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With Renowned Enneagram Teachers
Russ Hudson & Jessica Dibb


Learn about an unprecedented opportunity to join an interdisciplinary, depth-certification training with today’s leading Enneagram teachers — to level up your inner evolution and launch a shift in consciousness.


Are you ready to take such a deep dive into your inner work that you’ll be equipped to join a global community of consciousness-shifters?

How can you make a quantum leap in your own consciousness... to help launch a collective shift that’s truly necessary for the survival of our civilization, and the flowering of humanity’s deepest potential?

Yes, the call is that big.

One potent approach to intensifying your own self-understanding while also holding a vision — BEING a vision — for unprecedented personal, cultural, and global change... is the profound study and experience of the Enneagram teachings and practices.

Whether you’ve recently developed a strong curiosity about the Enneagram... or you already have a foundational understanding of the Enneagram types and their qualities... or you’ve been on a long, in-depth journey using the Enneagram for your own inner work or for your work with others in your healing profession...

... we’ve developed an immersive Enneagram program designed for you to become part of a life- and world-changing movement toward a new and just reality.

We’re excited to announce a first-of-its-kind, Shift Network year-long intensive Enneagram depth-certification training, taught by Russ Hudson, one of the foremost Enneagram teachers in the world, and Jessica Dibb, an Integrative Breathwork trainer and one of the great innovators in the Enneagram field.

For now, we’re cordially inviting you to attend a unique one-hour event — at no cost — where Russ and Jessica will introduce you to the most important elements of this groundbreaking year-long training... sharing with you what you can expect and how your participation will transform you and those around you, in ways you might not be able to imagine.

Why Is the Enneagram Such a Potent Path for Growth?

The Enneagram’s ancient wisdom gives us a map for human purpose and possibility... and lays out a modern-day, personalized path to wholeness for each of us.

This tool for transformation illuminates our gifts and provides a framework for our personal and spiritual evolution. It also reveals how we’re often held back by the shadow side of our personality — our own deeply rooted, unconscious patterns that are hard for us to see.

The Enneagram helps us dig deeply into understanding our own type, and the emotional patterns that have structured (and often restricted) our lives for so long.

It’s universally applicable to any endeavor... to whatever profession or work you choose to do in the world.

And, to truly benefit from the Enneagram in the deepest possible way, it’s important to move way beyond the characteristics of your type... and understand that it’s about interrelationship and development... and the connection between our ego (or personality) and what we are as true presence, as essence.

The Immediacy of Living an Enneagram-Informed Life

George Gurdjieff, who was the first to bring the original Enneagram teachings into the modern world, said that the work of the Enneagram will come into prominence at the time when it’s most needed.

This. Is. That. Time.

It’s apparent that the world is in need of a collective leap in consciousness. And it’s clear that many of the “solutions” we’re using to solve personal, national, and global problems aren’t working.

To create significant and sustainable change — to help us get through our collective traumas — we have to move into the cave of our own wounds and do the necessary repair work.

And that’s exactly where the Year-Long Certification Program in Conscious Living will guide us, with a level of expertise beyond what’s been available.

You’ll emerge with the capacity to live the embodiment of the Enneagram. You’ll be able to contact and transmit the principles of the Enneagram — just by BEING. You’ll cultivate the courage, confidence, and curiosity to look and work deeply within yourself as a lifelong way of being.

You’ll be able to rise to the occasion and hold a big vision for a shift in consciousnessAnd, in the arms of the profoundly intimate friends you’ll make in this program, you’ll be part of a new, global, online community of like-minded changemakers, who’ll hold you as you share parts of yourself you’ve never before dared to reveal...

… a group of people who will support you as you cultivate your gifts and deepest potential.  

You’ll be part of something far greater than yourself. The world won’t change unless groups of committed and embodied people with a shared vision show up continually for the real work.


