2014 is Year Two of Our Birth

A Letter from Barbara Marx Hubbard

Here is the question: What really has happened during the fateful year of 2013?

On December 21-22, 2012, we all made an ”announcement" of the birth of a new era of evolution.  It was in some respects like the announcement of the birth of the baby Jesus in a manger. Only the wise ones knew. Yet there were hundreds of thousands of us worldwide who affirmed, celebrated, and honored the emerging world and the “birth” of a new humanity.

It was and still is a dangerous birthing, because the world itself is in crises. We were told that our whole life support system might collapse within our lifetime because of our own actions.  In the midst of this dangerous moment, our courageous community of pioneering souls announced the birth of a new human and humanity.

What was really being born I believe is within US, you and me, all who so declared, intended and affirmed. Everyone who gathered in hubs, circles, and celebrations of all kinds were and are being affected at a soul level by this affirmation of new life. And the effect is continuing!

As we believe, so it is done unto us.

We are One Year Old as a newborn era.   On December 22, 2013 on a Shift Network global teleconference, Stephen Dinan and I, along with members of the Welcoming Committee, hosted groups and calls from all over the world declaring what had been born, what was growing, what was good, what was emerging personally and in society.

2014 is Year Two of Our birth.

Here is what is happening to me: Years ago I was taking a walk around Mt. Calvary monastery in Santa Barbara, pondering a question: What kind of person could handle all this new power of humanity – like nanotech, genetics, robotics, space? In the moment of that question, I saw a group of hand gliders in butterfly colored wings floating above the cross at Mt. Calvary monastery. Suddenly I saw the image of mass metamorphosis.  I heard the words, You will do the works that I did and greater works will you do in the fullness of time.  Behold I show you a mystery. We shall not all sleep, we shall all be changed… I entered the monastery and spent six months writing an evolutionary inspiration from the New Testament.  I wrote, not as a student of the New Testament, which I had never read, but as a futurist. The story of Jesus appeared to me to be a description of a universal being, a future human, a radical evolutionary who came to Earth to tell us what we could do. I understood his story is an evolutionary forecast of human potential based on our spiritual, social and scientific/technological capacities for the purpose of the metamorphosis of humanity and Earth life itself.

During the months of writing, I heard these words: You, all of you who are desirous and ready are the WAY. Be guides unto yourselves. There is now on earth a self selected group of souls attracted to the future of the world. They are a new avant-garde, a new order of the future; here to carry the miracle of the resurrection into action as the transformation of humanity from Homo Sapiens to Homo Universalis.

Form this order in yourself, Barbara, and you will meet others.

That was 1980!   I didn’t know how to do it.

Recently in 2013 it happened.  A group of six of us, inspired at a ceremony in honor of a dear friend’s passing, found ourselves forming something that we now call a universal human pod. It feels to us like a pod of metamorphosis at a very deep level.  

As the Pod, we have been meeting some in person but mainly over the phone.  Unexpectedly, we began forming a ‘Cocoon of Light,’ around ourselves, a membrane that holds us together in a field of divine light.  We experience together the Presence of the Divine, the One in an intensely personal way. In this Field we evoke the miracle of the Risen Christ as a light body, and other great mystics from different cultures who have evoked the body of light. We literally fuse ourselves with this vibrational field of light, activating our own non-local light bodies in higher vibrations of those who have gone before us.  (As described in my book The 52 Codes).

Then we consciously call into the Cocoon of Light our own Essential Selves, and our soul’s code, our vocations of destiny. These life purposes merge in the field of shared presence, touching one another‘s genius codes. Genius with genius fuses, each person becoming more.  Then we bring in all our local selves, all the wounded and hurt parts of ourselves, who have suffered the pain and illusion of separation from each other, from nature, and from Spirit through these many thousands of years of self-conscious humanity.  We welcome these wounded local selves “home” within the field of union.

Then we bring in our physical bodies, each composed of 50 trillion cells fused as a whole being. We join whole beings on the physical level, awed at the complexity of the human coordinated as a whole body.  We experience a sense of the regeneration of the physical form.

The Me to We is becoming a New Whole.

Then we conclude, closing the Cocoon of Light with thankfulness and blessings.

I am beginning to carry the field of the Cocoon of Light with me. Whenever I sense my local self feeling distress, I quickly activate the vibration and return to that higher state. It can become a steady state.

We feel sure that as we are going through this metamorphosis that other pods around the world are experiencing something similar.  This always happens in evolution. We are interested in knowing what’s happening to you.  This is what I think is happening Post Birth to many of us.

The members of my personal Pod will be joining with me and Patricia Ellsberg to cocreate the next course in the Generation One Series. We are calling it, Taking the Sacred Journey of the Conscious Evolutionary, starting February 4.

I also invite you to a free call on Saturday, January 18, entitled, The Next Stage of Human Evolution: Evolving from Me to We to a New Whole, with me and Stephen Dinan that will also include some members of the Pod, to give you some of this experience to share with others. Year Two of our Birth will accelerate our transition from self-conscious separated humans to whole centered soul centered Spirit centered Homo Unviersalis, Homo Noeticus, ultra humanity (Teilhard de Chardin) and whatever name emerges.
Love & blessings,


To join Barbara Marx Hubbard and Stephen Dinan on January 18 for The Next Stage of Human Evolution: Evolving from Me to We to a New Whole, register free by - clicking here.

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