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With Mother, Musician, Doula &
Celebrated Healing Guide
Lindsey Wise



Reconnect with who you were before motherhood with a potent vocal practice that helps release obstacles — and awaken the self-empowering Shakti energy in your womb to initiate the birth of YOU.


Are you a mother deeply in love with your children and enjoying this important role, yet notice your sense of who you are — besides Mom — slipping away... especially in these overwhelming and uncertain times?

Are you the last person in your family you nurture... or forget about your own needs altogether?

Perhaps there’s an unexplored sadness, frustration, or emptiness gnawing inside you that you keep pushing away.

While the amazing, beautiful gift of motherhood births the miracle of a new little being to love, nurture, and watch grow, it can also overshadow the YOU deep down that your soul desires you to be.

As moms, we lovingly and dutifully make lifestyle adjustments and required sacrifices, yet it’s important to your wellbeing and happiness — and that of your family — to continue to nurture and grow yourself as well...

... so that your identity as a woman and the unique being you are can be revealed, heard, embodied, and celebrated.

During this uplifting and nourishing hour with mother, doula, musician, and celebrated healing guide Lindsey Wise, you’ll discover self-empowering insights and practices from ancient spiritual traditions that can help you rediscover, nurture, and continue to birth who you were becoming before stepping into motherhood.

Lindsey draws from potent rituals and soulful practices incorporating song, chanting, movement, guided visualization, and meditation to help us reawaken our primordial longings and wisdom.

She reminds us of our innate powers as women, and our birthright to live an authentic, fulfilling, and joyous life. Only then can we follow our inner compass to our truest Self.

In this free mini-workshop, she’ll guide you to tap into the self-empowering Shakti power in your womb with a vocal practice that releases stuck energy there to generate new life-force energy for reclaiming your personal power.

You’ll also learn how your birthing experience as a mother, no matter how long ago, can result in stuck trauma energy in the womb, and how a healing Bone Closing Ceremony can help you release the effects of a difficult labor or trauma to provide closure.


During this nurturing time with Lindsey, you’ll:

  • Discover why it’s so important for mothers to self-nurture, honor, and birth their unique soul-purpose — especially now
  • Learn how a Bone Closing Ceremony can recalibrate your nervous system and help bring a traumatic birth story or sexual trauma experience to a healing close
  • Discover how the power of the voice — as the sound of Mother Earth and the womb — can break through old patterns energetically lodged in different areas of your body
  • Perceive menstruation as a blessing, a Sacred Moon Time, and discover the specific empowerments it brings on particular days as one of a woman’s greatest tools
  • Experience the primordial power of your voice to stir the creative, Shakti life force in your womb, clear stuck energies, and make way for the birthing of your soul identity

Lindsey is a spirited, compassionate, and joyous healer and guide who has helped hundreds of women across the globe rediscover and honor their true selves.

When you join us for this nourishing hour, you’ll be among the first to hear about an all-new Shift Network course with her — a 12-week online program offering a conscious, supportive community for mothers — where she’ll lovingly guide you in remembering, honoring, and embodying YOU as the woman your soul envisions.

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What People Are Saying About Lindsey Wise...

“She is an ancient wise being and a youthful fun sprite all wrapped up in one.”

Lindsey Wise is a beautiful soul, both inside and out. She is an ancient wise being and a youthful fun sprite all wrapped up in one. Her healings are magical, and when she sings, you can feel the angels coming down to earth to bless us all. She is a patient, loving, compassionate yoga teacher, and celebrates each individual in their own right. She is a gift in my life, and her lovely spirit will help this planet so much.
— White Star (Lino Alelyunas), internationally acclaimed psychic, medium, medicine woman, healer, and interfaith minister

“... she has the ability to weave a lot of magic through the seen and unseen realms.”

Lindsey is a gifted yoga teacher and healer who exudes wonderfully deep undercurrents of a shamanic essence which is all wrapped up in playful sweetness. Her voice perfectly encapsulates the different energies that course through her, both sparkling with angelic presence and plumbing the depths. Lindsey’s gentle yet confident nature allows her to hold space competently for large groups as well as individuals, who are willing to dig deep as they move through their healing journeys. I’m always pleasantly surprised with Lindsey’s offerings as she has the ability to weave a lot of magic through the seen and unseen realms.
— Simone MacKay, co-founder and director of teacher training at School of Sacred Arts

“She is the first person I recommend to anyone seeking deep healing, support, or guidance.”

Lindsey is a phenomenal, gifted, and extremely wise medicine woman, healer, mother, and guide. She is incredibly humble, has true integrity, and holds Impeccable space. Her approach is very well-rounded and grounded, and it is clear she has been walking this path for a very long time. I am always surprised by how effective and graceful the healing is within her containers. She is the first person I recommend to anyone seeking deep healing, support, or guidance. There are very few people I trust like her in this line of work. I highly recommend Lindsey for any and ALL of her services. I trust her completely. She is a rare jewel and true Shamama.
— Lua Cheia, founder/creator of Clareia Botanicals

“... it is deep emotional and physical healing that takes place from her work.”

I run what many consider to be one of the best healing/detox programs on the planet. This is because I source some of the best healers from around the world and Lindsey Wise is one of these healers. I don’t have words for what Lindsey does but it is deep emotional and physical healing that takes place from her work. She is an absolute angel and not only this but facilitates amazing healing sessions with music, vibrational medicine, and much more. You will not be disappointed if you decide to work with her and I just hope she doesn’t get too much other work as I hope to have her at my programs for years to come.
— Tyler Tolman, Heal Thy Self Retreats

“Lindsey Wise holds an amazing presence through her graceful emanation of song and beauty.“

Lindsey Wise holds an amazing presence through her graceful emanation of song and beauty. It is a delight to be in her company onstage — humble, alert, gifted, and dedicated in devotion. Wonderful qualities of a wonderful singer.
— Kailash Kokopelli, world-renowned international musician


About Lindsey Wise

Immediately following the birth of her first child, Lindsey Wise bled to death. During her near-death experience, she found herself surrounded by multitudes of light beings, who initiated her into the world of subtle energies and healing vibrations. In that moment, she realized that all beings create their own unique vibration — their soul song. She also realized that she wanted to return to earth to be a mother to the daughter she had just birthed.

Lindsey’s work is to awaken humanity to the power of connection. She sees motherhood as a sacred calling. She has traveled the world and the astral realms, cultivating healing techniques to help people awaken to the power of their own voice and to honor the deep needs of the inner child. Lindsey, an E-RYT 500-certified yoga teacher, blends yoga, breathwork, guided journeys, energetic healing, and community song to help people overcome fear and anxiety, and to clear the energetic blocks that limit expression.

She and her husband Josh have three children. As a family, they lived in Bali for eight years. They currently make their home in Northern California.