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With Founder of “The Way of the Leopard” Teachings & Sangoma (African Healer and Shaman)
John Lockley


Explore the unique landscapes of your dreams to unearth insight into your spiritual DNA, reclaim your ancestral heritage, and deepen your understanding of your place in the universe.

Learn to navigate life with heightened clarity and purpose, forging a profound connection to your timeless self.

Did you know that your dreams are as unique as your fingerprint? Every night, when you close your eyes, you enter a world that is entirely your own.

According to John Lockley, a fully initiated sangoma (or shaman) in the Xhosa lineage of South Africa, becoming aware of how you dream can help you gain profound insights into your deepest self, illuminating paths and possibilities you never imagined.

For centuries, spiritual seekers have turned to the ancient shamanic practice of understanding dreams to cultivate powerful internal wisdom, providing a sense of spiritual connection and the inner guidance we all long for. Even in our busy modern world, a daily dream appreciation practice can help you access this space of insight, comfort, and enlightenment within yourself.

John shares that our dreams communicate in metaphors, symbols, and sensations, representing our inner DNA. As you learn the language of your dreams, you can start uncovering the true nature of your soul and its connections to the world, both seen and unseen.

Understanding your dreams can help you gain a better understanding of your ancestry and, in a secular world that can often feel soulless, help you reclaim your past.

John was drawn to his calling through a powerful prophetic dream that summoned him to train as a Xhosa sangoma during his time as a medic in the South African army. Shortly after his calling, John experienced thwasa a severe period of illness recognized in many shamanic cultures, which requires guidance from a shamanic teacher to overcome. Due to the restrictions of apartheid, which ended in 1994, it took John seven years to find a Xhosa teacher.

After apartheid ended, John connected with MaMngwevu, a respected Xhosa sangoma in one of South Africa’s most impoverished townships. She had predicted his arrival through a dream and started his 10-year apprenticeship, during which she named him Cingolweendaba, meaning “messenger” or “connector” between people and cultures.

John draws on both his personal experiences and the ancient Xhosa teachings to bring a unique perspective to his practices and teaching... one that fuses African shamanic traditions with modern-day spirituality. At the core of his teachings is the concept of Ubuntu, which emphasizes interconnectedness and the importance of community, offering you a path to reconnect with yourself, your community, and the Earth.

John advocates for an intuitive approach to understanding dreams, emphasizing the emotional impact over literal interpretation. Engaging deeply with your dreams can enhance various aspects of your life, potentially improving emotional, psychological, and physical health, and even resolving certain illnesses. This increased awareness can also clarify your life’s purpose and fulfillment. For those who struggle with recalling dreams, a guided dream journey can enhance the dreaming experience, fostering greater insight and creativity.

One of the remarkable aspects of dreams is their innate capacity to reveal what we need to understand about ourselves. You may very well discover that the dream you revisit offers you the exact kind of insights or healing you require in this moment.


In this soul-awakening free online event, you’ll:

  • Discover your unique dream print, enhancing your spiritual self-esteem as you begin identifying and embracing your personal path and calling
  • Explore the varied landscapes of your dreams, whether they be deserts, mountains, seas, forests, or something else entirely, understanding these visions as reflections of your inner DNA and a way to reconnect with your ancestry and cultural heritage
  • Learn the language of dreaming, shifting from analyzing to appreciating dreams as metaphoric expressions, much like experiencing a painting, allowing you to feel their emotional and spiritual layers rather than dissecting their meaning
  • Appreciate the circular, timeless nature of dreaming, which helps you surrender to the flow of life and accept your place in the universe with greater peace and presence
  • Engage your senses to sharpen the focus of your dreams, tuning in to which senses are activated to bring clarity and vividness to your dream experiences

During this powerful hour, you’ll also learn how you can continue on this illuminating path in John’s upcoming 7-week live video course, in which you’ll connect to your inner dreamer (or soul), paying close attention to ancestral, prophetic, animal, and shadow dreaming, to name a few.

In the sangoma tradition, it’s believed that as soon as you experience your soul, your life is then given its direction. It’s a bit like being a sailor at sea, looking for the North Star, and then navigating your boat based on the position of the star.

Your North Star is calling. Are you ready to open to unseen realms, awaken to the language of your soul, and become a vessel of shining work in our world?

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What People Are Saying About John Lockley...

“The workshop participants experienced great shifts in their souls and a deeper connection to their ancestors through John’s guidance.”

