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With Award-Winning Author & Former Professor of Art, Religion, and Education
China Galland



Discover the Black Madonna as a powerful archetype that can help you heal, evolve, and find a new way forward... plus, experience a potent practice to call her in to help you resolve a current challenge and become a loving ally in your life.


What would it be like if a powerful, compassionate healer extended her hand to you...

... to help you on your journey through life’s challenging times... and into the light of self-knowing, clear visioning, healing, and purpose?

What if this healer held the archetypal energies of all the world’s goddesses — the capacity to nurture, love, heal, and be reborn through a deep connection to Mother Earth?

And what if she was also capable of seeing with the eyes of a mystic, beyond the material world to that which is unseen... and able to help you more fully experience the presence of the Divine in all things?

There is such a healer and patron of transformation, and we can all access her healing energies, guidance, compassion, and support...

She’s the Black Madonna, or Black Virgin, depicted in centuries-old icons and modern-day artwork throughout the world — her likeness found in virtually every spiritual tradition.

She represents the deeper dimension of the Sacred Feminine — instinct, sensuality, and connection to nature — drawing from the energies of earlier representations of the Holy Virgin and Mother found in cultures around the world.

She is known as a powerful, heavenly queen, a suffering mother, a perfect nurturer.

She also represents our roots, where we came from and what is inherent — and possible — in all of us, beneath the surface.

Those who have experienced her presence say she appears seemingly out of nowhere...

... when you’re struggling with emotional or physical dis-ease, grieving a loss, dealing with trauma or marginalization, feeling stuck or unable to find your way, or suspended in the liminal state of the unknown.

It is in our journeys through the unknown that this Great Mother of healing and transformation comes forth... to not only embrace us and lead us to the light, but to constellate her all-encompassing sacred wisdom within us.

She helps us open to our truest self, to remember and embody the power for healing, wisdom, and inner strength we already hold, and to form a clear vision and way forward.

In this fascinating hour with celebrated author and teacher China Galland, she’ll share about her own lifetime connection to this powerful icon. She’ll introduce you to the Black Madonna of Czestochowa, Poland — known as a Patron of Solidarity — and ways you can open to her healing archetypal energies.

You’ll discover the Black Madonna of Brazil, known as “Our Lady of Aparecida” and the “Mother of the Excluded,” and how her transformational energies serve those who are overlooked, marginalized, or oppressed.

You’ll also learn about the Black Madonna’s own marginalization, including how, centuries ago, statues and paintings with her image were hidden in trees and caves to protect her from clerical authorities who wanted to stop the worship of her as a powerful deity.

And, you’ll discover how understanding her history and affiliation with the unknown — what is “dark,” as in what is invisible to us — can help us heal inequality, disparity, injustice, and racism.

You’ll also experience a powerful practice for calling in the Black Madonna to help you resolve a life challenge, as you open to the nurturing embrace of her love and compassion.


During this heart-opening mini-workshop with China, you’ll:

  • Discover the Black Madonna as a powerful multicultural archetype that can help us access healing, transformation, and liberation in difficult times
  • Learn the fascinating history of the Black Madonna and how her image is present in every spiritual tradition
  • “Meet” the Black Madonna of Czestochowa, Poland, and discover her miraculous healing powers sought by thousands on pilgrimage annually
  • Discover the Black Madonna of Brazil — the “Mother of the Excluded” — and how her transformational energies can help us heal disparity and racism
  • Experience a potent guided-imagery practice to call in the Black Madonna to help you resolve a current challenge and invite her to become a loving ally in your life journey

China is the prize-winning author of several nonfiction works, including Longing for Darkness: Tara and the Black Madonna. She has led pilgrimages to the Divine Feminine in Nepal, India, France, and Spain. A riveting storyteller and public speaker, she has lectured about the Sacred Feminine at prestigious universities throughout the U.S.

When you join China for this rich hour of feminine wisdom and mysticism, you’ll also hear about a brand-new, 7-week online course with her, where you’ll experience a virtual pilgrimage to connect with the Black Madonna.

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What People Are Saying About China Galland...

“China Galland… leaves our hearts uplifted.”

[China’ work] is stunning... beautifully told... with her powerful and poetic narrative, China Galland... leaves our hearts uplifted.
— Isabel Allende, author, inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Letters

“China… reunites the world in the heart of compassion.”

China Galland’s journey carries you like a boat on the ocean of tears... she reunites the world in the heart of compassion.
— Jack Kornfield, founder of Spirit Rock Meditation Center

“[China’s] book became my companion...”

[China’s] book became my companion as I traveled to see the Black Madonna… I love this book.
— Sue Monk Kidd, author of The Book of Longings and The Invention of Wings

“China Galland teaches us... that the path of fierce compassion is the only one left…”

China Galland teaches us, with grace and wisdom, that the path of fierce compassion is the only one left if we are to defeat the demons we have let loose upon the planet. A wondrous achievement.
— Victor Perara, author of The Cross and the Pear Tree: A Sephardic Journey

“China Galland offers unexpected and welcome illuminations…”

China Galland’s work is a search for wisdom... [that] is also an enquiry into the nature of authority. China Galland offers unexpected and welcome illuminations on both planes.
— Barry Lopez, author and winner of the National Book Award


About China Galland

China Galland, MA, is a writer, filmmaker, riveting storyteller, university lecturer, pilgrim, and former wilderness guide. China has lectured at Harvard, Columbia, Cornell, Prescott College, and other universities among others. She has led pilgrimages to Nepal, India, France, and Spain, and traveled in Eastern Europe and Latin America. She has appeared on Good Morning America, Bloomberg TV, PBS, NPR, and PRI’s To the Best of Our Knowledge. 

China's book on international women activists, The Bond Between Women: A Journey to Fierce Compassion, was a finalist for the “Best Spiritual Book” award from Books for a Better Life. A Hedgebrook Institute’s Residency Award for women writers helped her complete the book. China has been a Professor-in-Residence at CARE, the Center for the Arts, Religion, and Education, at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley. 

China is a native Texan and prize-winning author of nonfiction, including Love Cemetery: Unburying the Secret History of Slaves and Longing for Darkness: Tara and the Black Madonna. She is currently completing a documentary film, Resurrecting Love, sponsored by Fractured Atlas. The documentary grew out of the controversy over access, race, and private property that was ignited by the publication of Love Cemetery. Statewide hearings followed. Though a potent national controversy remains over cemeteries with the remains of enslaved people, Texas cemetery law was changed as the result of her book. 

China received the prestigious national “Courage of Conscience Award” from the Peace Abbey (Sherborn, Massachusetts) at the Harvard Foundation. Students, debaters, and choir members of historically black Wiley College (home of The Great Debaters) and Marshall, Texas, volunteers sparked the interest of predominantly white East Texas Baptist University students to join the work. China's documentary gives us a little-known avenue to work on healing racism and a radically new way to teach American history. 

China was also the first woman Assistant to the City Manager of Dallas, Texas, and Director of the Citizen Assistance Office in addition to organizing the first National Conference of Citizen Assistance Offices in the U.S.