create new waves of action that will result in the world we wish to live in. I feel compelled to help these messages to be truly heard. Humanity seems to continue to listen to the negative directives that have filled our world, even when history shows that the only evolutionary changes the world has ever experienced have come from the hearts of brave souls who dared to offer their transformative wisdom.

Cynthia Shepherd is an Intuitive Mentor and Master Certified Life Coach. She incorporates her experience in Corporate America, her Seminary training, and her keen awareness of the human heart and the heart of humanity with her life coaching to create a truly extraordinary experience for her clients. Cynthia is the founder of The Heart Of Humanity Speaks project, the author of a forthcoming book on obtaining evolutionary answers. Cynthia is also known for her Soul Artistry, which portrays deep wisdom and timeless truth and which touches and inspires all who see it. Some of her Soul Artistry has been published in The Book Of Simple Human Truths. You can find out more about Cynthia at

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This article appears in: 2014 Catalyst, Issue 15: Summer of Peace - Inner Peace and Practical Action - Yoga, Veterans and Forgiveness Day