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Jonathan Robinson, MA, MFT


Experience a groundbreaking approach to transforming relationships with MDMA-assisted therapeutic strategies, delivered safely over the internet.


MDMA, often called ecstasy, represents a new frontier in mental health treatment and couples therapy. This emerging approach, part of the broader psychedelic-assisted therapy movement, promises a faster, more profound way to address relationship and psychological challenges...

... opening up a myriad of new possibilities for individuals and couples seeking help and forever changing therapeutic practice as we know it.

Often heralded for its profound ability to enhance feelings of empathy, connection, and emotional openness, MDMA is on a promising path toward decriminalization. It’s recently been legalized for therapeutic use in Australia, and the United States is on the cusp of legalizing MDMA for therapeutic use.

This shift towards MDMA and psychedelic-assisted therapies not only highlights a growing acceptance of alternative treatments but also underscores a significant evolution in how we approach mental and relational wellness.

Relationships are powerful teachers. They show us our strengths and our weaknesses, pushing us to grow in ways we might not pursue on our own.

Real love is one of the most desired qualities of life. Yet it’s all too easy for people to get stuck, often for long periods, in looping patterns, communication breakdowns, and defensive patterns with those they love.

Developing empathy and compassion to navigate disagreements or misunderstandings is key. Mutual understanding is essential.

But the question is: how do we get beyond our defenses to truly experience understanding and heal the wounds underneath?

In his nearly 40 years of working with couples, psychotherapist Jonathan Robinson, MA, MFT, shares that working with MDMA can create immediate changes for many couples that might otherwise take years. Again and again, he has guided what he terms “communication miracles.”

Jonathan is a leading figure in the field of MDMA-assisted couples work, renowned for an innovative approach that can be done remotely, and for his deep understanding of how to work with interpersonal dynamics in the context of a journey. His expertise is rooted in years of clinical experience and a deep commitment to helping couples navigate the complexities of their relationships.

Jonathan has noticed that every hurting couple does three things wrong in their communication: they blame, deny, and distract from the issue at hand.

Join Jonathan for an illuminating hour-long event where he’ll share with you this new paradigm in healing — and what’s happening with regard to countries moving to legalize this life-changing therapeutic modality.

These insights can be applied to your own healing journey in addition to your work with clients.

He’ll also guide you through a potent guided meditation and written exercise that will help you (or your clients) rapidly tune into feelings of goodwill and love toward a partner or a friend. And you’ll learn a technique to access these compassionate feelings in the future when circumstances of the moment may make them more difficult to access.

You’ll also discover key ways to avoid hurtful arguments that can permanently damage relationships.


In this eye-opening free online event, you’ll:

  • Learn quick and effective communication methods that can transform conflicts into opportunities for love and understanding
  • Discover the 3 common pitfalls in relationship communication — blame, denial, and distraction — and how to avoid them to build healthier connections
  • Learn a time-tested protocol that Jonathan has used for working with couples remotely using MDMA
  • Gain insights into Oprah’s secret to success in relationships — and how you can apply these principles to enhance your own connections
  • Participate in a guided meditation and writing exercise designed to deepen your feelings of love and appreciation for your partner or a friend
  • Understand the role of MDMA-assisted sessions in relationship improvement and maintenance, including its benefits and safety considerations
  • Receive information about our upcoming 8-month MDMA Couples Facilitator Training program

This workshop has the potential to be beneficial for everyone, including therapists who want to learn how to use MDMA to help couples and want to add this modality to their healing toolkit once it becomes legal... couples who are having trouble in their relationship or are on the brink of divorce... couples who simply want to improve and refresh their relationship... or single folks who have had a few painful relationships and want to heal their wounds and learn new skills.

As legal barriers begin to lower, thanks in part to rigorous research and advocacy by organizations like MAPS (the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies), you can be at the forefront of the therapeutic MDMA movement, helping couples (and yourself!) find a new avenue to deepen their relationships.

