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The Infinite Power of Visionary Art

By Eleanor Blattel

I vividly remember my first experience of Visionary Art, many years ago. I was at a gathering in a friend’s living room, and could not divert my focus away from the breathtakingly gorgeous woman on the print in front of me, an Andrew Gonzales piece called Yemanja. After that, I began to come across other, similarly inspiring works of art, and became curious about this art form that filled my heart with such joy and awe.

There are many different definitions of Visionary Art. The American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore defines its collection as “art produced by self-taught individuals, usually without formal training, whose works arise from an innate personal vision that revels foremost in the creative act itself.” Various websites link it to altered states of consciousness, psychedelic experiences, sacred geometry, shamanism, hidden realms and transcendence.

Personally, I’ve come to define it as art that is created by someone while they are connected to the Divine, so that their creation is not a product of their ego or their identity, but is instead universal truth being channeled through them. Art enables the expression of what can’t be said in words, and as many sages have shared over the millennia, truth simply can’t be articulated in language. Visionary Art allows the viewer to appreciate this message in its purest form, free from human interference.

I can tell if I’m looking at a work of Visionary Art if my heart feels more open, if I feel more clarity and peace, and if it resonates with me as truth. There is nothing new about this art form – it’s as ancient as spirituality. Think of all the Hindu images of gods and goddesses, the thousands of depictions of Buddha, or paintings of Christ and Saints with halos around their heads. Until the past couple of centuries, most art was inextricably linked to God.

But now it’s making a comeback. I’ve had many opportunities to set my gaze upon new masterpieces of color, geometry and light, as they are often featured prominently in galleries and live paintings at transformational music festivals like Burning Man, Symbiosis, and Lightning in a Bottle. If I’m at one of those festivals, chances are I’ve wandered away from the dance floor and am in communion with a favorite painting or digital creation. It uplifts and inspires me to watch the youngest participants, who are discovering art for the first time, being captivated by Visionary Art, wordlessly evolving as they learn timeless information that can’t be found anywhere else.

I’ve started a personal collection of my favorite canvas GiclĂ©e prints, which are nearly exact reproductions of the original paintings, and my home now has a beauty and vibrancy that delights me and keeps me more aligned with my highest intentions. I like to imagine a world where that’s the norm for everyone! Visionary Art can be a powerful and priceless investment in our happiness.

I’ll leave you with one story that shows the impact Visionary Art can have. Two dear friends, Bryan Franklin and Jennifer Russell, were married last year, and as my wedding gift to them, I arranged to fulfill their dream of having their favorite Visionary Artist, Android Jones, do a custom digital painting of their love. The piece, Union, became an organic viral hit, and continues to be shared on Facebook, by thousands of people who have neither heard of the artist nor the couple, as an example of what an inspiring partnership can be.

That is the infinite power of Visionary Art: transmitting ineffable beauty.

Eleanor Blattel is a Vedic astrologer with a private practice over phone and skype.  She also works with some of the world's top visionary artists to curate personalized art pieces for people with a purpose.  Her website is: and to discover more artists, visit her Visionary Art Pinterest Board.

Union by Android Jones

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This article appears in:
2013 Catalyst - Issue 7

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