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Shift Network co-founder Devaa Haley Mitchell invites you to celebrate finding deep peace within, cultivating a sense of belonging, and reveling in true love with a free download of her new single “Sacred Home.”

“My fans have really been resonating with this song’s downtempo chill space vibe," explains Devaa of the first single from her forthcoming album Rebirth, “but the reason why this song is so special to me personally is because it’s the first song that fully I co-wrote with my husband, Stephen [Dinan]. We worked closely together on the lyrics which really speak to the sense of ‘Sacred Home’ that one can find with a beloved partner who really ‘gets you’ at the deepest level. This quality long-term love is rare, and when you find it… it’s such a true gift.”

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What People Are Saying About Devaa’s Music ...

“This is essence-music...”

This is essence-music, straight from the heart, created to give you a deeper appreciation of yourself and your spiritual depths.

– Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks, Authors of Conscious Loving and Lasting Love

“... refreshing and captivating.”

Listening to Devaa’s music is refreshing and captivating. I play it to tone for my daily endeavors, and it evokes my gratitude to Spirit.

– Zen DeBrucke, Author of  The Smart Soul and founder of Smart Soul Academy

“What a refreshing and captivating sound experience.”

I love the musical journey Devaa takes us on. What a refreshing and captivating sound experience. Her voice and the rich harmony are just delicious. Wow!

– Kym Yancey, former gold record winning composer/producer with Capitol Records and co-founder and president of eWomenNetwork

About Devaa Haley Mitchell

Devaa Haley’s music style can be described as modern devotional music inspired by many traditions across the globe. Through her songs, Devaa intends to express both the beauty and the pain of this human life...while always celebrating the magnificent Spirit that flows through us, that surrounds us, and guides us on our path.

Devaa’s sacred music, with a pop flare, sinks deeply into our hearts and evokes a deep state of “beingness” while also getting you dancing… in mind, body, and spirit!

A major theme in Devaa’s music is the exploration and expression of wisdom and power of the sacred feminine. Her forthcoming album, Rebirth, explores themes including both love and loss, liberation from the patriarchy, miscarriage, surrender, taking a stand for our values, embracing love, releasing fear...and so much more.

Devaa’s potent lyrics and beautiful voice are layered with gorgeous harmonies as well as many other instruments and a plethora of talented musicians who offer their drums, bass, guitar, violin— among others — to enhance the experience.

In addition to her work as a musician, Rev. Dr. Devaa Haley Mitchel is a soul midwife and transformational leader who supports people to reconnect with their spiritual depths, unleash their leadership gifts, and step into their full potential. Co-founder of The Shift Network and founder of Inspiring Women With Soul, Devaa’s programs have served over 120,000 women from more than 160 countries. Her private practice, Radiant Essence Services, offers personal coaching and VIP retreats for clients from around the world.

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Enter your email to download this FREE single from Devaa Haley Mitchell and be the first to get updates on her forthcoming album Rebirth!