When you join us, you’ll also be among the first to hear about Jonathan’s brand-new 30-week MDMA Couples Facilitator Training program, in which he’ll take you on a deeper journey to learn precise therapeutic techniques designed to take yourself and your partner from anywhere you might be now...

... to a place of love and connectedness, where you can solve problems with love, as collaborative members of the same team.

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What People Are Saying About Jonathan Robinson, MA, MFT...


“I feel more confident and I know this work will change many lives…”

I truly enjoyed and learned so much in this course. Jonathan is a wonderful teacher, full of insights, humor, happiness, and experience. His way of teaching is thorough, clear, and extensive. He always takes time to answer all the questions and find ways to help, even on email. I feel more confident and I know this work will change many lives; moreover the community that has been created is not only supportive and helpful but is a new group of like-minded people from so many interesting walks of life, and from all over the world, with inspiring therapeutic experiences that I am sure will help many many people.
— Nuvola

“[Jonathan] was very clear and understandable and kept my interest the whole time.”

Training with Jonathan has been an amazing experience; I was sad when the course was completed. He was very clear and understandable and kept my interest the whole time. He answered all questions that were asked, even if it took the class overtime. Jonathan is kind, compassionate, funny, concise, and easy to speak to. I would definitely take courses with him in the future and I will refer people to his courses as well.
— Nunae

“… equipped me with practical skills and techniques that I can immediately apply in my future work.”

I am thrilled to write this feedback to express my utmost satisfaction and deep appreciation for the exceptional online course on MDMA facilitation that I recently completed. I wanted to specifically highlight the aspects of the course that resonated with me the most, particularly the practical approach, the incorporation of useful psychotherapeutic tools, and the inclusion of examples showcasing various questionnaires. I greatly appreciated how Jonathan seamlessly bridged theoretical knowledge with real-world application. The course not only provided a solid foundation of theoretical understanding but also equipped me with practical skills and techniques that I can immediately apply in my future work. This emphasis on practicality made the learning experience highly valuable and ensured that the knowledge gained was relevant and actionable. Thank you once again for providing such an exceptional learning experience.
— Alisa

“The class days [left] me feeling fulfilled and confident in my new role as a therapist in this field.”

Jonathan’s course was a truly surprising and transformative experience. As a therapist, I expected a structured protocol, but instead found wisdom in the discovery process, with each client guided by the medicine. Jonathan is an excellent instructor, effectively sharing his knowledge and making every class a pleasure to attend. The class days felt like home, leaving me feeling fulfilled and confident in my new role as a therapist in this field. I highly recommend Jonathan’s course for its enlightening and transformative nature. The world needs more of this!
— Luana


About Jonathan Robinson, MA, MFT

Jonathan Robinson is a psychotherapist, author of 14 books, and a professional speaker. He has reached over 200 million people around the world with his practical methods, and his work has been translated into 47 languages. Jonathan has made numerous appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show and CNN, as well as on other national TV talk shows.

In Jonathan’s most recent book, Ecstasy as Medicine: How MDMA Therapy Can Help You Overcome Trauma, Anxiety, and Depression... and Feel More Love, he shares the best methods, stories, and ideas he’s learned from leading over 700 MDMA journeys and teaching hundreds of therapists how to follow his unique protocol over Zoom. His other books include Communication Miracles for Couples and More Love, Less Conflict

As a professional speaker, Jonathan has spoken to companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Coca-Cola, and Google. He’s known for providing his audiences with immediately useful and powerful information, presented in an entertaining and motivating manner. Jonathan is the co-host of the podcast Awareness Explorers.

The MDMA Couples Facilitator Training is being offered for educational purposes only to qualified individuals 21 or more years of age, and does not involve the use of any medication or substance by participants. The Shift Network recognizes that the use of MDMA in psychotherapeutic settings is yet to be legally sanctioned in the United States, although it has received limited medical use approval in a small number of other countries. The Shift Network does not condone or advise the use of any non-legal substance or medications. The information and opinions expressed by the author, program instructor, or program participants are not necessarily representative of the opinions, beliefs, or official position of The Shift Network, its executives, staff, or affiliates.