Answering the Call: Think Cosmic, Feel Global, Act Local

By Genevieve Boast and the WholeWorld-View team

The world is changing all around us. Some of us may be embracing these massive disruptions and others resisting, but whatever worldview each of us is currently living within, we are feeling a whole new shift in our experience of interconnection.

Our planet is calling to us to wake up: rapid climate change and our current global pandemic is reflecting the need to expand our awareness. Our unsustainable interactions with each other, resulting in inequality, injustice and conflict are calling us to grow up and change our behaviors. And the damage we have caused to ourselves and our planet is calling us to regeneratively clean up and co-creatively show up to join heads, hearts and hands in a unified response to our challenges.

We need to think cosmically 

As a species, never before have we had so much evidence that we are living in an interdependent and holographic Universe that not only exists and evolves as a unified entity – but exists TO evolve. Leading edge science is discovering that separation is an illusion. That mind and consciousness holographically in-forms the co-creation of all realities and states of existence. Every micro aspect of existence contains the in-forming codes of the macro Universe. 

We find ourselves alive in a critical evolutionary moment. After 13.8 billion years, our Universe has birthed us as a self-aware species. We now have a choice to become unity-aware beings and conscious co-creators with our Universe and its ongoing evolutionary impulse.

Our hearts are calling us to feel globally

It is Love that is getting us through this current pandemic. Love for our fellow human beings and a remembering of our love for our Mother Earth and all her children. We are all indigenous to Earth–we are Gaia’s children. Like a healthy resilient ecosystem, our global experience is manifested through the radical diversity, uniqueness and within the shared purpose of Me and We.

In these pivotal times of breakdown and breakthrough, we can re-member and ‘feel’ our inherent connection to each other and Gaia, and co-create a thriving future for all. It is time to evolve through love, from the inside out.

We are indeed in this together. We always have been.

It’s linking up and lifting up across the Earth in unity that catalyses the adventure

In the coming years, the choices of each and all of us will determine the fate of our species

and potentially all life on Earth. Globally, change agents are designing, developing and manifesting unity-based communications and structures in numerous areas, including; finance and economics, science and technology, education, holistic wellness, politics, governance, justice, peace, media, arts and culture, architecture and social entrepreneurship.

Locally, individuals and communities are embarking on quests and practices of ‘sacred normality’–reconnecting to each other, Gaia and the universal pulse of evolution that flows through us. We are remembering what it means to co-create lives of meaning, purpose and responsibility. Communities are rediscovering their ability to find local solutions to global challenges. Crisis breeds opportunity and innovation.

Together, as we link up and lift up, our unity in diversity will connect, inspire and empower a global movement towards inclusion, fairness, harmony and peace. This is a call to join the adventure of our times; one that has the potential to change all of life on Earth and create a flourishing future for all.

World Unity Week is the emergence of a new conscious way of thinking, feeling, acting and being together in these times of global transformation. In joining hands, hearts and minds with the wide and diverse organisations that are gathering in June, we each become an essential point of light in the vast web of conscious evolution. Diversity in unity. Unity and hope in action. 

We are reaching our hands out to you. Will you join us to link up and lift up?

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This article appears in: 2020 Catalyst, Issue 12: World Unity Week