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Dr. Jean Houston
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Dr. Claire Zammit
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Calling all coaches, healers, workshop facilitators, creatives, change-makers, entrepreneurs, trainers, speakers, teachers, therapists, artists, leaders & visionaries (or if you sense a calling to be one!)

Ignite Your Gifts & Amplify Your Message, Reach, Revenue & Impact

Most change-makers feel a deep sense of calling and know they have something valuable to offer, and yet at the same time you might find yourself experiencing a lot of confusion and frustration because you’re not yet making the impact that reflects your full potential.

You may even sense that your inner capacities are not where they need to be to be able to take advantage of the opportunities our time in history offers — capacities that would allow you to create things of higher value, reach more people, and generate even more prosperity through your work to bring about the wellbeing and success that will enable you to serve at the highest level...

And you’re not sure how to get there from where you are now.

With over 80 combined years of work, research and practice, two remarkable women leaders — Dr. Jean Houston, co-founder of the human potential movement and author of more than 30 books, and her close friend and colleague, Feminine Power and Evolving Wisdom founder Dr. Claire Zammit, who is one of the most successful transformational teachers and entrepreneurs around — are joining forces to share the specific set of seven super strategies and deep skills they’ve discovered are the “difference makers” when it comes to making your highest contribution.

You may have taken other trainings and programs where you’ve learned all the nuts and bolts — the how-to’s and formulas for success — and maybe they’ve even helped you get a little closer to attaining the level of mastery you want to reach in your work.

And while these kinds of trainings are important, without activating the deeper creative level at which Claire and Jean work, you may never fully realize your evolutionary capacities and reach your full potential.

Jean and Claire have mastered these deep skills and strategies and have impacted and reached millions of people worldwide as a result.

Now they want to pass these techniques on to you, too, so you can access the deep creative power to move, ignite and inspire others to greatness!

When you cultivate the deep skills and super strategies that Jean and Claire are going to be teaching, you’ll discover the power to:

  • Tap into a virtually limitless source of “deep creativity” and generate winning ideas and content that resonates with your audience and clients
  • Exponentially leverage your own unique “genius” so that your contributions are recognized, received, and valued by others
  • Start or expand a business that’s aligned with your leadership destiny — and that you can succeed at without becoming a business expert!
  • Create highly engaging talks, videos, presentations, and writing sourced from your unique voice and message
  • Create winning offers and programs that others are excited to invest their time and money to participate in
  • Authentically enroll others into your vision and programs with ease and flow
  • Facilitate and unleash a field of “group magic” between members of your tribe so they bond deeply and commit to moving forward with the vision you’re leading them towards

We’re living in extraordinary times — and the opportunity to make a difference with your gifts has never been greater.

At this critical time in history, the world truly needs your gifts and talents like never before. And you want to make the greatest difference you can with your work.

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What People Are Saying About Jean Houston & Claire Zammit...

“I finished my novel, got it published, and donated a portion of the proceeds...”

Jean’s opened up a whole new realm of potential for me: I finished my novel, got it published, and donated a portion of the proceeds to people who are protecting our environment, all while accessing new levels of healing and new opportunities in my community and online.
— Diana, British Columbia

“Giving us a vision of a new and conscious evolutionary role”

I have deeply appreciated the breadth and depth of Claire’s course. I welcome the call to women everywhere to awaken to a new evolutionary role at this crucial time of choice. My deep gratitude to Claire for having developed her own being and her teaching skills to the point where she can transmit her insights to thousands of women worldwide, giving us a vision of a new and conscious evolutionary role.
— Anne, United Kingdom

“I now know how to source the truth from my power centers...”

I now know how to source the truth from my power centers and be well supported... I enjoyed being on this “cushion of care” that Claire and her amazing team provided for us... everything was easy to put into practice and easy to access. I am now able to communicate more constructively and to generate success in every area of my life.
— Julia, Konstanz, Germany

“My new boss at Microsoft offered to let me start looking into options of how my whole team and company could get more involved”

I used to think I needed to work in the nonprofit world to make a difference. But I found I can contribute on a daily basis with everyone I meet, and it doesn’t matter where I am working. By being myself and speaking up for the things I love and believe in, my new boss at Microsoft offered to let me start looking into options of how my whole team and company could get more involved. I live life with a sense of purpose now, being myself and inspiring others to do the same.
— Claudia, Mexico City, Mexico

“I couldn’t imagine the woman I am today!”

I took the risk to jump into a bigger world and started my own company, and I’m building a transformational learning center. Now I understand that expression “beyond my wildest dreams,” because seven years ago I couldn’t imagine the woman I am today! I’ve become an entrepreneur — a businesswoman.
— Carolina, Bogota, Colombia

About Dr. Jean Houston & Dr. Claire Zammit

Dr. Jean Houston, scholar, philosopher and researcher in human capacities, is one of the foremost visionary thinkers and doers of our time, and one of the principal founders of the Human Potential Movement. Jean has worked intensively in 40 cultures and 100 countries, advising heads of state, leading educational institutions and business organizations, and helping millions of people to enhance and deepen their own uniqueness and power.

She’s a prolific writer and has authored nearly 30 books, including A Passion for the Possible, Search for the Beloved, Life Force, The Possible Human, A Mythic Life: Learning to Live Our Greater Story, Jump Time, Manual of the Peacemaker, and The Wizard of Us.

As advisor to United Nations agencies in human and cultural development, she has worked to implement some of their extensive educational and health programs, and since 2003, she has been working with the UN Development Program, training leaders in developing countries throughout the world in the new field of social artistry. Dr. Houston also served for a year and a half in an advisory capacity to Bill Clinton and to Hillary Clinton, as well as helping Hillary write It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us.

Dr. Claire Zammit, is an expert transformational teacher, leader, mentor and successful conscious entrepreneur. Her mission is to empower women to fully express their gifts and talents by sharing the Feminine Power teachings she created and which she credits as the source of her own fulfillment, success, and impact.

She’s the founder of the Feminine Power Global Community, which offers online trainings, advanced courses and coaching, facilitation and leadership certifications that serve hundreds of thousands of women from more than 100 countries across Asia, Europe, South America, and the U.S. The women in this community are coaches, mothers, artists, leaders, teachers, authors, engineers, therapists, doctors, lawyers, judges, performers, scientists, entrepreneurs, producers, and more.

Claire is also the co-founder and president of Evolving Wisdom, which was recognized by Inc. Magazine as #83 on the list of Top 500 fastest-growing companies in America. Faculty and guest faculty include renowned transformational teachers Neale Donald Walsch, Dr. Jean Houston, Deepak Chopra, Dr. John Gray, Eckhart Tolle, and Marianne Williamson.

Since 2009, Claire’s work with Feminine Power and Evolving Wisdom has reached more than 1 million people. In addition to her teaching work in the Feminine Power courses, Claire has shared the stage with such luminaries as Elizabeth Gilbert, Brené Brown, Eve Ensler, Alanis Morissette, Marianne Williamson, Marci Shimoff, Neale Donald Walsch, Gabrielle Bernstein, and Lisa Nichols.

In 2014, Claire received the Just Like My Child Foundation’s Women’s Leadership Award in recognition of her contributions to funding the Girl Power Project that’s now set to impact over 1 million girls with leadership and self-esteem trainings in the developing world.

Claire is an active member of Jack Canfield’s prestigious Transformational Leadership Council and was the recipient of its achievement award, and she’s also a participant in Deepak Chopra’s Evolutionary Leaders Forum.

Claire holds a PhD in Transformative Learning and Change from the California Institute of Integral Studies which she received after completing her decade-long dissertation research on women, the feminine, and self-actualization