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With Psychedelic Enterprise Executive & Founder of Bodhi Academy
Rose Moulin-Franco, LPF, CPC
& Licensed Psilocybin Facilitator & Wildland Firefighter
Benjamin Estes, LPF


When tailored specifically for veterans and first responders, guided psilocybin sessions can offer a potent healing path to mental wellness.

Learn how to integrate psilocybin-assisted services into your practice to foster profound and lasting healing in first responders and veterans.


First responders and veterans encounter unimaginable stressors and traumatic events that can lead to severe mental health challenges, including PTSD, depression, anxiety, severe burnout, complex and difficult emotional escalations, and substance abuse issues.

Guided psilocybin sessions can dismantle the walls that traumatic stress and PTSD construct around painful memories, helping our heroes face and recontextualize their experiences within a secure and empathetic setting.

Yet, the stigma associated with admitting that they may need help can deter them from seeking this highly effective form of support due to concerns about their professional reputation and the legality of psilocybin-assisted services.

Join us for an illuminating workshop to learn how you can navigate the unique needs of these populations and create a safe container for them to receive the benefits of a psilocybin session, in a legal setting.

Led by our esteemed lead faculty member, Rose Moulin-Franco, LPF, CPC, a veteran, a former certified trauma counselor and trauma recovery center owner, a subject matter expert in PTSD, and a consultant in holistic protocols for addiction treatment... and firefighter and paramedic Benjamin Estes...

... this workshop will teach you how you can effectively add this groundbreaking modality to the healing work you’re already doing with first responders and veterans.

Rose, who is also the founder of the nation’s first 28-day psilocybin-assisted recovery retreat program, brings extensive clinical and business experience and expertise in advising on best practices for facilitators. Rose and her team have spearheaded innovations in PTSD therapy for first responders, medical professionals, and veterans.

Following the legalization of psilocybin, Benjamin embraced his passion for using psychedelics to aid individuals in high-stress professions find relief. Benjamin is a member of the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe, Kul Wicasa Oyate, in South Dakota, where he served as a paramedic for six years. As a licensed psilocybin facilitator in Ashland, Oregon, his primary message to those he supports is a powerful reminder that they are not alone.

Offering personalized support and deep compassion, Benjamin is a guiding figure for first responders and medical professionals, helping them navigate the unique mental health challenges of their jobs.

Rose and Benjamin have decades of experience and will share their expertise to help you gain an understanding of how you can address the specific needs of these populations, including healing moral injury, crisis intervention, debriefing, and de-escalation, while successfully navigating the legalities and ethics of offering these services.


The Psilocybin Guide Certification program begins April 24, 2024.


In this wisdom-packed free online event, you’ll:

  • Discover how to create confidential and supportive peer groups, providing a space where your clients can share and heal without fear of jeopardizing their job or professional standing
  • Learn from experts who have firsthand experience in addressing extreme trauma, gaining insights into highly specialized facilitation techniques tailored for veterans and first responders
  • Gain an understanding of the importance of confidentiality and privacy, especially in the context of Oregon’s regulatory environment, ensuring your clients can receive help without repercussions to their licenses or careers
  • Be equipped with strategies for crisis intervention, debriefing, and de-escalation, enabling you to support your clients effectively and empathetically through their traumatic experiences
  • Gain knowledge on how to integrate psilocybin into your healing journey or professional practice, exploring its potential to treat entrenched depression, extreme burnout, and PTSD

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What People Are Saying About Our Trainings...


“The lead trainers were incredibly knowledgeable...”

This training was comprehensive and well-thought-out. There are aspects of the training that I don’t think any other programs contain because of the depth of real experience that the faculty have. The lead trainers were incredibly knowledgeable, with years of practice that showed with every topic they presented on. This training was essential to me becoming a successful psychedelic guide.
— Drew Snyder, LPC, NCC, Head of Psilocybin Practicums, IPI


“I particularly benefited from the synchronous training opportunities...”

For anyone considering this line of work, I highly recommend Bodhi Academy’s psilocybin guide training program. The collective skill sets, extensive lived experiences, and individual unique perspectives of the faculty members contribute to a program which is very comprehensive and inspiring. I particularly benefited from the synchronous training opportunities, where we were able to apply the skills we were learning in a live, simulated scenario with other students in the cohort. Rose [Moulin-Franco, the founder of Bodhi Academy,] consistently offered useful and insightful feedback on how to improve. I have no doubts that I am prepared to move forward in this work after completing this amazing program.
— Goldie Harmon, RN


“... a well-rounded training that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed.”

The training content is rich and presented by those experienced in the field. There is a great mix of historical background and current research. All of this, combined with practical hands-on facilitation skills and a note to protect the sacred and mystical aspects, makes this a well-rounded training that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed.
— Jenn Weiss, life coach and sound healer


“These are lessons you can take away and apply in your personal growth...”

I have enjoyed and benefited from my training at Bodhi Academy. I especially enjoyed the synchronous learning sessions. Studying and practicing with the other cohort students provided a collective synergy for spontaneous moments of genius to arise for both individuals and the group. The students always seemed surprised that so much real insight into our role-play scenarios was harvested. These are lessons you can take away and apply in your personal growth with real emotion informing deep insights. Tears, laughter, and awe were not uncommon in our synchronous classes. The deepening connection between students that occurred during our online sessions has affirmed and inspired me to continue to grow and to be of service to my fellow human companions on this epic journey of life as a certified psilocybin guide.
— Ahva Lenay, community leader, Rhythm Sanctuary


“I feel very fortunate to be a part of this program!”

Bodhi Academy is the second psilocybin [guide] education program that I’ve attended and is, by far, a more rewarding experience. The curriculum is taught by a highly experienced professional staff and provides in-depth exploration of the numerous aspects of [guidance], including very enriching synchronous training role-playing exercises. The review quizzes at the end of each module greatly help to make sure key points and concepts are understood and retained as I progress through the coursework. My cohort is great and I feel very fortunate to be a part of this program!
— Ian Wallin


About Rose Moulin-Franco, LPF, CPC

Rose Moulin-Franco, LPF, CPC, the founder and Executive Director of Moksha Journeys in Ashland, Oregon, is a pioneer in legal psilocybin services. As one of the first licensed psilocybin facilitators under Oregon’s new legal framework, her expertise spans various certifications, including Psilocybin Guide, Professional Coach, and Integral Consciousness Master Coach.

With a background as an outpatient treatment center owner and psychotherapist, Rose has focused her career on using non-ordinary states of awareness to aid recovery from post-traumatic stress, substance use disorders, and other persistent challenges.

As the creator and Program Director of Bodhi Academy, Rose oversees a state-approved training program for psilocybin guides, emphasizing comprehensive care. She serves as faculty and lead practicum supervisor for the program’s 100-hour supervised practicum.

Rose’s expertise in post-traumatic stress, substance and alcohol recovery, and the ceremonial use of psychoactive plant medicines is widely recognized. She served on the Rules Advisory Committee at Oregon Health Authority, Oregon Psilocybin Services, giving input and advice on rules for Facilitator Conduct, Preparation, Administration, and Integration.

Her contributions also include a range of personal development and spiritual exploration courses, books, and video programs, particularly in the Western mystical traditions, through her non-profit Enlightened Life Sanctuary. Her extensive experience in India, learning from various lineage teachers and receiving empowerment to teach Tamil Siddha, Shakta Kaula Tantra, and Advaita, underscores her commitment to liberating human consciousness and establishing enlightened life on Earth.