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A Free Extended Video Event
With Acoustic-Physics Scientist & Inventor of the CymaScope
John Stuart Reid


Join an acclaimed acoustics pioneer for an eye-opening exploration into the healing powers of sound. Discover how specific frequencies can recalibrate your body and mind, initiate deep relaxation, relieve pain, regenerate cells, and open portals to higher consciousness.


Sound is so much more than what we hear.

It’s a primal force that has shaped the cosmos and everything in it since the first moments of the Big Bang. Sound has magically structured the material of our world since the beginning of existence. Yet only recently have we begun to truly understand its profound impact on every aspect of our lives.

Modern science is just beginning to unravel sound’s ability to heal and transform us. Now you can be at the leading edge and learn directly from a trailblazer in the field...

Acclaimed acoustics pioneer John Stuart Reid, and other innovators like him, are rediscovering this timeless wisdom and taking our understanding of sound to thrilling new heights.

John’s cymatics research is visually capturing the patterns that sound creates in matter, proving what ancient sages sensed: Audible sound, inaudible sound, and the silent space between sounds, have a deep influence on every cell and organism.

Understanding the secrets of sound gives us keys to unlock our health and higher awareness. It’s the new frontier in energy medicine and personal transformation — one that harnesses vibrational frequencies, specific sound patterns, and music to initiate profound healing at the cellular level.

When your body is free of pain and able to move fluidly, without stiffness, your mind will nestle into a deeper level of peace and serenity, open to connection to your higher self.

John will discuss new research showing that these sound patterns create geometric imprints in the human blood, binding oxygen to hemoglobin molecules and activating the body’s healing mechanisms. This means health issues like chronic pain, inflammation, high blood pressure, and weak immune systems don’t necessarily require prescription drugs.

For example, despite unsuccessful attempts with medication, John once inadvertently received permanent relief from crippling back pain simply by immersing himself in low-frequency sound within the Great Pyramid of Giza for just 20 minutes. It was an unforeseen and life-changing result of a sound experiment he was performing in the King’s Chamber for a completely unrelated purpose.

But even if you know that story, you’re going to be blown away by the new research that shows more implications for healing, with principles indicating that sound forms our biological relationship with the universe, and it impacts our health through very subtle ripples in space-time.

This is an invitation to open your ears, your eyes, and your mind to the incredible science of sound — including new research that speaks volumes to the relationship between sound and gravity.

In this special extended online event, John will give you a tantalizing taste of what’s possible: How sound can be directed and harnessed for non-invasive pain relief... how certain musical frequencies can regenerate your tissues by oxygenating your cells... and how you can create optimal healing frequencies yourself just by listening to special music selections that contain specific healing frequencies.

Join us to be immersed in the medicine of music that ancients knew — and that scientists like John are rediscovering today.


In this free highly intriguing extended 90-minute event, you’ll:

  • Learn how sound played a key role in the creation of the early universe and still influences the world today — and appreciate sound as a universal creative force that can be harnessed for healing
  • Hear a live music performance from Anders Holte and Cacina Meadu — an excerpt from their acclaimed Dream of the Blue Whalewith a spectrum analysis of their beautiful music from John Stuart Reid
  • Experience a live cymatics experiment, demonstrating recent research that indicates sound has anti-gravity effects — even from your voice or musical instruments
  • Discover the fascinating cymatics research showing sound's ability to structure matter — so you can gain deeper insight into sound's mysteries waiting to be revealed
  • Understand how specific frequencies can break the pain cycle by increasing oxygen flow — and relieve pain naturally without drugs
  • Understand how music regenerates old cells by oxygenating their membranes — so you can initiate your own cellular fountain of youth
  • Be introduced to “Acoustic Heterodyning” to create calming ELFs — stimulating your vagus nerve, thereby slowing aging and mediating chronic inflammation and associated pain

John will take you on an inspiring journey into the untapped potential of sonic science — and allow you to feel its benefits firsthand through the beautiful and deep healing music by renowned vocalist Anders Holte and acclaimed pianist Cacina Meadu.

You’ll come away with a deeper appreciation of sound’s profound influence on your body, mind, and spirit.

John, with a career in acoustics spanning five decades, will also reveal his journey to becoming a renowned authority in the field of cymatic science — the study of sound made visible. His enthralling talks on this subject draw audiences at conferences across Europe and America. Moreover, his invention of the CymaScope, an instrument that renders sound visible, has forever transformed our understanding of the auditory realm.

