With Multidisciplinary Artist, Tech Pioneer & Creator of MindTravel
Murray Hidary


Go on a musical exploration to release emotional and physical blocks, move forward in an empowered state, and create a joy-filled life that you love.


It’s frustrating to feel like you’re stuck and unable to move forward in life. 

It creates a toxic brew of angst, guilt, helplessness, and anger. Even as you’re struggling mightily to bring about change, you feel like your feet are locked in cement and you can’t break free. 

Even worse, when you do take action, something always seems to sabotage your efforts.

That “something” could very well be you, driven by invisible blocks at the subconscious level.

The good news is that you can move forward by surrendering to the perfection of the present moment.

Yet, “surrender” is a loaded word. Just the thought of it can activate your defenses to fight to the death to remain in control and keep you “safe” — the irony being that the very actions you subconsciously take to remain safe... keep you stuck.

How then can you create change in the face of such resistance?

Murray Hidary affirms that music opens the door and thrusts you front and center into the present moment.

Murray, a multidisciplinary creative visionary, composer, and artist, explains that music bypasses our normal defenses and reaches DEEP inside us, operating directly on our subconscious mind and superconscious soul.

Time and time again, he’s witnessed that the right music at the right time can create life-changing breakthroughs.

Murray is also a highly successful tech pioneer and the founder of MindTravel, which creates transformational musical experiences.

Having walked a journey of rebirth and transformation after tragically losing his sister in a devastating accident, Murray was forced to feel the depths of his grief, honor where he was at, and find his soul’s purpose so that he could eventually move forward with joy, authenticity, and vision.

Music communicates a profound coalescence of language and concept — a bridge connecting that which is hidden with that which is manifest.

As a passionate musician, Murray understands the profound power that sound, music, and vibration have on the human body. In his MindTravel experiential events, he creates space for people to have a transformative journey that is provocative, reflective, healing, and transcendent.

In this hour-long experiential event, Murray will take you on a musical journey through the vehicle of contemporary classical music and binaural beats, blended in his unique signature style. He’ll guide you through a series of questions to help you release emotional and mental blocks that are keeping you stuck — so you can create the opening necessary to move forward and discover personal freedom.

As he moves you through this exercise, you’ll want to wear headphones or use external speakers from your computer for maximum effect. Expect to feel more grounded and less tense, with a sense that a new path of hope and possibility has opened up for you. In that place of present-moment joy, you may feel a newfound empathy and connection to yourself and those around you. From that place of gratitude and presence, you can open to joy, spontaneity, and adventure.


In this 60-minute free online event, you’ll:

  • Experience how music can bypass the brain to connect directly with your emotional body and melt away conscious and subconscious blocks to expansion and personal freedom
  • Tap into the feelings your soul desperately needs to feel at this moment to give you the emotional fuel to create transformative change
  • Gain an understanding of the “payoff” you get for your self-sabotaging behavior — and the perspective of how that behavior negatively affects the people you love
  • Discover a process you can embrace in daily ritual at any time to help you maintain your personal freedom 
  • Experience a transformative 10-minute musical journey that can help you release blocks that are keeping you stuck, so you can create an opening to move forward in life (you’ll want to wear headphones or use external speakers from your computer)

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What People Are Saying About Murray Hidary...

“This is exactly what I needed and I didn’t even know it.”

— Quincy Jones, music producer

“Murray was brilliantly expressive both verbally and musically...”

What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Murray was brilliantly expressive both verbally and musically, it was a real treat to see him in action and shepherding the folk/flock into a place of restoration.
— Tim McHenry, Director of Programs & Engagement, Rubin Museum of Art

“The moment Murray touched the keys, I was instantly transported on an emotional journey, allowing me to explore the sound and body connection we all share. It was magical.”

— Kim Vandenberg, swimmer and Olympic medalist

“It’s literally as if Murray drops into the energy that resides at the deepest level of your being and plays the soundtrack to your soul.”

It’s literally as if Murray drops into the energy that resides at the deepest level of your being and plays the soundtrack to your soul. And because each time is always different, there is no duplicate experience, just as in every moment you are different. So the unique and special expression of who you are in this moment is translated into some of the most beautiful music you’ve ever heard.
— Meghan Monihan, meditation teacher and author

“This journey was freeing!”

Murray’s compositions, coupled with our connection to each other and nature, cracked me wide open. I wept. I wept in the trees as I connected with my family history, the tree of life that brought me to this moment of divine expression. I wept as I moved effortlessly over stones and roots while drawing on the deep reservoirs of creative power that lay within. I wept before the sun knowing that I must continue to let go of all that brought me here in order to forge new paths and light the way for the inner and outer journeys ahead. This journey was freeing!
— Matthew King, PhD


About Murray Hidary

Murray Hidary is a multidisciplinary artist and tech pioneer. His purpose-driven approach is at the heart of his business success, acclaim as a visual artist, and global recognition as a musician.

Growing up playing music since he was five years old, Murray knew he wanted to be a composer by the time he was in high school. He also began a deep inner journey of discovery as a teenager that led him to study Eastern philosophy, Zen Buddhism, and other wisdom traditions. As his composing became deeply influenced by these teachings, he began to fuse the two into a personal reflective practice at the piano. It became a voice he used to connect to his higher sense of purpose. A musical language and journey continued to emerge and evolve, which he eventually called MindTravel.

Murray created the first MindTravel experience, an intimate piano concert in his living room, in 2013. Today, in addition to performing globally — recently playing the first-ever live-piano concert on the continent of Antarctica — he continues to expand the conversations about purpose and the human condition through online teaching and in his MindTravel Mastery membership. Through music, the universal language of emotion, MindTravel seeks to remind us of that which is always present but often unfelt: connection to ourselves, connection to nature, and connection to our common humanity.

Murray is also a Certified Meditation Teacher through the Vedic Center, and a Certified Grief Counselor through Our House Grief Support Center.