In this 60-minute free online event, Answer the Call to Live a Conscious Life, you’ll:

  • Be guided through an opening presence practice
  • Discover what it means to live an Enneagram-informed life
  • Learn how certification in the year-long program is different from other certifications... and how it’s the same
  • Be presented with the knowledge you need to determine why you’d want to be part of an unprecedented, immersive program to shift consciousness
  • Hear the call for a commitment to change through the extensive excavation work of the Enneagram

And, you’ll meet Julie Harris, a certified coach, Enneagram teacher, and integrative Breathwork facilitator, who Russ and Jessica have invited to lead some exciting elements of the year-long program.

You’ll discover the life-changing benefits you’ll receive in the year-long certification program, including:

  • Authentic, personal, and intimate transmissions of the teachings from lineage-bearers of this perennial wisdom
  • Guidance through experiential learning and extensive embodiment practices
  • Wisdom from renowned guest faculty — such as A. H. Almaas, Cynthia Bourgeault, Dan Siegel, Hameed Ali, Ginger Lapid-Bogda, Katherine Fauvre, Andrea Isaacs, Kathy Jankowski, Tom Condon, Roxanne Howe-Murphy, Tyler Sit, Milton Stewart, Abi Robins, Deborah Ooten, Jerome Lubbe
  • And much more...

When you walk away from this inspirational hour with Russ and Jessica, you’ll likely have a whole new willingness to look more deeply and then deeper still into the depths of your being — the depths of your soul — both through intensive wisdom teachings... and by staying present, moment by moment, as you experience practices and processes designed to help you find your authentic self, again and again.

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What People Are Saying About Russ Hudson...

“... uplifting and healing at the same time.”

Russ Hudson is the best Enneagram teacher I know. His knowledge, presence, warm humor, and genuine caring is uplifting and healing at the same time. One learns so much new about the Enneagram in every module, and at the same time you also have this amazing feeling about getting this deeper understanding about yourself and others. Thank you, Russ!
— Sari Heiskanen, Finland

“My spiritual life is shifting away from ‘dogma’ into a clearer understanding of how marvelous and amazing creation is...”

Working with the Enneagram has been life-altering, and Russ Hudson’s courses have opened up new avenues of thinking for me. My spiritual life is shifting away from “dogma” into a clearer understanding of how marvelous and amazing creation is — and how our diverse views are all part of that. I look forward to continuing to work with the insights that these Enneagram teachings have brought me.
— Harriette Heibel, Martinez, California

“... helped me beyond imagination, to truly embrace the inherent traits of my type...”

Russ’ course coincided with the tragic breakup of my relationship due to my own lifelong defensive patterns of behaviors. Following this course has helped me beyond imagination, to truly embrace the inherent traits of my type (4) as biased by the instinctual drives. I would go so far as to say this course was life-changing, and I cannot thank Russ enough.
— Mark Drax, London, England

“In his presence, something pure inside gets awakened.”

Russ is a master, in the Enneagram and in heartfelt understanding, respect, and kindness to fellow beings... In his presence, something pure inside gets awakened.
— Sajili, Mumbai, India

“... patience, humor, and wisdom...”

Russ is an extremely gifted teacher. With patience, humor, and wisdom, he is able to guide us to places that are normally too defended to see or admit. This course definitely had that effect on me... I’m grateful to you, Russ, and to The Shift Network, who have made it their mission to create opportunities such as these for as many as possible.
— Scott, Madison, Wisconsin


What People Are Saying About Jessica Dibb...

“... an extraordinary journey of soul restoration...”

Jessica is a great master of experiential teaching. She’s a superb guide and support for people’s inner processes, as well as a brilliant designer of experiential exercises and practices. Jessica does not do anything half-heartedly, and I’m certain she’ll take you on an extraordinary journey of soul restoration, real emotional breakthroughs, and profound self-discovery.
— Russ Hudson, co-founder of the Enneagram Institute

“I have woken up in a way I did not expect to have happened in an online class.”

