Join the Shift Network Team as we participate in the Compassion Games Coopetition

The Shift Network is proud to announce that we are competing in the Compassion Games: Survival of the Kindest 9/11 - 9/21.  Our goal is to be the most compassionate company in the world!  You are invited to participate as an active member of the Shift Community!  

Together we can perform acts of peace, kindness and compassion in the world. This is a super activity for all the Birth 2012  hubs -- let’s see which ones are the most compassionate inside the Shift Community.

To make this all the more fun, The Shift Network will challenge another similar organization to see who is the most compassionate!  This is a “coopetition” -- cooperating in a competition, to  strive together by competing with and not against. The organization will be announced once they accept the challenge from Stephen Dinan!.

Let’s have some fun while doing real good in the world! The Compassion Games measure the number of volunteers, the hours of community service, the total dollars raised for non-profits, and the number of people served.  We report these positive actions on the Compassion Map.  There is no limit to the ways we can make our communities safer, kinder and a more just places to live.  

When you submit a report on the Compassion Map, be sure to check “The Shift Network” under communities so your activities count towards our community goal!  Click here to watch a video clip on how to submit a compassion report.  Click here to submit your reports!

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This article appears in: 2013 Catalyst - Issue 12