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With Renowned Qigong Teacher & Author
Daisy Lee


Discover how you can become certified to teach Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong empowering yourself and others to transform blocked energy and enable your full life-force energy to flow smoothly and infuse all aspects of your daily life as you step forward to support women’s self-care.


Do you regularly put others’ needs and wants before your own?

Women tend to act on behalf of their families often prioritizing them before even considering their own needs.

This loving, nurturing, selfless mindset has often been the backbone of our communities and our world  yet, it can also create energy blocks and contractions in the body.

Women, in particular, tend to store emotional energy in the breasts and the uterus and if not properly released, it can eventually lead to dis-ease, says Daisy Lee, the founder and principal teacher of Radiant Lotus Qigong.

Daisy created her signature program, Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong, to release blockages in the meridians, organs, joints, and tissues of the body  enabling women’s full life-force energy to move smoothly throughout and radiate into all parts of our lives.

One of Radiant Lotus Qigong’s foundational concepts is a simple yet powerful equation that reminds us to reconnect to our higher selves, while also grounding into the Earth...

Vertical Alignment + Neutral Compassion = Stable Lead Energy.

It encourages your uniquely human, thinking mind to pause, center, and reassess rather than jumping into fear and reactivity.

Vertical Alignment invites you to take your focus off of life’s stressors and instead anchor into your own alignment with the Earth and the expansive mind that stays open to infinite possible solutions.

Neutral Compassion is a way of being that’s kind and caring yet doesn’t spill over into overdoing for others. When you combine this with Vertical Alignment, you become a grounded Stable Lead Energy that leads others by example.

You’re invited to join Daisy for a very special event and begin your journey toward attaining Stable Lead Energy and as you put the equation (Vertical Alignment + Neutral Compassion = Stable Lead Energy) into action with the Showering Qi Qigong movement you wash away the residues of stress.

Daisy will share how the Showering Qi movement and the cultivation of Stable Lead Energy fit into the larger Radiant Lotus Qigong framework which also features elements like shaking and cupping, self-massage, Tibetan sound healing, and elegant Qigong movements. You can revitalize your immune system, eliminate toxins, and unleash the flow of energy throughout your body to empower every part of your life.


In this hour-long free online event, you’ll:

  • Discover how Radiant Lotus Qigong addresses issues that are specific to women, including those of us in menopause  the Second Spring of life such as hot flashes, fatigue, stress, and more
  • Learn how to return to your internal compass, connecting with your soul star as you ground through your two legs honoring yin and yang, Earth and Sky
  • Experience Showering Qi a stress-relieving movement that helps decompress built-up tensions in the body, mind, and spirit
  • Identify how to choose which elements of your Qigong practice to focus on when life gets busy so you can use the most personally applicable pieces of Daisy’s framework whenever you need them
  • Explore how Radiant Lotus Qigong’s foundational philosophy of compassionate action, positive self-reflection, and leading by example with gentle strength can be integrated into your daily life
  • Learn how you can share this healing gift of Women’s Radiant Lotus Qigong with others as you gently release blockages in your system and make this practice your own

Drawing on wisdom from China, Tibet, and the West, Daisy’s inspiration for Radiant Lotus Qigong for Women manifested from the imagery of the pristine lotus blossom rising up through stagnant, murky waters. It symbolizes your ability to overcome your deepest challenges by accepting and letting go of the past and embracing your inner light...

There’s no better teacher and mentor for this journey than Daisy, a respected leader in the world of Qigong with over 25 years of international training experience.

During this event, you’ll also hear about a new and unique opportunity to become certified to teach Radiant Lotus Qigong for Women yourself. In our 6-month certification program, you’ll explore how to become a leader in supporting women’s health and wellbeing empowering them through self-care with this timeless health and longevity practice.

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Join this FREE video event with Daisy Lee and discover how you can become certified to teach Radiant Lotus Qigong  empowering yourself and others.

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What People Are Saying About Daisy Lee...

“I’ve been helped with dealing with the emotions of grief...”

Daisy Lee is an awesome Qigong teacher. Since taking her classes, I’ve been helped with dealing with the emotions of grief, and my overall health has benefited from practicing Qigong. I am very grateful to have Daisy come and teach us.
Lupita Poppler, environmentalist and artist

“I am reminded of the joy of being...”

The sessions with Daisy have been extraordinary. Her explanations about the movements, their functions, and the interplay of energy, mind, emotions, and body are many. Her voice has a full, warm resonance that sounds like music and helps me feel the flow. I am reminded of the joy of being... the wonderful miracle of existence.
Leinani Springer, opera singer, Kauai, Hawaii

“I have lost 10 pounds and stopped drinking alcohol.”

By the end of [my first Qigong class], I knew I’d found the pathway I’d been looking for. I practice (play) Qigong twice daily. The benefits of my practice have been immediate and very profound. I have lost 10 pounds and stopped drinking alcohol. More importantly, I now also have a way to wake up my body and mind when I feel stuck, sluggish, or simply tired. I know that by incorporating this practice into my daily life, I have added quality to my life and probably years to it as well. I am forever grateful for this awakening.
E. LaSota, wedding videographer

“I can notice a difference in myself and how profound this work is.”

I have been doing Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong every day since I got back from China and love it. I had a lump on the side of my left chest that was a good size. It is now gone. Also, I can notice a difference in myself and how profound this work is. I have so many patients I know I can help by teaching them the tools of this type of Qigong. This is some amazing work!
Cynthia Abbott, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and acupuncturist, Ontario, Canada

“I have not used my cane to walk since the workshop...”

In my younger years, I was a 6-time world champion in kickboxing and combat fighting, but about five years ago my life changed after a bad accident on a motorcycle. For years I have been in pain, dealing with issues around my back, hips, and knees so much so that I needed to use a cane just to walk. After just three hours at Daisy’s Qigong seminar, I was amazed how the movements and energy began to relax my body and release pain that was chronically affecting me. I see now how Qi or energy can be utilized to heal and strengthen the body, organs, and the mind. I have been consistent in using the techniques Daisy taught me in class, and through her DVDs I can continue to learn and understand how to heal myself along with those around me. I have not used my cane to walk since the workshop, and am so very grateful to Daisy for teaching here in Colorado.
Clarence Thatch, 3D Martial Arts, Colorado


About Daisy Lee

Daisy Lee, the founder and principal teacher of Radiant Lotus Qigong, leads workshops and teacher trainings internationally, both in person and online.

Daisy is a Level III Advanced Qigong Instructor and Clinical Practitioner certified by the National Qigong Association of America, and a past board member of the International Qigong Science Association in Beijing.

She has had the privilege of learning ancient Qigong traditions held by wisdom keepers in China, Tibet, and the West. With nearly 30 years of immersive studies and practical self-care knowledge, she continues to support people from all walks of life in their health and healing.

Daisy has guest-lectured in schools and hospitals in Europe, Asia, Australia, and at home in the U.S. and Canada, including at Johns Hopkins, Mount Sinai, and Women’s College hospitals. This year, she will be focusing on women’s health and empowerment, including a professional certification track in Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong.

Daisy was presented with the 2020 Qigong Master of the Year Award by the World Qigong Congress in recognition of her impact on women’s health and healing.