I have a more loving relationship with my essential self. I have the desire to embrace life in a more open and willing way. I can say with full honesty that I have woken up in a way I did not expect to have happened in an online class. I will hold appreciation for these teachings and our beloved teacher for a long time going forward. She assisted me in loving myself and LIFE more fully. That is amazing for not even being able to be live in the class, but it was through experiencing her presence in the teachings and her LOVE that came through so strong.
— Eva, Ireland

“... the biggest help in understanding the journey of my life, the dark places, the personality, and the soul essence...”

This has been the biggest help in understanding the journey of my life, the dark places, the personality, and the soul essence... Jessica was so at ease as she led us to experience each ego point, and I feel my own wholeness in embodying these energy patterns — but I also feel like I also understand many friends and family so much better. Incredible tool and fantastic teacher!
— Jackie, Fremont, California


About Russ Hudson

Russ Hudson has established himself over the last three decades as one of the top teachers and developers of the Enneagram personality typology in the world today. Actively involved in the Enneagram community, Russ is the co-founder of the Enneagram Institute and President Emeritus as well as a Founding Director and former Vice-President of the International Enneagram Association, a global organization advancing knowledge of the subject. He has been writing and teaching full time with The Enneagram Institute as well as on his own since 1991. 

He's co-authored with Don Richard Riso five bestselling books on the subject, including The Wisdom of the Enneagram and Personality Types. These books are widely considered to be not only groundbreaking contributions in the field of Enneagram studies, but also important contributions to the literature of psychological type. The pair developed a scientifically validated test instrument, the Riso-Hudson Type Indicator (RHETI), now considered a standard test in the Enneagram field. The RHETI has been used by numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Russ has a solid background in science as well as in studies of philosophy and religion and has approached his work with the Enneagram holding both perspectives. He originally encountered the Enneagram through the Gurdjieff Work and sees it as a map for personal development and awareness more than as merely a system for categorizing people. He has emphasized the importance of cultivating presence and mindfulness as a foundation for authentic work with the Enneagram, and has worked to align the study of the Enneagram and spiritual practice and bring their mutual benefit into greater public awareness. 

He has appeared on Good Morning America, and The CBS Morning Show, as well as on several dozen radio and television shows as an expert on personality type. He has become a popular speaker at conferences and retreat centers around the world, including the Esalen Institute, the Wisdom 2.0 Conference, and the Science and Non-Duality Conference (SAND).


About Jessica Dibb

Jessica Dibb is founder, spiritual director, and principal teacher of the Inspiration Consciousness School and Community, dedicated to promoting personal, relational, and planetary wellness. For over 25 years Jessica has designed and facilitated workshops, classes, and ongoing breath-centered trainings that are grounded in an integrated model of psychospiritual healing and development to support self-actualization. Her teachings assist people in cultivating consciousness through all stages of life, from conception onward. Using integrative breathwork, psychodynamic principles, movement, meditation, expressive modalities, the Enneagram, and many other established and emergent wisdom teachings, Jessica facilitates embodied awareness of each moment.

Her intuitive teaching style — individualized and attuned to her students — along with an integrative approach, helps to facilitate long-lasting transformations. She teaches nationally and internationally, including teaching integrative breathwork at the Psychotherapy Networker Conference for over a decade, and being a principal presenter at the International Enneagram Conference for 20 years. Jessica is also co-director of the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (GPBA) and current chair of the GPBA’s Ethics Committee.

She is founder and host of the annual Enneagram Global Summit, and was co-host of the Breathwork Summit in 2012 and 2020. Jessica was the weaver and visionary behind the innovative conference, Breath Immersion: From Science to Samadhi, at Omega Institute and Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. Jessica, who initiated the understanding of the Unified Breath Field, is currently writing a book on integrating breathwork into psychotherapy.

Her deepest passion is to support evolving creativity and positive possibilities on our planet by supporting awakened consciousness, and the embodiment of love, wisdom, and presence in every moment… for all life.