You’ll also have the opportunity to continue your exploration by learning from John directly in his pioneering 7-module course where you’ll go much deeper into the secrets and healing potential of sonic science and cymatics — including learning specific sound frequencies to balance your body systems... being immersed in the medicine of music... and experiencing sound-inspired visual meditations.

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Join this FREE extended video event with John Stuart Reid for an eye-opening exploration into the healing powers of sound — discovering how specific frequencies can recalibrate your body and mind, initiate deep relaxation, relieve pain, regenerate cells, and open portals to higher consciousness.

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What People Are Saying About John Stuart Reid...


— Jeralyn Glass, Crystal Singing Bowl Master Alchemist: “John Is a Pioneer Who Knows So, So Much About the Science of Sound”

— Eileen McKusick, Founder of the Biofield Tuning Institute: “John Is an Original Thinker and a Diligent Researcher”

— Chloë Goodchild, Founder of The Naked Voice: “John Is a Scientist and an Artist All in One”

“His pioneering work and teachings are truly monumental.”

I’d like to acknowledge that John Stuart Reid is an extraordinary researcher of sound one of the best on the planet. He’s knowledgeable and affable. His pioneering work and teachings are truly monumental.
— Jonathan Goldman, founder of the Sound Healers Association

“His presentation and demonstration impressed me very deeply.”

I met John Stuart Reid at a seminal conference in London. His presentation and demonstration impressed me very deeply because I understood that we normally separate science and art, and here for me it was elite science and elite art, indivisible. I hope very much that you will get not only new knowledge but also pleasure from his teaching course.
— Vladimir Voeikov, professor and chair of Bioorganic Chemistry, faculty of Biology, Lomonosov Moscow State University

“I found his lecture on the holographic properties of water to be inspirational...”

I first encountered John Stuart Reid when he gave a lecture at the 11th Water Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria. I found his lecture on the holographic properties of water to be inspirational, highlighting the potential for the CymaScope instrument. So much so that upon my return to the U.S., I began to investigate how I could digitize this important new scientific tool, which would allow me and other scientists to analyze CymaGlyphs quantitatively.
— Sungchul Ji, professor at the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Rutgers University

“[John Stuart Reid] is a key figure in the study of the morphogenetic effects of vibrations, which are fundamental to many physical and biological processes.”

John Stuart Reid’s development of the CymaScope has provided a precision instrument for the study of Faraday wave [cymatic] patterns in fluids, opening up new research possibilities. Our paper on Faraday wave patterns published in the journal Water would not have been possible without the innovative and careful work of John Stuart Reid, as well as his technical advice and guidance. He is a key figure in the study of the morphogenetic effects of vibrations, which are fundamental to many physical and biological processes.
— Rupert Sheldrake, PhD, author of A New Science of Life

“John’s invention of the CymaScope instrument is a powerful example of his combined engineering-scientist intellect.”

John’s invention of the CymaScope instrument is a powerful example of his combined engineering-scientist intellect. His research in differentiating the sounds emitted by cancer cells and healthy cells, published in the Water journal (which I edit), carries great potential in medical science. So do his Water Conference lectures, which demonstrate his ability to inspire and stimulate discussion. These creative and inspirational works are self-evident to all.
— Gerald H. Pollack, professor at the University of Washington


About John Stuart Reid

Acoustics pioneer John Stuart Reid is on a mission to educate and inspire the world about the field of cymatics — the science of visible vibrations and sound. He asserts that sound is the foundation of almost all matter in the universe and was a potent force in the creation of life in the primordial oceans, thereby carrying the power to heal life.

In his lectures, John reveals groundbreaking information on the mechanisms that support Sound Therapy and Music Medicine, and how they can be applied to improve health naturally.

His CymaScope invention has forever changed the world’s perception of sound by giving us the ability to “see” sound and better understand this ubiquitous aspect of life. His cymatics research, which is elevating this important new field in scientific and medical arenas, includes a study on differentiating between the sounds emitted by healthy cells and cancer cells, published in the journal Water.

In John’s words, “The old adage ‘seeing is believing’ takes on an important new meaning — to see sound is to open a new window on our world, one that has been veiled for all time, until now.”