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With Lucid Dreaming Author, Speaker & Ocean Retreat Leader at Deep Lucid Dreaming
Dr. Clare Johnson

01/22/2022 6:00:00 PM
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Re-enter an unsettling dream (or any type of dream) with loving guidance, and watch it transform — allowing you to uncover its healing wisdom and connect with the calm core of your soul.


Our nighttime dreams — whether sweet or scary — come to empower, transform, and heal us.

They’re spiritual gifts from our unconscious, and when we take the time to unwrap them by practicing dreamwork, we receive precious messages from our soul…

... messages that can help us transcend our worst fears, live our lives with fullness and joy, and become more balanced, whole human beings, capable of self-healing and contributing purposefully to the collective wellbeing of humanity.

Even our unpleasant dreams — those that make us feel unsettled or anxious — as well as the curious images that flash before our eyes when we’re drifting off to sleep, contain the gold of greater self-awareness and the remedy for liberation from the uneasiness or fear they may instill.

When you open to this dream medicine, you discover that its alchemy can also transmute your waking anxieties and fears.

In this eye-opening hour with renowned lucid dreaming author and dreamwork teacher Dr. Clare Johnson, you’ll learn about an amazing dream re-entry practice called Lucid Dreamplay.

Clare will guide you safely and comfortably to re-enter an unsettling dream (or any type of dream) to watch it transform before your eyes, uncovering its healing wisdom and nudging you toward the calm core of your soul.

You’ll also find that this powerful dreamwork approach can be a highly effective way to build protection while you fall back asleep after awakening from an unsettling dream.

Clare has been experiencing, exploring, and teaching about dream lucidity (recognizing that you’re dreaming and being able to guide the dream story while you’re experiencing it) all of her life, and has been conducting extensive research on the subject for the last two decades.

Her emphasis is ultimately on the healing and transformative power of dream lucidity. She teaches how to activate lucid awareness while asleep or awake to navigate darker, more surprising dreams safely and comfortably — and embody parts of ourselves we may have left behind.


In this self-empowering hour with Clare, you’ll:

  • Learn how to unveil and welcome the gifts inherent in unpleasant dreams, which can include unsettling or anxiety-provoking dreams, pre-sleep imagery, nightmares, and sleep paralysis
  • Experience a guided inner journey where you’ll meet a helping ally and explore an uncomfortable dream (or waking) image, and feel its energy shift as it transforms, leaving you feeling freer, lighter, and calmer
  • Discover how to use Lucid Dreamplay to safely and comfortably re-enter a scary dream and return with its gifts of self-empowerment, transformation, and healing (a great way to build protection and go back to sleep)
  • Learn about the benefits of yoga nidra, a relaxation practice (no yoga moves involved) that enables you to “float” on the cusp of sleep and speak directly to your unconscious — a powerful approach to manifesting intentions, catalyzing healing, shamanic journeying, and meeting your soul
  • Harvest wisdom from discovering who you truly are in your dreams — and the amazing insights that zeroing in on your dream’s “perspective” can illuminate

During the hour, you’ll also learn about a powerful new 7-week online course with Clare, where you’ll learn effective dreamwork approaches — including a form of lucid dreaming anyone can do — to activate inner healing, release anxiety and fear, and step into your power as creator of your inner and outer realities and that of the collective...

... and where you’ll have a lot of fun experiencing Clare’s playful, yet powerful, waking and dreamtime exercises for relaxing... neutralizing images that surprise and unsettle you... dreaming of deceased loved ones... exploring dreams that show you the future... and transmuting your Shadow into the gold of the soul.

You’ll uncover and enjoy what nourishes and enlivens you... while finding sacred gifts in all states of consciousness.

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01/22/2022 6:00:00 PM

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What People Are Saying About Dr. Clare Johnson...

“Dr. Johnson has clearly established herself to be the ultimate guide to lucid dreaming.”

