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With Mind Body Spirit Medicine Expert,
Intuitive Coach & Founder of the
Intuitive Coach Training Program
Dr. Divi Chandna


Find out which of the 4 “clairs” of intuition (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, or claircognizance) is your primary one — and how you can dial them up or down to feel healthier and truly enjoy the gifts of your empathic or highly sensitive nature.


Are you so sensitive to intuitive information that you often feel flooded, overburdened, or distracted by it? It may also feel like your empathic insights complicate your relationships and social interactions...

Thankfully, your empathic intuition can and WILL evolve as you learn key skills. When you understand your particular gifts, and how to adjust the volume of the information you receive — as well as which channel it is coming from — you can move from being overwhelmed with your gifts to feeling blessed by them.

You may not realize how your highly sensitive nature can actually make you feel physically ill as you pick up on others’ emotions, feelings, and energy.

That’s why many highly sensitive people suffer from issues such as chronic pain, migraines, sinus congestion, fatigue, or depression... and experience more heightened anxiety over socializing or sustaining long-term relationships.

When that happens, it’s easy to feel as if your life is spinning out of control, and like nothing you try will help. Yet, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

According to Dr. Divi Chandna, an internationally recognized expert in mind-body medicine and founder of the Center of Mind Body Spirit Medicine, not only can you learn to dial up or down your intuitive gifts in order to feel well and healthy, you can have fun while doing it.

Dr. Divi teaches that there are four main intuitive powers: clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience (clear feeling or sensing), and claircognizance (clear knowing) — and that you likely have a dominant one you use most often.

This can be highly problematic, because the more you overuse your primary clair, the more likely you are to experience physical illness as a result.

But when you learn to dial down your primary clair and dial up your other clairs, you create a more energetic balance that enables you to set effective energetic boundaries while honing your intuitive gifts.

Dr. Divi makes this process fun by incorporating games, music, song, and dance into learning how to work with your clairs.


In this insightful and optimistic online event, you’ll:

  • Discover the 4 clairs and how they work within you
  • Be guided through a “movie theater” meditative experiential that helps you identify which clair is your most prominent
  • Learn that your highly sensitive nature is truly a gift, and how it can be fun to get immediate “hits” on what others are feeling or thinking
  • Explore how to dial up or down your clairs to set energetic boundaries and create better physical health for yourself
  • Gain a better understanding of why you think and feel the way you do — and how your intuition connects you to a higher purpose

If you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and unsure how to create or maintain energetic boundaries, join Dr. Divi for this fun and experiential hour to discover your primary clair — and how you can learn to dial it up or down as needed.

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What People Are Saying About Dr. Divi Chandna...

“The Mind/Body/Spirit weekend and weekly workshops with Dr. Divi Chandna were life-changing.”

The Mind/Body/Spirit weekend and weekly workshops with Dr. Divi Chandna were life-changing. I was in awe of the incredible and simple techniques, and the toolkits given by Dr. Divi to help you heal in a profound and lasting way. The weekly sessions put the weekend workshop information into action in a caring, safe, and supportive atmosphere. I highly recommend these workshops for anyone who wants to understand the root cause of their condition, and determine solutions that start immediately. A must take for all health professionals who are ready to take their practice to a whole new and exciting level of healing.
— Dr. Laura Louie, ND

“My life has shifted immensely.”

My life has shifted immensely. Where joy used to be 20-40% of my day-to-day life experience, and anxiety, sadness, frustration, anger, disempowerment, self-judgment 60-80%, since putting into practice what Dr Divi teaches, my day-to-day joy and ease quotient is at an all-time high of 70-95%!!! In less than one year!!! I have simple, easy, practical, useful, effective tools – practices and meditations – to shift me into neutral and good-feeling thoughts and beliefs. Taking care of myself, joy, ease, positive expectation, inspired action, and appreciation are more my normal now. Thank you, Dr. Divi, for this journey into greater joy! I’m excited about my NOW, and what’s to come!
— Shayu Talbot, massage therapist and mind-body-spirit coach

“[Dr. Divi] has rekindled the hope that my soul and spirit lost too much over the years...”

There are no words which can adequately express the depth and breadth of gratitude which I feel in my heart for Dr.Divi extending her beautiful strength and wisdom to aid me in my journey. She clearly possesses the courage of the Divine Feminine, and just thinking of her gift offered to me has brought tears to my eyes again and again. She has rekindled the hope that my soul and spirit lost too much over the years, which I was not aware of until today.
— Terry

“It does really feel like the start of healing some very deep old wounds, and a way forward to send more love out into the world.”

Can’t tell you how much I’ve learned throughout these group sessions, thank you so much for adding this to your repertoire! It does really feel like the start of healing some very deep old wounds, and a way forward to send more love out into the world.
— Jessa, naturopath and highly sensitive empath

“In 29 days, [Dr. Divi’s] guidance has healed me more than all of those specialists in six years.”

Today is the last day of 30 days. Thank you for the changes I have seen in myself. Six years of nausea, headaches, vertigo, dizziness, and head pressure have subsided greatly. Is it completely gone? No, but I have techniques to apply and coast through. In two weeks, I have not had nausea to the point of dry heaving. Yay! I can walk, hike, snowshoe, and appreciate the beauty of nature and abundance around me, instead of looking straight down at my feet due to my vertigo. Psychiatrists, neurologists, hypnosis, acupuncture, and CT and MRI scans have not been able to help as much as guidance from Dr. Divi. In 29 days, her guidance has healed me more than all of those specialists in six years. 
— Mary Ann


About Dr. Divi Chandna

Dr. Divi Chandna is an internationally recognized expert in mind-body medicine and the founder of the Center of Mind Body Spirit Medicine. A family physician turned intuitive coach, Dr. Divi facilitates self-healing in her clients and students, creating more abundance and success in their lives. She is a celebrated author, frequent media guest, and TEDx Speaker.