Toward a Global Awakening

By Lee Temple
Challenging times.  Solid science shows identical “hockey stick” trajectories of accelerating growth for human population, development, fossil-fuel usage, carbon emissions, natural super-disasters, and the number of climate refugees.
We already use over 1.5 times Earth’s available resources, but still rely on growth-based economic, political, and behavioral models. To bequeath our great grandchildren a habitable planet, we must quickly unite across the globe to turn the climate crisis around. Life’s future here now depends on it.
The good news is that billions of us—in businesses, organizations, communities, and governments worldwide—are already on board. U.S. emissions have declined 15% since 2007. But too many remain unable or unwilling to address this greatest crisis of any human era effectively, and a catastrophic climatic tipping point is upon us. Global emissions, fueled by BRIC countries and others, still rise steadily, up 2.1% to nearly 36 billion metric tons in 2013.  Participation in facing this global emergency is no longer optional: It’s time for “All hands on deck!”
What’s missing is a larger sense of selfhood. We need a new ethics/worldview founded in a sensibility of wholeness and “world-first” global responsibility. We need to value the sources and sustenance of our existence even more than our “me-first” agendas.
Only a decisive, worldwide change in our basic awareness can yield a realistic hope of survival for our species on this miraculous little blue planet. The dramatic shift required is from divisive to unifying, from exclusive to inclusive, from divergent to convergent ways of thinking, acting, and feeling.
The Global Awakening Series
Our challenge is essentially spiritual and philosophical, touching the deepest core of our being. We need a comprehensive path that will help our out-of-control materialism transcend itself.
Luckily, convergent fields and technologies across the spectrum are fostering an awareness of our fundamental unity with each other and all things, through an emerging and congealing consciousness of our intrinsic oneness. There is indeed a global awakening, and it couldn’t be happening at a better time.
In synch with these developments, my Global Awakening series integrates widely accepted scientific, spiritual, and environmental perspectives to reveal our profound collective journey from the Big Bang to the present day. It helps us understand, at the deepest core level, who we truly are, what we’re made of, and how we’ve created our global crisis. In so doing, it helps facilitate the urgently needed large-scale awareness shift. This enlightening transformation is as essential to successfully addressing climate crisis as the advancement of green technology or governmental initiatives. It inspires broad-based, compassionate, win-win behavior that promotes lasting healing for Earth and her children.
The four-part series abounds with magnificent artwork, photographs, diagrams, inspiring quotes, and poetry. Overview Volumes introduce the series, the unity perspective in which it’s rooted, and list extensive resources to fuel individual transformation and change networks. Part I’sGrand Universal Lineage” maps our authentic place in the Cosmos, through explorations of all that makes our earthly existence possible.
This foundation enables us to live from a deeper understanding of our intrinsic oneness with all.  Various aspects of this realization form Part II’s “Grand Integration,” including guided exercises/meditations that help us walk more compassionately with all of creation. The unity perspective facilitates greater care for the planet—a prerequisite for success in dealing with climate change.  
Part III’s “Next Steps” synergistically unites today’s crucial change-drivers: environmental justice, grass-roots activism, philosophy/spirituality, science, systems-thinking, and more. It investigates striking possibilities, living examples, and forward-looking strategies for healing our world from this energizing perspective. They all integrate Part II’s oneness wisdom into comprehensive, unifying modes of action—helpful, down-to-earth tools and climate solutions. We can do these right now,*  at various scales from the individual to the planetary. The Epilogue looks playfully at a future human world that has successfully broken through to an awakened mode of functioning. is the series’ companion website. Our mission is to empower immediate, ongoing large-scale carbon emission reductions around the world, while simultaneously enhancing overall life-quality for humanity and our fellow creatures. We unite many convergent efforts, movements, methodologies, individuals, and organizations—from the grassroots to the global scales—through networking, inspiring action, and informative, empowering education. Our family is growing, getting stronger and more determined, more active, and more effective in the application of our collective knowledge base; including partners Cho Ku Rei Ranch, Camino de Crestone, Guest Blogger and Lead Faculty for The Shift Network’s Peace Ambassador Training James O’Dea, and more.
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Spring brings rebirth and re-awakening in nature.  It can for us as well. It’s time to awaken to a new way of being—a new, improved incarnation—and rededicate ourselves to act on our highest, most compassionate Earth-healing intentions.  This cause is vitally important, just, and right. Now is the time, this is the place, and we are the ones to act.

A retired architect and architecture professor at Cornell and other leading universities, Lee Temple is an author, visionary, elder, community organizer, and long-time global sustainability advocate/consultant.  He has been living the low-carbon life in the high desert of southern Colorado since 1993.
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