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With the Founder of Essential Somatics® & Author of Move Without Pain
Martha Peterson, CCSE

07/26/2024 12:30:00 AM
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Quickly experience more comfort and ease, relieve chronic muscle pain, and improve movement with a guided neuromuscular re-education practice known as pandiculation as you reset the connection between your brain and muscles.

Do you feel plagued by chronic tension, stiffness, and stress, no matter what kinds of therapeutic techniques or bodywork practices you try?

When the stress of daily life takes hold, it can hijack you emotionally, psychologically, and physically, says Martha Peterson, founder of Essential Somatics a program for releasing chronic muscle pain and improving movement grounded in principles of neuromuscular re-education.

You’re not alone if it feels like stress is coming at you from all angles. In fact, says Martha, three universal stress reflexes that everyone experiences can keep you feeling stuck:

  • The green light reflex, the sense of fight-or-flight that calls the body to action
  • The red light reflex, or startle reflex, which occurs in response to anxiety, apprehension, fear, or any perceived threat
  • The trauma reflex, which includes avoidance, twisting, and side bending

When you live in this perpetual state of fight or flight, the tension builds up and chips away at your immune system. It also undermines your ability to listen, move, express yourself, and even plan for the future...

The good news is, through the power of somatic movement, you can strategically address each of the three universal stress reflexes and finally experience the relief you’ve been seeking. Would you like to learn how?

Join Martha for a brand-new event where you’ll begin by rating your current levels of tension on a scale of 1-10, then reset yourself from within and ease stress with Martha’s guided movements. These include an invigorating full-body pandicular movement, a simple solution that can help you release chronic pain as well as physical and emotional limitations.

Pandiculation improves your brain’s ability to sense and move your muscles with ease as it calms your nervous system and reduces full-body tension for deep relaxation.

You’ll also learn how each of the three universal stress reflexes is related to certain stressors and past or present traumas in your life. You’ll explore how these full-bodied reflexes show up everywhere from the feet, to the pelvis, and up to the ribcage, shoulders, head, and even the eyes!

After a differentiation technique (a practice for adjusting how you feel in real time) you’ll once again rate the levels of tension and compare them against your initial stress levels.

Why you join Martha, you’ll not only learn how stress and trauma manifest in the body, you’ll experience effective ways to address it so you can feel more embodied and at ease in the joyful life you create for yourself.


In this hour-long free online event, you’ll discover:

  • How when vulnerable animals in the wild escape attack by predators, they shake off the resulting stress via the instinctual process of pandiculation to reset their nervous system
  • The powerful truth that your response to stress and trauma is equally emotional, psychological, and physical and how understanding this can help you move forward with a sense of self-agency and freedom
  • The phenomenon of sensory motor amnesia (SMA), the state of chronic muscle tension that prevents you from moving freely and how you can restore brain-to-muscle communication to reduce tension in your muscles and nervous system
  • A guided pandiculation practice that serves as a reset to reconnect your brain and muscles and holds the key to restoring comfort and ease in your body
  • A differentiation technique to change how you feel in real time (you’ll assess how you feel before and after)

A former professional dancer, Martha’s expertise comes from over 30 years of experience working in the fields of dance and bodywork, and from practicing and teaching the groundbreaking work of Hanna Somatic Education (aka Clinical Somatic Education) to help people recognize how the reflex patterns they’ve created in their bodies contribute to pain, stiffness, and restricted movement.

When you join us, you’ll also be among the first to hear details of Martha’s upcoming 7-week live video course a deep dive into how long-term stress and “held trauma” affect your ability to sense and control your movements and body.

You’ll learn how understanding the stress of trauma can help you move from a state of fight/flight/freeze to a more regulated sense of calm. You’ll focus on your body, movement, and how to connect in a comfortable way with yourself so you can thrive.

For now, don’t miss this deeply healing event with Martha.

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07/26/2024 12:30:00 AM

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What People Are Saying About Martha Peterson, CCSE...

“The back pain I was experiencing every day is now just an occasional background noise.”

I had been struggling with acute back and hip pain for months, and other therapies were not helping. Now I have the tools to address whatever my soma presents on a given day. Any discomfort I feel is a way for me to learn and explore what my body needs, physically and emotionally. The back pain I was experiencing every day is now just an occasional background noise.

Sue M.

Yoga teacher, United Kingdom

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“Since learning Essential Somatics, I have a new lease on life as everything is becoming easier and more enjoyable.”

If you want to live life to the fullest, you have to recognize and eliminate all your non-productive habits. This can only be achieved through Essential Somatics. Since learning Essential Somatics, I have a new lease on life as everything is becoming easier and more enjoyable. Essential Somatics seriously improves your sense of wellbeing in ways I could only have dreamt.

Ewan S.

Martial arts teacher, ESMTT graduate, United Kingdom

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“I am completely out of pain for the first time in my adult life.”

After practicing somatic movements for eight weeks, my shoulder that has been frozen for six months is almost completely back to normal. My gait is more balanced and efficient and I am completely out of pain for the first time in my adult life. I have been exploring self-care modalities for 20 years and nothing has given me the benefits that I have experienced from a consistent somatic movement practice.

Jan B.

Pilates teacher, MELT method instructor

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About Martha Peterson, CCSE

Martha Peterson, CCSE, is a certified clinical somatic educator and leader in the field of somatic education. She’s the founder and CEO of Essential Somatics® and the author of Move Without Pain. Martha heads a growing faculty of clinical somatic educators who present Essential Somatics teacher trainings, retreats, workshops, and seminars around the world. She also maintains a private clinical practice.

Martha’s expertise comes from more than 30 years of working in the fields of dance, bodywork, and somatic education. As a former professional dancer who suffered chronic hip and knee pain due to injuries, Martha understands the frustration and struggle many people experience when trying to discern between the myriad methods that claim to relieve or “fix” chronic pain. She eventually discovered clinical somatic education, the only method that taught her how to reverse her pain and postural imbalances, regain physical control, and create a life of movement, choice, and joy.

Martha is an experienced hiker, inspired by her mother with whom she climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and trekked in Sikkim, Northern India. She has learned that the key to remaining healthy and mobile is daily, vigorous, fun movement, a regular somatic movement routine, a sense of humor, and learning the fine art of relaxation and self-regulation.