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With Internationally Renowned Instructor in Qigong, Meditation, and Tai Chi
Lee Holden




Unleash your ‘superhuman’ abilities using Qigong, breathwork, and meditation to live a life of purpose, power, and inner peace.


We now have technology, devices, and apps for our every want and need — but none of it has enabled us to manifest our “superhuman” abilities or tap into the power and potential within.

If you were able to unleash your internal power to perform amazing feats like bending steel or seeing with X-ray vision, would you do it?

Stopping short of “leaping tall buildings in a single bound,” there ARE people in the world with such extraordinary abilities. These superhumans have used profound self-awareness to tap into their supernatural powers.

Inhabitants of ancient cultures learned how to liberate their minds and use their inner powers to transcend the concept of “self” and accomplish miraculous feats.

These secrets were passed down through generations to select individuals.

These modern masters, who once guarded this information, are now sharing their knowledge and practices, recognizing that the time has come for the human spirit to realize its full potential. And that potential isn’t about bending steel or seeing through walls — it’s about each of us harnessing our inner power so we can collectively manifest a more harmonious reality.

Lee Holden, an expert instructor in Qigong, Tai Chi, and meditation, has traveled the world to find people who have mastered these arcane practices for attaining “superhuman” capabilities.

In this special 60-minute event, Lee will share with you the impossible feats he witnessed people performing with their minds and bodies. From Bhutan to Croatia, from Russia to the Himalayas, he met extraordinary people defying the limits of logic and possibility.

He’ll share details about mind-defying feats, and how experts like Deepak Chopra and Qigong master Mantak Chia explain how they were done.

You’ll learn about different tools and techniques you can put into practice to master your own abilities. Qigong, breathwork, and meditation can give you the tools to tap into your mental acuity and unlock powerful energies to show you what we’re capable of — both individually and collectively — so you can live with more peace and compassion, and enhance your emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing.

Lee will lead you in a Qigong practice that will segue into an energy meditation. The power of your mind will lead how the energy moves throughout your body. You’ll focus, directing your energy to manifest in a specific area of the body to bring healing or to empower you with a lightning flash of vitality to tackle a challenge or goal you’re confronted with.


During this special free online event, you’ll also discover:

  • What your human potential is
  • How energy work activates your natural healing ability
  • Techniques behind some extraordinary human accomplishments
  • How tapping into your greatest potential connects you to your life purpose
  • An exercise that encompasses Qigong and an energy meditation — and leaves you feeling purposeful and empowered

Now is the time to consider what YOU are capable of.

By grasping your full, true potential, you can move through the world with focus, purpose, and passion, paving the way for a global shift in the emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing of humanity.

In this hour, you’ll also hear about a 7-week opportunity with Lee where you’ll discover more about the masters who have realized their full potential and reached the peak of human achievement. You’ll unlock your own “superhuman” abilities using Qigong, breathwork, and meditation, so you can live an abundantly full life by activating the powerful energy within you.

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What People Are Saying About Lee Holden...

“My physical, energetic, and spiritual being have all gained tremendous knowledge.“

I can’t praise this course highly enough. The content, format, instructor, support, technology — everything exceeded my expectations. I’ve taken courses on other online platforms and this one ranks at the top. Absolutely wonderful. I had tears as Lee was saying goodbye tonight. My physical, energetic, and spiritual being have all gained tremendous knowledge. I’ve already signed up for another course with Lee. I look forward to becoming one of his lifelong students. Thank you for offering this course especially during this time of social distancing. You have truly made a difference in my life.
— Lisa Mast, Santa Rosa, California

“Lee’s course and Lee himself have booster-rocketed my practice to a whole new level.”

Lee’s course and Lee himself have booster-rocketed my practice to a whole new level! I have learned so much from him, thanks to the clarity and depth of his teaching, his deep commitment and intelligence, his positive spirit, and his excellent movement sets. Bravo!
— Sally, New York

“... panic and distress about what is happening in this country and the world has dissolved.”

My anxiety about the virus situation is gone. I have practiced with Lee’s videos almost daily and noticed in the last few weeks that the sense of panic and distress about what is happening in this country and the world has dissolved. Of all the courses I have taken with The Shift Network, this one has been the best. Lee Holden is a true educator and healer.
— Donna R., Boynton Beach, Florida

“... the movements and flows I learned really make a difference in how my body feels and in my sense of wellbeing.”

Lee Holden is a wonderful instructor for Qigong; he was thorough in his explanations of the principles of Qigong, and the movements and flows I learned really make a difference in how my body feels and in my sense of wellbeing. The course was well put together and well paced. I am very grateful to Lee and The Shift Network. I would highly recommend this course.
— Carla, Rancho Cordova, California

“... just by doing the practices I feel so much better...”

It definitely works! I had struggled with shoulder pain for years due to a rotator cuff injury, and just by doing the practices I feel so much better, with greater range of movement and less pain. You can really feel the energy boost in general.
— Alejandro, San José, Costa Rica


About Lee Holden

Lee Holden first discovered the healing power of Qigong and Tai Chi after experiencing injuries that nearly sidelined his varsity soccer career at the University of California, Berkeley. Impressed at how these ancient practices healed his body and allowed him to return to playing, he made their study a priority. Today, he is an internationally known instructor in meditation, Tai Chi, and Qigong, as well as a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, and author (7 Minutes of Magic, Penguin 2007). His popular library of Qigong DVDs have made him a regular fixture on American Public Television and over 105 PBS stations throughout the U.S. and Canada. Lee's unique Qigong programs have been seen in over 50 million households.

Lee’s expertise and down-to-earth teaching style have made him a popular speaker and workshop facilitator. He’s worked with world-famous healer Deepak Chopra as well as Mantak Chia, a widely revered Qigong expert. He is also a stress management consultant to top Silicon Valley corporations like Apple, 3Com, and Cisco, and has been the on-set wellness consultant for several Hollywood film productions.

Lee is a graduate of UC Berkeley, with a BA in Psychology. A Doctor of Chinese Medicine, he is a graduate of Five Branches Institute in Santa Cruz, California, a leading acupuncture college in the U.S.