Clare R. Johnson, PhD, has 40 years of personal experience with dream lucidity, 20 years of research, and 10 years of conducting workshops. Dr. Johnson emphasizes all the fun, besides the fascination, that can accompany dream lucidity. What particularly caught my eye as a sleep medicine doctor is how lucid dreaming can benefit nightmares and various other sleep disturbances, including the parasomnias. Dr. Johnson has clearly established herself to be the ultimate guide to lucid dreaming.
— Carlos H. Schenck, MD, sleep disorders expert and author of Sleep: A Groundbreaking Guide to the Mysteries, the Problems, and the Solutions

“Her wisdom and patience effortlessly open up the gates of ‘can’t’ to ‘can.’”

My dreams grew from dull to wondrous, my abilities from disconnected to understanding. I reconnected my own states of consciousness as a whole. At the close of class, I was left in a deeply miraculous place from which to launch these communications with lucidity forward. Clare is a kind, gentle, non-judgmental, creative soul. Her wisdom and patience effortlessly open up the gates of “can’t” to “can.”
— Danny Blitz, director of the celebrated Superpower docuseries

“There is no better lucid dreaming teacher than Dr. Clare R. Johnson.”

There is no better lucid dreaming teacher than Dr. Clare R. Johnson. When it comes to understanding lucid dreams or the art of dreaming them, there is nobody with deeper experience than Dr. Johnson, who has been working with her own lucid dreams since she was a child.
— Jean Campbell, author of  Group Dreaming: Dreams to the Tenth Power

“She offers practical help for resolving and dissolving nightmares.”

Dr. Clare Johnson is fully alive to the fact that the place between sleep and awake is one of the great launch pads for lucid dream adventures. She encourages us to develop and stabilize imaginal spaces that can be creative studios, inner gyms, and centers of healing and regeneration. She offers practical help for resolving and dissolving nightmares. You’ll find yourself being nudged, effortlessly, towards practicing continuity of consciousness, maintaining your ability to observe and make choices in any state of reality.
— Robert Moss, bestselling author of Conscious Dreaming, The Secret History of Dreaming, and Dreaming the Soul Back Home

“Clare Johnson warmly shares her profound wisdom and research in the field as she guides readers along the majestic path of soul awakening...”

Clare Johnson warmly shares her profound wisdom and research in the field as she guides readers along the majestic path of soul awakening within their dreams. She helps dreamers enter, enhance, and prolong their lucid dream states, and inspires those who wish to develop an even deeper practice of blissful dreaming.
— Anna-Karin Bjorklund, dream specialist and author of The Dream Alchemist


About Dr. Clare Johnson

Dr. Clare Johnson was the first person in the world to earn a PhD on Lucid Dreaming as a creative tool. She recently headed up the International Association for the Study of Dreams as President and CEO, and is the author of seven dream books, including The Art of Lucid Dreaming.

A prolific lucid dreamer, Clare became fascinated by the rich "other world" of dreams and nightmares at the early age of three, and began a lifelong journey deep into the mysterious inner universe of the soul. Her groundbreaking book, Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Lucid Dreaming, explores cosmic sleep experiences such as floating in the sparkling black void and encountering the Lucid Light, the baseline state of consciousness from which we emerge at birth and return to when we die.

Clare is a creative artist, novelist, and prize-winning short story writer. Her lucid-dream-inspired novels are Breathing in Colour and Dreamrunner. Passionate about helping children and adults have a happier dreamlife, she is co-editor of a book on children’s dreams and nightmares, Sleep Monsters & Superheroes. Her book Dream Therapy (Mindful Dreaming is the U.S. title) has been translated into many languages. Her latest book is The Art of Transforming Nightmares, a book on scary dreams, sleep paralysis, the power of the Shadow, and how to overcome fear in order to embrace a life of wonder, playfulness, and mystery. Clare leads Lucid Dreaming Ocean Retreats and online Transformative Lucidity workshops.