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With the Founder of the Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine
Sarah Thomas, LAc


Discover 5 powerful stones rooted in ancient Taoist stone medicine that were used by shamans and healers for restoring the nervous system and how to apply them to increase your threshold for stress, instill inner safety, and guide you into higher consciousness.

How do you care for your nervous system during times of stress, challenge, or change? Regardless of how you answer this question, a lasting sense of calm, peace, and clarity may be just a stone’s throw away...

Since ancient times, shamans, healers, and record keepers have recognized the power that stones and crystals have to cleanse, heal, and awaken the deeper potential of our bodies, minds, and spirits.

Stones were used reverently in rituals and healing practices that realigned a person’s energy with the frequencies of the Earth and instilled a deep-rooted feeling of harmony, peace, and belonging within that naturally radiated outward.

Ancient Taoist stone medicine masters harnessed the healing frequencies of stones and crystals to access the Wu  the pure potentiality of the Universe that connects us to our intuition, greater gifts, and true multidimensional nature.

Today, stones remain powerful medicine for grounding and cleansing, connecting with nature and each other and elevating your energy as their timeless wisdom helps you adapt to stress and settle into a felt sense of safety within yourself that allows your spirit to soar.

In this enlightening online event, Sarah Thomas, an author and certified stone medicine practitioner who has spent decades studying the ancient Taoist principles of stone medicine​, will share her top five stones for healing the nervous system.

Sarah, the founder of Upper Clarity Stone Medicine, a practice dedicated to integrating the healing properties of stones into holistic health treatments, has educated practitioners and enthusiasts alike, and continues to research and develop new techniques in stone medicine that contribute greatly to the field’s growth and evolution.

She will also guide you in an intuitive healing practice using stones and crystals to soothe your nervous system and calm your heart.

When the body calms and opens, the heart naturally and effortlessly opens too. This is the simple truth of real spiritual awakening.

If you’ve ever felt drawn to stones and crystals in the past but weren’t sure how to work with them to benefit your health, wellbeing, and spiritual evolution, entering the doorway of the Wu is a powerful first step to receiving their timeless healing wisdom.

If you have stones and crystals, bring them! But they are not needed to fully participate or reap the benefits of this experiential workshop.


In this illuminating online event, you’ll discover:

  • Why healing and calming your nervous system is key to spiritual awakening
  • A gentle guided intuitive healing with stones and crystals to soothe your nervous system and calm your heart
  • Why stones and crystals are the quintessential Earth medicine for restoring the nervous system
  • The best stone trophorestoratives for the nervous system and stone tonics that mimic adaptogenic herbs, raising our threshold for stress
  • How to apply these stones on the body as healing treatments and jewelry and as safe and effective treatments for pets and children

As humanity moves into a new cycle of awakening, we are individually tasked with the sacred responsibility of remembering our role in this shared journey to higher consciousness.

Sarah says that stones offer the stability we need as we relax into trust and surrender... ground and calm through the density and weight of a stone... and increase our power to shift long-held programs and patterns and release unhelpful energy back into the Earth.

If you’re looking for a way to increase your capacity for dealing with the many stressors of modern living, this event offers a clear and unique framework for how to apply the healing stones that Sarah suggests for grounding and calming...

... and for gaining deeper agency to find and maintain inner stability during moments of chaos, uncertainty, and challenge.

Imagine knowing exactly how to support yourself, friends, family, animal companions, and clients in a time of need with the simple placement of the right stones or crystals on the body.

In joining this event, you’ll also discover the ancient origins of stone and crystal medicine and learn how you can continue working with Sarah in a 7-week live video course to harness this powerful energy through the rituals, practices, remedies, and techniques of various stones and crystals that support grounded wellbeing and spiritual transformation.

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What People Are Saying About Sarah Thomas, LAc...

“Sarah is a brilliant teacher.”

Sarah is a brilliant teacher. I have truly loved every course I have taken with her. I always sit in trust of the journeys she creates.
Anneliese Mitchell

“[Sarah] is a natural teacher and nails it every single time.”

This was far superior to other classes I’ve taken around this subject. This is why I keep signing up for every class I can with Sarah. She is a natural teacher and nails it every single time.
Kris Caissie

“If I could give Sarah Thomas 5,000 stars, I would!”

If I could give Sarah Thomas 5,000 stars, I would! She is the perfect guide to explore stones and crystals because I can always feel her deep love and sincerity and her Tao of being a true guide on this subject.
Drew Greenland

“[Sarah’s] courses have the richness and depth that are exactly what I’ve always wanted, even as a beginner.”

Sarah is the teacher I was always looking for. Her courses have the richness and depth that are exactly what I’ve always wanted, even as a beginner.
Adrienne Kelley


About Sarah Thomas, LAc

Sarah Thomas, BS, MAc, LAc, is an inspired healer and educator and the owner of Clarity Acupuncture in Asheville, North Carolina, where she has performed well over 10,000 stone and acupuncture hybrid treatments with patients. Sarah developed North Carolina’s first “Studies in Mineral Healing” program at Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism and teaches yearly at Earth medicine conferences and healing summits across the U.S.

She is the founder and lead instructor of the Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine, which has served as a loving alchemical container for thousands of students across the world. Students gain full certifications as crystal healing and stone medicine practitioners with roots in ancient Taoist wisdom and spiritual practices. Sarah’s own Tao is to resurrect the vast knowledge and uncharted potentials of healing and awakening with stones.