With the Founder of the Globe Sound Healing Institute
& the Sound Healing Research Foundation
David Gibson


Experience the power of sound and vibration to release physical and emotional challenges as you bliss out and access higher states of consciousness.


Everything is vibration.

In fact, according to celebrated sound-healing scholar and researcher David Gibson, the whole universe is music...

... and your own body is a set of vibrational frequencies.

When you discover how vibration really works, you’re empowered to use sound for healing the stuck emotional energy in your system.

Sound operates on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels to address dis-ease, entrain your brainwaves, and help you access more love, gratitude, and compassion as well as your unique soul frequency.

You can learn specifically which sounds not only help you reach a sense of peace, but also open your heart so you can transform emotions issues as they arise... and even explore the realms of higher consciousness by reaching a theta brain state.

Applying different sound vibrations also enables you to clear energy blocks and rebalance your chakras, which have their own frequencies, pitches, and timbres.

Imagine the deep healing you might experience if you immersed yourself in practical applications of sound vibration.

Join David in this powerful hour-long online event, where he’ll provide a glimpse into insights, techniques, and practices for accessing the full range of healing vibrations.


In this hour-long sound-healing workshop, you’ll discover:

  • A powerful practice for embracing ALL the frequencies within you to help you access higher consciousness which David refers to as Source or God
  • How frequencies, sounds, music, and intention can release stuck emotions and significantly transform your life physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually
  • How sound healing can help you discover the specific frequencies and timbres of each chakra and raise the vibration of your energy body
  • How binaural beats activate specific systems within your brain, promoting heightened wellbeing as well as relaxation, positivity, and improved memory
  • Experience the powerful frequency of Source itself and sense the bliss of being at one with the Universe
  • How the entire physical body is made up of different frequencies and how to tap into them as you work with your voice and instruments

David will show you how to minimize the chaotic vibrations our busy world is always creating, and illustrate ways to benefit from the frequencies that are ideal for your body’s sound framework.

He’ll introduce you to his “hierarchy of vibration” a unique perspective on the use of frequencies, sounds, music, and intention to clear blockages physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually.

It’s a powerful theory that’s gaining wide acceptance in the healing and medical fields as a new way of identifying which vibrations are best for various health challenges.

You’ll discover that chaotic frequencies of fear, anger, and even PTSD can be transmuted to harmonic vibrations that can align you with bliss, provide access to creative downloads, and restore the ideal frequency to every cell in your body.

You’ll learn how harmonic frequencies create natural immunities to physical disease and destructive emotions and enable you to concentrate and focus better.

And you’ll hear how David’s nonprofit, the Sound Healing Research Foundation, is working on refining sound and vibrational treatments for anger, sleep challenges, ADHD, autism, dementia, Parkinson’s, chronic illness, and more.

You’ll also learn about David’s upcoming 7-week live video course, in which you’ll dive more deeply into the secrets and power of vibration, frequency, and sound to become the maestro in the healing symphony of your own life.

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What People Are Saying About David Gibson...

“David Gibson is a true sound master with an open heart…”

David Gibson is a true sound master with an open heart and enthusiasm for healing and raising vibration. He inspired me to be my full self when conducting sound healings, and not hold back because I think it sounds weird. Also, to use my voice and the client’s voice to locate the healing frequency more.
Dr. Kathia Roberts, Hoboken, New Jersey

“David is one of the most passionate teachers I've heard…”

It will blow your mind how basic frequency and toning can work in all aspects of your life. David is one of the most passionate teachers I’ve heard, and he explains most of the basics with ease and skill.
Elizabeth Voss, Ringwood East, Australia

“Sound healing has added to my toolbox of alternative healing modalities in a very positive way. “

Sound healing has added to my toolbox of alternative healing modalities in a very positive way. David is a genuine, passionate, and fun instructor!
Sandy, Red Deer, Canada

“It is a blessing to have [David’s] techniques to use every day…”

David Gibson is an amazing teacher who exudes beautiful vibrations as he teaches and brings us to experience states of peaceful bliss easily and effortlessly. It is a blessing to have his techniques to use every day as I navigate being a human in this topsy-turvy world.
Anna, Quebec, Canada

“I understand so much more about frequencies and healing thanks to David…”

I had some background in toning, but this course took it to another level. I understand so much more about frequencies and healing thanks to David’s techniques and expertise.
Christine, Candler, North Carolina


About David Gibson

David Gibson is the founder and director of the Globe Sound Healing Institute in San Francisco (and online), offering individual classes and state-approved certificate programs in sound healing and sound therapy. He is the author of The Complete Guide to Sound Healing, and a producer of sound-healing music that is played in hospitals around the country.

He runs the Sound Therapy Center at the Institute (and online), which offers 15 types of sound-healing treatments. He has produced nine international sound-healing conferences and is the founder of the Sound Healing Research Foundation, designed to help bring sound healing into the mainstream for use in homes and hospitals.

David set up the Medical Sound Association, consisting of more than 600 doctors and sound therapists collaborating on ways to cure disease with sound, music, and vibration. Their website now has detailed treatment plans for a wide range of issues including anxiety, depression, grief, PTSD, cancer, drug addiction, and dementia.

David received a $100,000 grant to create the Sound Education Center by taking the Sound Healing Institute’s curriculum into two Montessori schools. Along with 24 sound-healing instructors, he created over 2,500 exercises for children at every age level. The website now has over 500 downloadable exercises.