A Personal Invitation to the March 9-13 Evolved Empath Summit From Your Host, Bevin Niemann


Our second annual Evolved Empath Summit, hosted once again by Bevin Niemann, co-founder of the 1 Million Empaths community, takes place March 9-13.

This FREE summit features a global gathering of sensitive leaders who are on fire with groundedness, belonging, purpose, and power — women and men who want to guide you with their wisdom and support your personal journey of transformation at whatever stage of evolution you’re in.

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Perhaps you're just beginning to explore what it means to be an empath, and if so, welcome. Or you may have known about your empathic and intuitive gifts for a while and feel like this is the time to dive deeper to see what's there for you.

Hello, I'm Bevin Neimann, the host of The Shift Network's second annual Evolved Empath Summit. During last year's event, we laid the foundation for the 33,000 empaths from over 105 countries who tuned in to this event to know that our way of being is not only our normal, but it's also a gift. 

Our message is you are not alone. Millions of other sensitive people just like you can also sense energy, whether that's emotions, mental, physical, environmental, or especially right now, our collective energy. In this year's summit, we're expanding those topics to help you master your energy field, heal and shift those old repetitive patterns, and shine your light out into a world that's experiencing profound changes.

So on day one, we feature some foundational videos to help you understand about your empathy, your intuition, the process of healing, how important it is to nurture our sensitive children, and ways that you can find and tune in and connect with your sensitive tribe. You'll then go on in the consequent days to listen to over 20 more audio interviews with amazing speakers and teachers.

Like Dr. Judith Orloff, who shares how self-care is more than just a daily practice, but actually needs to be a way of life for people like us. Or Jean Haner, who leads you in a powerful exercise to clear your energy field. You know that we all pick up things and we need to learn how to actually release that on a daily basis. Or Shariff Abdullah, who provides a simple but profound practice that you can do every day to recognize our shared humanity and help unify what feels like a divided world. 

You might enjoy Summer McStravick, who shares techniques to help empaths flow with the energy of money and invite greater prosperity into your life. Now, who doesn't want that? Right? And Wendy De Rosa, who describes which of the chakras that empaths can focus on most to help you strengthen your energetic boundaries. Her talk is absolutely amazing.

This event is your opportunity to honor your empathic and intuitive gifts, to be supported and acknowledged for the amazing person that you are. I so look forward to connecting with you inside. 

Bevin Niemann is a Life Purpose Coach for intuitive empaths, lightworkers, and conscious leaders. If you’ve been asking, Why am I here? How am I meant to serve? you’re on the right track. It’s time to discover your purpose, master your gifts, and create a life that lights you up.

She’s the two-time host of The Shift Network’s Evolved Empath Summit, which reached over 33,000 empaths from 105 countries. Her writing’s been featured in the Shift Catalyst, Mind Body Spirit Network, Conscious Reminder, Experience Life! and Spiritual Biz Magazine, and she's appeared as a guest speaker for numerous online summits, events, and podcasts.

Bevin is the co-founder of 1 Million Empaths, a global community for those who care deeply about our world. It's an online sanctuary created to help you meet your tribe, master your gifts, and make a difference.

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This article appears in: 2020 Catalyst, Issue 5: Evolved Empath Summit