With the Founder of SOMA Breath
Niraj Naik


Learn how to activate mystical and transformative states of consciousness with SOMA Breathwork — so you can discover your truth, heal from the past, and envision an exciting future.


What if you could shift the very foundations of who you are in a way that opened you to vast new possibilities?

What if the “you” you understand yourself to be is more like a robot you can take apart and reprogram… so you can become the adventurer and game-changer you’re meant to be — and the fully realized human that is your birthright?

According to breathwork pioneer Niraj Naik, once you understand who you truly are and become aware of your patterns in a visceral way — you can fulfill the vision you have for  your best life.

Niraj teaches that everyone has this power within their own natural breath — and that different states of breathing have various physiological effects on the body and spirit.  

Instead of thinking your way towards change… you breathe into a new possibility.

Niraj’s SOMA Breathwork method lets you enter into ecstatic states from which you can reprogram yourself and your life. His breathwork approach uses ancient yogic breathing practices to provide a lasting, drug-free approach to reaching enlightened states of consciousness.

Join us as Niraj shares how SOMA Breathwork activates your mystical and transformative states of consciousness — so you can release old patterns and evolve into the best version of yourself.

During this event, you’ll begin to open your mind and visualize a world with vastly expanded possibilities as Niraj guides you through a core SOMA Breath technique, “Limitless” — a rhythmic breathing meditation set to music.

You’ll discover how to use your breath — or as Niraj calls it, the remote control of your mind, body, and spirit — so you can be at your best, every single day.

As Niraj will explain, we mostly operate from certain codes of consciousness — often a specific code at different times in your life. Because most people never experience higher states of consciousness, they live a life of predictable patterns, defaulting to generational habits and cultural programming.

True transformation happens when higher codes of consciousness are activated using your breath. From this state, it’s possible to reset, reprogram, and upgrade yourself and your life.


In this free online event, you’ll:

  • Experience a core SOMA Breathwork technique, “Limitless” — a rhythmic breathing guided meditation set to music — to open your mind and visualize a limitless world with infinite possibilities
  • Discover how SOMA Breathwork serves as pranayama for the modern age, enabling you to apply ancient spiritual practices to your daily life 
  • Identify what it means to become what Niraj calls your own “software programmer” — as you recreate yourself using the breath
  • Examine how breathing techniques can function as your inner pharmacy
  • Explore what it means to spiritually awaken through your breath

During this event, you’ll also learn how you can continue your work with Niraj in his new 7-week course. You’ll use your breath as the remote control of your mind, body, and spirit. This will unfold through seven SOMA Breathwork journeys specially crafted for activating each state of consciousness — so you can meta-program your reality and create yourself anew.

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What People Are Saying About Niraj Naik...


— Spiritual Teacher Raja Choudhury: “Niraj Is a Modern-Day Renaissance Mystic”

“I love visiting the SOMA journey.”

I have 30 years of gathered modalities that I practice daily. I have to say, however, I love visiting the SOMA journey. It’s just done in a way that gives me that reboot/reset of energy that positively moves my life forward. My wife and I were “victims” of a corporate takeover, and thanks to breathwork I see nothing but possibilities — and my energy is attracting not only multiple new jobs, but also the perfect tribe that values me and enhances this beautiful experience called life.
— Michael Lang

“I bathed myself in so much healing white light in my breathwork tonight.”

I bathed myself in so much healing white light in my breathwork tonight. It felt like a warm blanket.
— Clare Emily Williamson

“Try it and you will not regret the experience and the benefits.”

For the best body, mind, and spirit, you need the best breathing technique. Coming into this world, the first breath is inspiration; and going out, the last one is expiration. Between them should be SOMA Breath with Niraj. I found it late in my life, but it is never too late. Try it and you will not regret the experience and the benefits. It is amazing, or better yet, marvelous!
— Sorin Frumuselu

“Yesterday was truly amazing — my body was so lit up it was beyond the beyond.”

Yesterday was truly amazing — my body was so lit up it was beyond the beyond. Thank you, thank you to all that made this happen especially to you, Niraj.
— Helen Matejovic


About Niraj Naik

Niraj Naik is a former certified pharmacist turned holistic health and breathwork expert. As a “legal drug dealer,” he witnessed many patients going home with bags full of drugs each month, rarely getting better and usually going on to suffer from other diseases. He also saw the debilitating side effects of the prescription medications, which drove many of the patients to need other drugs to ease the side effects from the first round of prescriptions — a vicious cycle.

The stress and overwhelm of dishing out pills got the better of him, and Niraj was housebound for nearly a year with ulcerative colitis, an autoimmune condition. He was left with the option of becoming a guinea pig for a new untested drug, or undergoing a colectomy (removal of the colon). He chose neither option, and began his search to learn from those who had great success in curing themselves (or others) from chronic illness.

He learned a combination of natural treatments, including yogic and Ayurvedic practices, and adopted new dietary recommendations. He studied healing methods through meditation, pranayama, and mind-power techniques like self-hypnosis and NLP. He also discovered powerful techniques of sound and music therapy as tools for reducing stress and promoting self-healing. Today, Niraj lives symptom-free, and has helped hundreds of others do the same.

Niraj is the founder of SOMA Breath — the global wellness and breathwork movement taking the world by storm. SOMA Breath combines the ancient yogic wisdom of pranayama with modern-day science. Taking inspiration from ancient scriptures like the Rig Veda, Niraj has created a breathwork practice that intricately combines science and spirituality. SOMA Breath takes you on a multisensory meditation journey, combining specially crafted brainwave-entrainment music, breathwork, and visualization techniques. Participants regularly describe moments of pure bliss, connection to Source, profound spiritual experiences, and emotional releases.