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Russ Hudson
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Cultivate more compassion for yourself, open your heart to true intimacy & access your divinity — through the core teachings of the Enneagram.

Do you remember the moment you first identified your Enneagram personality type?

It’s incredibly illuminating when you discover, observe and begin to embrace your type...

It’s a sobering process too! Especially as you begin to recognize and shift the patterns associated with your primary type.

And did another big light go on for you when you realized the other 8 types on the Enneagram see the world quite differently from you? This too, can be life-changing...

Simply knowing the type of a family member or friend can deepen your relationship and bring a heightened level of connection and intimacy. Also, knowing the type of someone you tend to butt heads with can shift the dynamic — giving you more compassion for the person’s perspectives and struggles, and insight into your own patterns.

But the Enneagram offers so much more...

Renowned teacher and author Russ Hudson views the Enneagram holistically — guiding his students to become aware of all 9 types within them, while working with our basic-type passions (fixations).

Similarly, all 9 Virtues associated with the types exist within each one of us... serenity, humility, truth, equanimity, non-attachment, courage, constancy, innocence, and right action.

Yet, some Virtues are easier to access and others more elusive, depending on your basic type.

Rooted in the strength and fullness of your heart, the Virtues are also aspects of your own divinity. Sufi teacher Gurdjieff referred to the Higher Emotional Center of the Virtues — and they must be discovered, cultivated, and continuously refined.

Doing so, you can transmute the lower expressions (passions) into the higher aspects of the types...

For example, in Type One, the Virtue of true serenity is born of a capacity to presence life’s innate goodness, and using this awareness, hold anger and resentment in compassion.

In Type Six, we discover the true nature of courage through a profound awareness of fear.

In Type Two, real humility is the result of bringing loving kindness to the parts of us that feel unlovable.

This special hour with Russ Hudson is your chance to explore and apply the Enneagram’s deeper wisdom, through the teachings of the Virtues.

During this powerful audio event, you’ll discover:

  • The original, spiritual context and methods of Enneagram work — beyond merely typing yourself and others
  • A more compassionate (and intimate) way of being with yourself and others, using the Enneagram in service to love
  • The precise role of the heart in relation to your mind, body, and authentic gifts
  • Discover a meaningful way to work with all of your emotions, and to transform them into more energies for your growth
  • Markers of authentic transformation — the signs of genuine actualization of spiritual wisdom

The Enneagram was originally created as a mystical tool for enlightenment. The Virtues (rather than the passions) were in the foreground as they represented the fulfillment of our types and the liberation of our gifts.

This special event brings these original, core teachings back to the foreground. You’ll also hear about the first, in-depth virtual program on Enneagram of the Virtues, led by Russ Hudson.

What People Are Saying About Russ Hudson...

“The best Enneagram teacher...”

Russ is the best Enneagram teacher for his presence and dedication to the Enneagram world. I highly recommend to learn with him if you’re looking for transformational experience and what Enneagram really is meant to be.
— Pongsathorn, Bangkok, Thailand

“Puzzles I had been pondering for years... were resolved...”

I was able to grasp what happens to pull me away from my experience of presence, as well as the operation of all of the nine Enneagram energies in me. Puzzles I had been pondering for years about my relationship to receiving were resolved, as I experienced the energy of my “missing piece.” The term “life-changing” is used a lot I know. But I can’t think of another one that more accurately describes my experience...
— Ann Kirby, RH certified teacher, EnnCourage, Inc.

“A very exciting, new level...”

I am a long-time student and certified teacher of the Enneagram, as well as seasoned meditator. This workshop... leveraged my understanding of the Enneagram as a spiritual path to a very exciting, new level, both for myself and in working more strategically with my coaching clients.
— Anne Wotring, certified Palmer-Daniels teacher

“I was completely impressed...”

Having had the privilege of studying this material with a number of teachers, I was completely impressed with Russ’ quality of training and input on this topic. His willingness to be present, open, and incredibly allowing and compassionate whilst staying totally on track with the content was fantastic.
— Marie Pierre Cleret, Sydney, Australia

“Russ is a master...”

Russ is a master, in the Enneagram and in heartfelt understanding, respect and kindness to fellow beings... In his presence something pure inside gets awakened.
— Sajili, Mumbai, India

About Russ Hudson

Russ Hudson is co-founder of The Enneagram Institute, and is one of the principal scholars and innovative thinkers in the Enneagram world today. He is also President of Enneagram Personality Types, Inc. He has been co-teaching the Enneagram Professional Training Programs since 1991, and is a founding director and former vice-president of the International Enneagram Association. Russ is also co-author of The Wisdom of the Enneagram, Personality Types, Understanding the Enneagram, Discovering Your Personality Type and The Power of the Enneagram. Russ also assisted Don Riso in writing Enneagram Transformations. He holds a degree in East Asian Studies from Columbia University in New York, from which he graduated Phi Beta Kappa.

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