With Psychologist, Author & a Leader of The Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids
Philip Carr-Gomm


Open to the mystical world of Druidry and engage the powerful forces of the Earth and Cosmos to ignite your potential for boundless creativity, wisdom, and spiritual connectedness.

Embark on a deeply transformative journey rooted in ancient wisdom as you experience the magical synergy of Nature, the Cosmos, and your inner spirit through a potent tree spirit practice.

In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.

Are you yearning for a more fulfilling spiritual journey, where you can tap into the endless well of your creative, wise, and magical self?

In a world where modern distractions, anxieties, and disconnection often rule, a deep-rooted call beckons us back to our origins to the unifying fabric that weaves us into the grand tapestry of the Universe waiting to guide us back to our true selves and to the eternal wisdom that connects all life.

Druidry, the ancient path of wisdom and insight that was forged in the heart of the British Isles, is a spiritual tradition like no other. Its lessons, veiled in the lore of the land and the cycle of the seasons, speak to our deepest selves, helping us navigate the turbulence of modern life so we can reconnect with the ageless wisdom of the Earth.

It’s intertwined with Celtic Shamanism, often encompassing shamanistic elements, such as journeying to other realms and communicating with the spirit world, in its rituals and teachings  highlighting the deep-seated spiritual bond between the Celts and their environment.

Women have played essential roles in the Druidic tradition, both in history and in contemporary practice. The path of the Druid celebrates the feminine as equally potent and sacred to its masculine counterpart offering a timeless invitation for both men and women to explore, grow, and thrive within this rich spiritual tradition.

Join us for a unique and powerful event where Philip Carr-Gomm, an acclaimed expert in the fields of psychology and Druidry, will guide you into the mystical undercurrents of Druidry.

He began studying Druidry at the age of 16, and has since become a renowned psychosynthesis psychotherapist, author and co-creator of Druid tarot decks, and founder of the Sophrology Institute. Philip carries the torch of this ancient wisdom, blending it with the teachings of psychology and spiritual practices to aid in personal growth and transformation.

With his wealth of knowledge and experience, Philip will illuminate the path for you, helping you awaken your Inner Singer, Shaman, and Sage the threefold aspect of the Druid path that inspires personal growth, creativity, and spiritual evolution.

The Singer is that part of you that wants to sing the song of your soul out loud to fully express your innermost essence and potential. The Shaman is that part of you that wants to work magic in the world to heal and to explore other realms of consciousness. The Sage is that part of you that seeks clarity and understanding to embody compassionate wisdom.

Philip will share the profound meaning and wisdom encapsulated in the term “Druid,” which translates to “tree sage” or “forest seer,” which will shed light on the heart of Druidic philosophy and illuminate the inherent call for us to align with a stage of evolution where the embodiment and living of our values and ideals take center stage.

From this space, you can release your full creative potential and truly be of service to others and the world. The tree, a figure of harmony and power, is not a mere symbol but a literal representation of these values.

Through this exploration, you’ll discover why trees are your mentors and allies. As you open your soul to this unique connection, a magical shift may begin unfolding in your life. Your engagement with the world will deepen and your understanding of your Self will expand.

During the event, Philip will guide you through a 10-minute meditation journey, designed to further enhance your understanding and connection. This meditation will immerse you in the experience of a sacred Druid grove, where you’ll connect with a tree spirit, fostering a potent sense of unity with the Earth, the sky, the sea, the trees, and your forebears.

Emerging from this meditative journey, you can expect to feel a deep calm, a stronger sense of grounding, and a heightened sense of connection with both the natural world and the spirit realm. You’ll leave with a profound feeling of belonging, akin to coming home.


In this illuminating online event, you’ll:

  • Receive teachings on how to shift your life’s direction, guided by the wisdom of the Inner World, leading to a life enriched with magic and serendipity
  • Experience a Druidic practice to heighten your interconnectedness with Nature, humanity, and the spiritual life, cultivating a deep sense of community with like-minded souls around the globe
  • Discover new perspectives on life and existence through the unique lens of Druidry, leading you towards a path of freedom from societal dogmas and self-imposed limitations
  • Uncover the vibrant plant, animal, and seasonal lore of the Druids, enriching your understanding of the world and nurturing your relationship with Nature

Druidry is not a path walked in solitude, but a journey that weaves you into the community of creation the fabric of life and existence itself. By embracing its teachings, you open yourself to the wisdom of the Earth, the stars, and the timeless truths that lie within your own soul.

When you join the event, you’ll also be among the first to hear about Philip’s upcoming course, an immersive exploration of Druidry designed to refresh and deepen your spiritual journey, allowing you to embody your most expansive potential, align with the creative flow of life, and embark on your own heroine or hero’s journey.

Rooted in sacred Druid myths, tools, and meditations, this course is a catalyst for self-discovery and spiritual evolution that can help you tap into the infinite well of your creative, wise, and magical self.

It’s an invitation to experience your spiritual journey in harmony with the powerful seasonal cycles, the radiant moon, and the nurturing energies of plants and animals intertwined with Nature and brimming with spiritual wisdom.

This is not just an introduction to a belief system; it is an initiation into the mysteries of creation, a call to an adventure that spans the realms of mind, body, and spirit.

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What People Are Saying About Philip Carr-Gomm...

“I’m more optimistic and have a greater sense of a deeper connection to an energy inside and outside of me.”

I have enjoyed this course so much because it has helped me create new habits, become more alert, and notice so much more. I feel different now, with a greater sense of intuition. I’m more optimistic and have a greater sense of a deeper connection to an energy inside and outside of me. The care taken behind each lesson has been invaluable. It moves me in a deep way to see the work that has gone into each lesson; every detail has been carefully considered.
Monica Troughton, author and wellbeing practitioner, Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom

“Philip Carr-Gomm has created a rare opportunity: the chance to study magic with a well-known magician who is also a psychologist.”

Philip Carr-Gomm has created a rare opportunity: the chance to study magic with a well-known magician who is also a psychologist. I have integrated many of the insights learned in this course into my personal life, as well as into my professional work as a psychoanalyst.
Dr. Frank Malone, Delaware

“I found the impact of Philip’s courses on myself amazing.”

I have been a full-time therapist for over 30 years, so working with things like this has been a natural part of my life, and I am not easily impressed. I found the impact of Philip’s courses on myself amazing. They are so well structured, so easy to follow by anyone, and so rewarding.
Beate Holzleitner

“I feel more embodied, more in tune with myself, have a clearer sense of direction, am better able to deal with stress, and feel calmer, brighter, and healthier.”

I have found this course very rewarding. I feel more embodied, more in tune with myself, have a clearer sense of direction, am better able to deal with stress, and feel calmer, brighter, and healthier. 
Lindsey Clark, Bristol, United Kingdom

“[Philip’s] course has been amazing and life-changing for me.”

This course has been amazing and life-changing for me. It has shifted something deep within, and given me tools to deal with stress at all levels and on a daily basis.
Linda Fielder, Cairns, Australia


About Philip Carr-Gomm

Philip Carr-Gomm combines inspiration from the worlds of psychology and spirituality to help us access our own wellsprings of happiness, creativity, and meaning. Rooted in the nature spirituality of Druidry, Philip also draws on his training in psychology, psychosynthesis psychotherapy, and sophrology. He is the founder of the Sophrology Institute.

Philip helps participants in his talks and workshops transform their lives through the imaginative use of conversation, plant and animal oracles, music and poetry, meditation, and ritual. He has authored or co-authored 20 books, including The Druid Animal Oracle and The Druidcraft Tarot. He has worked in the field of psychedelic therapy with the Synthesis Institute and the ACER Integration Program.