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Anodea Judith, PhD



Discover the elemental qualities of your chakras — and experience a guided meditation to explore and harmonize energies in your root and heart chakras to gain a comforting sense of hope and possibility.


You’re not alone if you’re feeling thrown off balance by life these days...

Sheltering in place has caused many of us to stifle our energies and emotions, as our usual outlets for self-nourishment and rejuvenation have been unavailable.

As a result, frustration, depression, anxiety, fear, addiction, and other “shadow” behaviors can creep in and hamper the flow of our life-force energy... and compromise our wellbeing, our joy, and even our immunity.

The good news is that there’s a proven, age-old diagnostic system you can use to help harmonize your energy flow, emotions, and health.

It’s the chakra system — a profound map for your wellbeing and journey to wholeness — which is based on the seven major energy centers in your body, running from the base of your spine to the crown of your head.

By aligning and activating key aspects of your chakras, you can give your body, mind, and spirit a revitalizing reboot, drawing in needed new energies and releasing old patterns... for grounding, resiliency, and aliveness — qualities we all need in these unstable times.

Perhaps you already know a little about your chakra system but have never been given a clear, cohesive set of techniques to balance and activate your chakras and use them to power your life.

And while each of your seven chakras holds energies that affect your body, you may be surprised to discover that these energies are also aligned with the archetypal elements of earth, water, fire, air, sound, light, and consciousness.

These elements exist both within and around you, with the chakras providing essential gateways for proper alignment between what happens inside and what happens outside.

The second chakra, for example, located in your sacral area, is connected with the element of water and shares a vibrational connection to its characteristics... suggesting that our own inner “droughts” may stem from lack of feeling, movement, pleasure, or even fun.

It’s also no coincidence that what we ignore in our environment is reflected in our own body’s stuck and/or depleted energy centers.

In this rejuvenating hour with Anodea Judith, author of the #1 bestselling book on chakras, Wheels of Life, you’ll discover wisdom and practices for working with your chakras and optimizing your energy system — the foundation of your emotional, psychological, and spiritual wellbeing.

After 45 years of teaching this work, Anodea knows exactly what works (and what doesn’t) to light up your energy centers with power and precision.


In this life-enhancing hour with Anodea, you’ll discover:

  • Your chakras as a diagnostic system and map that can be aligned and activated to optimize your wellbeing during these challenging times
  • How and where your belief system, emotions, and the collective create energetic imbalances in your chakra system, and how to tune in to whether a chakra holds deficient or excessive energy
  • How each of your 7 chakras holds elemental qualities that reflect a vibrational connection to the natural world
  • The connection between activating your chakras and creating healing in the world
  • A guided meditation to transform a difficult emotion as you explore how it manifests energetically in your root and heart chakras — and gain a comforting sense of hope and possibility

If you’re like most people, there are imbalances, blockages, or behavioral patterns sabotaging your energy, confidence, or groundedness — which manifest as fatigue, confusion, or fear... even in the best of times.

In fact, many of our most challenging emotions — from fear to guilt to shame — have a strong hold on our energy system (some of them since our childhood), and until we work with them on an energetic level, they will continue to undermine our health and happiness.

Now, more than ever, we’re in need of this time-proven map for navigating both the energies and elements within our personal systems and those of the collective and greater environment.

When you join us for this hour, you’ll also be among the first to hear about an upcoming 7-week online program with Anodea where she’ll go much deeper into the healing practice of working with your chakra centers to balance and revitalize your entire system, boost immunity, and optimize physical and emotional wellbeing.

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What People Are Saying About Anodea Judith...

“Anodea is a master of mind/body integration work...”

In my opinion as a [yoga teacher and] therapist, Anodea is a master of mind/body integration work... she is as good as they come! She has taught me through her training the practice of witnessing and experiencing the “charge” in my life force, which has helped me to get grounded and locate the sacred space inside myself. With my clients, I am able to witness their charge, back off my agenda, and allow the intelligence of their charge to guide the way to their opening.
— Paula Weithman, Dallas, Texas

“I feel I will be able to help people better with everything I am learning from her.”

I am a new Reiki practitioner and I find Anodea’s knowledge and insight extremely beneficial because of her in-depth work with the chakras. I feel I will be able to help people better with everything I am learning from her. I have always wanted to take her courses, and with the scholarship I was finally able to! Thank you so much for everything. It has been a very rewarding experience for me... one that I will use to help many people.
— Inez, Caledonia, Canada

“The deepening and physical exercises really bring it all into alignment.”

This course has been a beautiful reminder to stay connected with my own “source” energy daily. The deepening and physical exercises really bring it all into alignment. Anodea is an amazing, generous, and kind teacher with tons of wisdom and humor. The class is informative, educational, and absolutely necessary to those wanting to know more about who and what they really are, and how to live and work within that. Loved it.
— Sherry Q.Los Angeles, California

“Anodea helped me remove blockages that I’ve been carrying my entire life.”

This course gave me my life back, and the tools to improve my self-awareness. I’ve never been so impacted personally. Anodea helped me remove blockages that I’ve been carrying my entire life. I will continue to engage others with my community journalism and holistic teachings. I had a tremendous breakthrough in my musical ability. Thank you, Anodea and The Shift Network!
— Anonymous

“I was given the perfect tools and exercises to unblock and bring life back to my body.”

I’ve been in a negative environment for so long that I felt like a shell of a person. Through this course I was given the perfect tools and exercises to unblock and bring life back to my body. So very grateful. Thank you!
— Lori, Columbus, Ohio


About Anodea Judith

Anodea Judith, PhD, is a worldwide spiritual teacher and the bestselling author of the seminal Wheels of Life: A User's Guide to the Chakra System... Eastern Body-Western Mind: Psychology and the Chakra System as a Path to The Self... and seven other books translated into 28 languages. As a yoga specialist and somatic psychotherapist with trauma specialization, her work is a unique combination of techniques useful to therapists, coaches, teachers, and those on their own healing journey.

The founder and director of Sacred Centers, a teaching organization, her global teachings have reached 163 countries. She holds a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and a doctorate in Mind-Body Health, with advanced yoga certifications.