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With World-Renowned Spiritual Teacher & Author
Shakti Durga


Explore the “V Diagram” a map of the five levels of multidimensional consciousness.

Receive a practice for calling on guidance and support from the archangels to catalyze a deeper shift in how you navigate life’s challenges.

Be guided through an exquisite chant and deep meditative process to connect with higher beings for clarity, protection, and greater ease.

Think of a challenging conversation, a relationship gone wrong, or a painful incident from your recent past that still has a hold on you... that occupies your thoughts and keeps you up at night.

Have you wondered how you’ll find your way through it? How you can get the kind of resolution you need to reclaim your peace of mind?

Spiritual teacher and author Shakti Durga calls the journey to heal these fractures a “quest,” and, whether they're big or small, you can call on the denizens of higher realms gods, goddesses, and archangels to assist you in navigating these difficulties with more clarity, ease, and grace.

So, how do you connect with these sacred light beings from the spiritual world (what Shakti Durga calls the “Inner World”) and invoke their assistance?

Shakti Durga works with what she calls the “V Diagram” a map of multidimensional consciousness that illustrates the levels of otherworldly realms...

... taking you from the physical (where humans exist in corporeal form) to the etheric (your chakras, aura, energy centers, and meridians) to the astral plane (where we do our thinking, remembering, visualizing, and more)...

... to the soul dimension (where we access our intuition and flow state) and, finally to the Infinite (a state of pure bliss, where unity consciousness exists beyond form).

The beings we refer to as gods, goddesses, and archangels inhabit the soul dimension, and it’s there that she’ll guide you in her free video event, with a specific intent to receive a message from archangels.

Shakti Durga has been working with the V Diagram and this soul dimension for nearly 30 years. The wisdom and practices that have evolved along her journey are the subject of her five books.

She’s a brilliant and loving teacher of spiritual personal development, assisting people to marry spirituality with worldly life so they can bring more grace, skill, and peace to even the most difficult circumstances.

Join Shakti Durga in this illuminating hour to gain an understanding of your place in the larger world and where you are on your journey of self-realization as she leads you through the inner workings of these spiritual planes.

She’ll share that luminous beings are always available to bolster you with the support, inspiration, and wisdom you need to walk through the world with confidence, joy, and choices that are informed by a higher context and consciousness.

Shakti Durga will invite you to invoke archangelic support to protect and assist you on your current “quest,” to overcome whatever darkness is inhibiting your full wellbeing at the moment, and to guide and hold you in your journey toward self-realization and soulfulness.

You’ll learn and experience the “Archangelic Ararita” meditative chant a mantra Shakti Durga “received” during a retreat over 10 years ago. It serves to bless your space and call forth the archangels specifically Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel. Many people report feeling a tingle of bliss through this chant.

As one or more of the archangels enter into connection, you can request their higher guidance and receive a personal message.

You’ll also have a beautiful opportunity to experience one of Shakti Durga’s signature practices, “Ignite Your Spirit” a powerful and deeply moving “lift,” in which you can surrender your challenges to the archangels and seek their blessings.


In this transformative event, you’ll:

  • Gain an understanding of the spiritual plane through a relatable and simple model the V Diagram and the role of archangels, gods, and goddesses in helping you navigate your life with greater ease and grace
  • Identify an area of challenge in your life and ask for help from the archangels to learn and grow through it
  • Participate in the Archangelic Ararita meditative chant, as well as a guided meditation to connect with the archangels and seek their guidance and support
  • Experience a group “Ignite Your Spirit” lift-and-shift session for blessings and upliftment
  • Learn about the greater quest of life, which is to move from ego identification into the blazing union with your own higher soul, a journey that gods, goddesses, and archangels are designed to help you with

Shakti Durga’s own spiritual connection is deeply palpable, and her compassion, softness, and power make it easy to surrender to these higher worlds.

She’ll make the V Diagram model relatable and accessible as you learn about the paradox, duality, and unified fields of the universe the play of light and dark and the great quest we’re all on to resolve the riddle of life itself.

With Shakti Durga, you’ll begin to explore this greater quest of life to move from ego identification into luminous union with your own higher soul...

... a journey that the gods, goddesses, and archangels are here to help you navigate.

You’re likely to expand the feeling of your true essence a bright, luminous, and potent soul who can move through the world with more ease, grace, stability, and purpose.

When you attend this workshop, you’ll also be among the first to hear about Shakti Durga’s brand-new 7-week live video course a powerful program in which you’ll dive more deeply into your relationship with the gods, goddesses, and archangels...

