With the Creator of The Embodied Present Process
Philip Shepherd


Discover how your body can attune to the vital feminine energy of the world through a soul-expanding activation to receive tangible and enlightened guidance from the present moment... and renewed connection with ourselves and each other.


What are your mental blind spots? We all have them.

As a conscientious human being, you’ve likely tried to assuage many of your biases by becoming more thoughtful... and more mindful. Herein lies the challenge.

During this revelatory hour with Philip Shepherd, a leader in the global embodiment movement, you’ll discover how the pursuit of mindfulness too often reinforces the same mental habits that you’re trying to move beyond... disconnecting you from the vast intelligence of your body — and the untold wisdom of the present moment.

You’ll experience a guided practice that gets you out of your head and the usual embodiment approach of “listening to your body,” and into a softer receptive state of awareness that enables you to listen to the world through your body...

In doing so, you’ll begin to feel safer within yourself, less isolated and alone, more comfortable in being rather than doing... and more receptive to the love, compassion, and guidance that is always available to you in the present moment.

Philip teaches that merging fully with your body opens you to the majestic elegance of your true nature — that of unending grace, connection, compassion, aliveness, and possibility.

As your body is literally made of the Earth, it has a built-in sense of kinship with the collective and the cosmos... and unlimited access to the wisdom, gifts, healing acumen, and higher insights that live in both. This is the energy of the feminine.

In this hour with Philip, you’ll begin to draw this transformative energy directly into your body to awaken your authentic self, heal, and mend your heart… and in doing so, help to heal the heart of the world as well. You’ll discover how learning how to think with your sacred second mindthe mind that exists at the center of your pelvic bowl, at rest on the pelvic floor — can free you from the biases that limit your personal growth and wellbeing.

When you connect with the thinking of this sacred space, you find the path to radically embodying your humanity and wholeness, ushering in new ways of being in the world that nurture, inspire, and uplift all you come in contact with

To solve the individual and collective challenges we face, we need a new approach… one that embodies a deeper sense of connection with ourselves and the world.

Join Philip for this inspiring hour to discover how attuning your body to the compassionate energy of the world opens you to the tangible and enlightened guidance of the present moment... instilling a sense of renewed connection with yourself and others.


Don’t miss a life-transforming hour where you’ll:

  • Explore how to move beyond mindfulness — to shift out of your head and into the intelligence of your body to radically embody your humanity and wholeness
  • Discover your sacred second mind — the mind that exists at the center of your pelvic bowl and rests on the pelvic floor
  • Experience a guided practice where your head and body will be brought into a revelatory coherence — an experience in singularity you didn’t realize was possible
  • Challenge a six-thousand-year-old concept that disconnects us all by promoting division and isolation 
  • Learn the secret to never feeling alone — and feeling compassion and companionship everywhere you go

By attending this thought-provoking event with Philip Shepherd, you’ll also be among the first to discover his new 7-week live video course on how to radically embody your humanity and wholeness for greater healing, alignment, and clarity within yourself and the world.

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What People Are Saying About Philip Shepherd...

— Bestselling Author Andrew Harvey: “Philip Is Someone You Can Trust to Guide You Into the Most Important Adventure You Could Ever Take”

— Maurizio Benazzo, Co-Founder of Science and Nonduality: “Knowing That People Like Philip Exist Makes This Journey Between Life and Death Bearable”

“Philip was literally speaking to, and invoking, a deeper, more whole and healed part of myself...”

I literally couldn’t put it down. Philip was speaking to, and invoking, a deeper, more whole and healed part of myself... it is as if this book is a multivitamin and mineral supplement — real medicine — secreted by the universe itself to help us heal our collective insanity.
— Paul Levy, author of Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil

“Philip Shepherd has captured the essence of individual embodiment...”

Going beyond outdated notions of “holistic,” Philip Shepherd has captured the essence of individual embodiment and its inextricable connection with everyone and everything. What our world desperately needs now are not more smart Homo sapiens, but fully present and embodied Holo-sapiens who feel and live in grounded inter-relatedness.
— Carolyn Baker, PhD, co-author with Andrew Harvey of Return to Joy and author of Love in the Age of Ecological Apocalypse: Cultivating the Relationships We Need to Thrive

“[Philip] offers us real hope...”

[Philip] challenges the way we were taught to think, and offers us something that could radically change how we live... offers us real hope, the kind of hope that sees a way out of the quagmire of living in an unsustainable way in our own lives and in our shared world.
— Oriah “Mountain Dreamer” House, author of The Invitation

“[Philip offers] both the vision and the means to come home to your own wholeness.”

Fully embodied and present in the world, he stands outside the most fundamental bias of Western culture and offers us nothing less than a new center to live from. In his hands, wholeness is no longer just an idea or a goal to strive for; it becomes a visceral experience, and one that can be accessed at will through brilliantly simple practices. Here you will find both the vision and the means to come home to your own wholeness.
— Morgan Farley, PhD, author of Name Yourself Feast

“[Philip has] an almost preternatural ability to see and help develop resources within each of us... ”

[Philip has] an almost preternatural ability to see and help develop resources within each of us which we are already carrying yet may not be fully utilizing. He helps us out of our habitual minds and into a new relationship with ourselves and others using the tools of breath, body, and language. Philip gives plenty of practical resources we can use to work skillfully with ourselves, our lives, our communications, and to ease past somatic upsets, such as trauma and other physical insults.
— Annie, workshop participant


About Philip Shepherd

Philip Shepherd is recognized as an international authority on embodiment. He is the creator of The Embodied Present Process (TEPP), a unique method for moving into wholeness that gently discloses and heals divisions we carry within us. TEPP integrates the hypervigilance of the cranial brain with the deeper intelligence of the body — especially with the second brain in the belly. Philip’s work is based on the vision articulated in his celebrated book, New Self, New World: Recovering our Senses in the Twenty-first Century.

Philip’s personal path to understanding has been shaped by his adventures as a teenager, when he cycled alone through Europe, the Middle East, India, and Japan... by his deep commitment to and studies of bodywork... by his experiences as an actor, playing lead roles on stages in London, New York, Chicago, and Toronto... and by the burning desire for freedom that has illuminated his entire life. He currently divides his time between training TEPP teachers, conducting workshops, and writing his second book, Radical Wholeness.