Our mission is the conservation of Indigenous cultures, preservation of their territories, and the education of the public regarding the rich wisdom that they carry. We hosted John Lockley for a week and wish to express our gratitude to him for offering such truly powerful and authentic spiritual work from the Xhosa sangomas of South Africa. Everyone in the audience felt the presence of the ancestors in the room and left deeply fulfilled by the experience. We also offered a weekend medicine workshop and it was a beautiful experience for all who attended. The workshop participants experienced great shifts in their souls and a deeper connection to their ancestors through John’s guidance. I highly recommend his work to any organization that wishes to host a truly authentic elder from South Africa. In these times when many people are calling themselves shamans, we do a lot of searching for the authentic medicine people of the world. John offers the truly authentic wisdom we seek.
Patricia Turner, founder of Tierra Sagrada, The Sacred Earth Foundation

“I’ve attended two of John’s ceremonies and left each time feeling elated and hopeful that shamanic work can bring healing to the world.”

John Lockley, a traditionally trained sangoma, brings the rhythms of African shamanism to life. With song, dance, and drumming, he creates a spirit-filled atmosphere in which to honor our ancestors and exchange blessings between the worlds. If you get a chance to participate with him in his joyous celebrations, don’t miss it. I’ve attended two of John’s ceremonies and left each time feeling elated and hopeful that shamanic work can bring healing to the world.
Tom Cowan

“John is clearly called into a life of serving as a cultural bridge as well as being a healer.”

I participated in John’s retreat at the Buddhist Retreat Centre near Ixopo. I had previously had one experience visiting a sangoma and had done a bit of reading but looked forward to an experience. The experience facilitated by John was both informative and powerful. John is clearly called into a life of serving as a cultural bridge as well as being a healer. He shows up to both with a great deal of integrity. As a teacher myself, I appreciated the way in which John handily facilitated a group of widely and wildly varied individuals who each had their own hopes, expectations, and intentions. As someone actively seeking healing, I appreciated the authentic, practical, and nourishing healing experience of those days. I’m writing these words months after the experience and it continues to feed me.
Jon L.

“This was incredibly beautiful, heart-opening, and at times, mind-blowing as well.”

I had the blessing and honor of attending a ceremony and talk by Xhosa sangoma John Lockley. This was incredibly beautiful, heart-opening, and at times mind-blowing as well. He sings, chants, dances, plays the drums, flute, and bowl, and is dedicatedly determined to create (and did) a sacred space and give the people with him a glimpse of the shamanic state of consciousness from an African point of view. He does this with a sweetness, kindness, and compassion but also has the spiritual wisdom of a veteran lineage holder. I felt without a doubt that he is a deeply powerful shaman, and one who would always use his power for healing and the greatest good. A beautiful and divine ceremonial experience.
Jacqueline Arnold, Colorado

“Working with John is giving me a profound experience of awakening; the drumming shook my soul and spirit and ‘I woke up.’”

I’m very lucky to have been a part of sangoma John Lockley’s retreat. Working with John is giving me a profound experience of awakening; the drumming shook my soul and spirit and “I woke up.” John’s medicinal herb foot wash cleansed my soul; my dreams became beautiful again and the nightmares stopped. I have been very fortunate to experience a number of John’s healing retreats, and I can say the more you work with him in the circle of life/unbuntu, the more your heart opens and you begin to become a happier human being. I feel it’s the antidepressant that works for the modern world we live in today as it helps you to love and heal the past.
Anita, United Kingdom


About John Lockley

John Lockley is one of the first white men in recent history to become a fully initiated sangoma (traditional African shaman) in the Xhosa lineage of South Africa. He was born in 1971 into a divided apartheid South Africa, with the mark of the sangoma on his face a band of white birth skin around the eyes.

At 18, John was serving in the South African army as a medic when he had a strong, prophetic dream calling him to train as a Xhosa sangoma. He immediately began to suffer from the thwasa, a severe period of ill health that is inherent in all ancient shamanic cultures and which can only be cured through apprenticeship to a shamanic teacher.

Because of the restrictions of apartheid (which ended in 1994), it would take John seven years to find a Xhosa teacher. During the early days of his calling he trained as a Zen student under renowned Zen Master Su Bong, completing an intensive 3-month Kyol Che in a Buddhist monastery in South Korea. He was then invited by Zen Master Dae Soen Sa Nim to join his “monk army,” but the strength of his sangoma calling drew him back to South Africa.

Eventually, post-apartheid, John met MaMngwevu, a well-known Xhosa sangoma medicine woman, in one of the poorest townships in South Africa. She had foreseen his arrival in a dream and began his 10-year apprenticeship, giving him the initiated name Cingolweendaba, meaning messenger or connector between people and cultures.