... who they are, their unique qualities and gifts, how to interact with them most profoundly, and how, through their energy and wisdom, you can connect with your own higher soul and the Oneness we long for.

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What People Are Saying About Shakti Durga...

Bestselling Author Dawson Church: “The Best Reason to Study With Shakti Durga Is the Radiance of Her Presence”

Bestselling Author Marci Shimoff: “Shakti Durga Is Dedicated in Her Work and Her Service to People’s Awakenings”

“My life is just more fun and delightful with [Shakti Durga] in it, and I feel empowered and accompanied in ways I didn’t know were possible.”

I have ultimate respect for the woman, scholar, wife, entrepreneur, singer, author, and overall creatrix and now friend that Shakti Durga is. I’ve watched her across time and space and, under her bold and gracious guidance, have been able to travel to unfathomably beautiful places in myself and in a part of the universe I didn’t even know existed. I find her to be truly masterful and with a rare capacity to bring palpable blessing  all while she helps us navigate with surgeon-like precision the darkness in ourselves and the world, teaching us to alchemize all that is unlike love. I have seen her initiate many people into their effulgence and, for me, she has taken this thing called “energy work” and made it concrete and accessible, placing me in the driver’s seat of my life and able to contribute at new levels. My life is just more fun and delightful with her in it, and I feel empowered and accompanied in ways I didn’t know were possible.                                                        
Rev. Lynnea Brinkerhoff, MSOD, PCC
Executive coach known as The Intrapreneur Whisperer

“[Shakti Durga] is able to explain deep concepts in easy-to-grasp teachings and stories, and is happy to share all that she knows.”

Shakti Durga is highly knowledgeable, able to explain deep concepts in easy-to-grasp teachings and stories, and is happy to share all that she knows. I felt a lot shifting almost immediately through the mantras and stories; healing meditations held a lot of energy and I feel it has made a significant change in me. It helped me to see where there were gaps in my practice and also where I was doing really well, and I feel reassured that I am on track with my spiritual goals! The group discussions helped cement the explanation of concepts and were always supportive with any questions or challenges I had. Feeling excited for my future!
Gangaloka Ma (Mary Bobokis)
New South Wales, Australia

“Shakti Durga has a unique ability to make the most esoteric concepts relatable and accessible to people from all walks of life.”

I met Shakti Durga in 2011, and she’s been an important part of my life ever since. In all of my years studying spirituality, I’ve never come across anyone quite like Shakti Durga. She is both a teacher and a healer, a mentor and a mystic, an author and a visionary, a singer and a seer. But these are just a few of her many gifts. Shakti Durga has a unique ability to make the most esoteric concepts relatable and accessible to people from all walks of life. As a weaver of Eastern and Western mysteries, she brings the essence of the mystical traditions alive through all her offerings. I have personally benefited from her wisdom and light in so many ways.
Carrie Grossman
Devotional singer, Massachusetts

“Throughout the time I’ve had the privilege to learn from [Shakti], my life has changed tremendously.”

I discovered Shakti Durga in 2006 when I was looking for a meditation teacher, and it became immediately obvious that she had so much more to offer. Throughout the time I’ve had the privilege to learn from her, my life has changed tremendously. Shakti Durga relates well to audiences from all walks of life and presents diverse spiritual teachings in a simple yet profound way, often illustrated with stories from her own life experiences. The teachings are very relevant for those of us in the Western world. With almost 40 years in education, I have witnessed the profound impact these teachings have had on students in my care, helping them in many aspects of their lives. So, when you find that rare gem of a teacher who not only talks the talk but walks the walk, it is a profound blessing. 
Lisa S.
Primary school educator, Australia


About Shakti Durga

Shakti Durga is the ​founder of the WellBeing Initiative, a registered Australian charity with the vision of helping to lift human consciousness and promoting spiritual, mental, emotional and physical flourishing. Through her five books and countless spiritual music and mantra CDs, she helps others heal and become inspired, and guides them to experience nonduality, through which their lives begin to abound with miracles of grace.

Shakti Durga, who was a practicing barrister prior to beginning her vocation in spirituality, has developed two pathways for spiritual evolution. One is a joy-filled spiritual training program called The Spiritual Path, which focuses on cultivating inner illumination through a deep, practical understanding of multifaith spirituality. The other is a comprehensive seminar series for spiritual personal development, helping people marry spirituality with worldly life, bringing more grace, skill and peace to even the most difficult circumstances.