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Discover the secrets to liberating your authentic writing voice with ease and joy.

Make the inner shifts to allow your book, blog, article or screenplay to FINALLY be born!

Are you wanting to express yourself creatively through writing but can’t seem to find your true voice and flow?

Have you felt called to write something important yet get stopped by fear or your pesky inner critics declaring you have nothing good enough to say?

Well, it’s time to get unstuck and discover a joyful way to liberate your authentic writing voice and develop a delightful writing practice !

Great writing is about letting your soul shine through.

Your most powerful writer’s voice is the one that is unmistakably YOU, rather than following the forms, rhythms or metaphors of someone else.

Freeing your writer’s voice leads you to buried treasures and hidden delights. You’ll discover that many of the experiences you’ve held with embarrassment or even shame can become portals into a more liberated you.

When you access your authenticity through writing, you activate your clearest and most magnetic voice out into the world. It’s about being TRUE to who you are, in all the wonderfully weird, wacky or quirky ways that you might show only to your innermost circle.

In this special virtual event, one of the wisest and wildest bestselling writers in the West, the inimitable SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy), will take you on a liberating romp into the heart of writing and expressing your truth.

She’ll have you laughing your way to more freedom and bringing more playfulness into your writing practice. She’ll make writing far more FUN. And the funny thing is, by making your writing journey more joyful, you’ll actually generate far better results.

Whether it’s daring to make a new metaphorical pirouette or turning an embarrassing experience into humor, SARK will invite you to expand your paradigm of what writing really entails.

Ultimately, it’s about shedding layers of constriction, fear and old habits to reveal the radiant gem that is YOU.

When the true you shines through, your writing draws others like a magnet... If you want to become a more powerful beacon of light and write from your passion, SARK can show you how.

During this illuminating hour-long virtual event, which also includes SARK’s teaching (and writing) partner, Dr. Scott Mills, PhD who brings powerful insights into how to ultimately sell your work, you’ll:

  • Learn how to dance with your pesky inner critics
  • Harness the power of micro-movements to create a joyful writing practice
  • Discover your “ inner wise self ” so you can write your truth
  • Learn how to express your authentic voice with more power and clarity

If you’ve been yearning to put your ideas onto the page and generate writing that gets you noticed, SARK will show you how her time-tested approach can deliver real results.

Whether you finally want to write that memoir, blog for your business, or generate stories that sell, she’ll light the way to writing that sparkles, dazzles and enchants.

You’ll also learn about an exciting new 7-week program where you can work directly with SARK to take your writing to the next level!

What People Are Saying About SARK and Scott Mills...

We, in this world, and this weary old world itself, have a great gaping need for SARK.
— Maya Angelou

SARK has laid out the path for us to transform our lives no matter what the world throws at us.
— Chip Conley, Founder of Joie de Vivre Hotels

Scott Mills is truly one of our time’s most gifted Evolutionary Leaders who has a talent for bridging the transformational divide for those feeling called to step into the next evolution of who we are meant to be.
— Jane Deuber, CEO, Virtual Training Academy

SARK makes us realize what’s important in life more pleasure, joy, love and mangoes!
— Marc Allen, Bestselling Author

Scott’s work... has everything to do with... diving deep into exploring AND manifesting ALL possibilities into being to achieve the massively abundant lives we are all here to realize. My term for him is the “What If Wizard.”
— Dan Fowler, Owner, Red River Productions and Imagination

Thank you [SARK] for helping us redefine and rewrite our own love story so we see only possibility.
— Suzanne Evans, Bestselling Author

My work with Scott has been life changing and I don’t use that phrase lightly. On a daily basis I use the insights and exercises he has shared with me. Because of the work we’ve done together I have a more fulfilled life.
— Jeff Lehman, Lehman Organizing Solutions

About SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy)

SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) is a bestselling author, artist and teacher, with 17 titles in print and well over two million books sold. She comes from a background of creative expression and inspires others through her teachings in books, products and programs to support empowered living. SARK’s purpose is to be an uplifter, a transformer and a laser beam of love. She does that through her art, words and spirit. She is also the founder and Creative Fountain of Planet SARK, a thriving business that creates innovative products and services to support empowered living. SARK lives and creates gladly in San Francisco, CA.

About Dr. Scott Mills, PhD

What happens when you take an insatiable curiosity about human nature, add a quirky sense of humor, a deeply compassionate spirit and an intense commitment to developing amazing leaders in the world? Well, of course, you get Dr. Scott.

Scott has been dedicated to supporting individuals and businesses to step beyond themselves for the last twenty years. Unique in the world of leadership development and human transformation, not just for his emphasis on the science that creates deep and lasting change but also for the breadth of the tools that he draws on, Scott is consistently offering new ways of thinking about life, new tools for stepping quickly into the change that people most want and all in a way that respects all of who you are and where you have come from.