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With Doctor of Oriental Medicine & Advanced Energy Medicine Practitioner
Dr. Melanie Smith


Combine energy medicine practices with sound healing to tone your vagus nerve to improve immunity and boost your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.


When navigating times of stress or uncertainty, much of our energy goes toward simply getting through the day.

However, you know that far more is possible. You’ve tasted it in your deeper journey into the frontiers of health, wellbeing, and personal transformation.

Yet, it’s easy to slide backwards into neglecting yourself.

After functioning in survival mode for an extended period, we’re emerging into a time in which we require a deep level of replenishment and restoration, as we release the traumas and stressors of recent years.

According to Dr. Melanie Smith, Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Advanced Energy Medicine Practitioner, you can rewrite the imprinted patterns that trauma and stress leave on your nervous system — as you enhance your immunity, reclaim your health, and take back your personal power.

It all starts with a deeper understanding of the vagus nerve — which transmits sensory signals from the brain to the gut, liver, heart, and lungs, and then back to your brain — and learning how to harness its power to unlock radiant health and emotional wellbeing.

Join us for a rejuvenating event with Dr. Melanie as she explains the wonders of the vagus nerve, which serves as a kind of “master circuit” to rewire your system for vibrant health.

She’ll draw from advanced understandings to offer you easy yet potent energy medicine exercises that tap into your vagus nerve to relax and restore your mind, body, and spirit.

You’ve undoubtedly heard of (and experienced!) the fight-flight-freeze response of the sympathetic nervous system.

Yet, you may not know about how to engage its partner, the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps you relax and restore. Understanding how to work with your vagus nerve is the best way to access the parasympathetic system’s powers, which Dr. Melanie will reveal during this transformative online event.

If you’re suffering from trauma, PTSD, heart rate variability, or other stress-related symptoms, it’s likely that your vagus nerve has been compromised — resulting in imbalances in your system.

To restore good vagal tone, Dr. Melanie will lead you through three self-care techniques you can use anytime, anywhere to reduce stress, calm your nervous system, improve sleep, improve your immunity, and ameliorate your digestion — the Peace Maker, the Melatonin Booster, and the Autonomic Reset Hold exercise.

You’ll not only be able to continue these practices on your own, you can easily share them with others in your life, both personally and professionally.

Dr. Melanie provides a unique fusion of energy medicine, sound healing, acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, functional medicine, energy psychology, and nutrition to meet the individual needs of her thousands of clients and students.


In this free online event, you’ll discover:

  • The power of the vagus nerve — how it functions, and why it’s essential to your immunity, health, and wellbeing
  • The Peace Maker, a potent self-care practice that focuses on your vagus nerve to reduce stress and anxiety
  • The Melatonin Booster, an energy medicine technique to improve your sleep
  • The Autonomic Reset Hold exercise to balance your sympathetic nervous system with the parasympathetic nervous system
  • How sound healing and toning can calm and support your vagus nerve

When you join us, you’ll also hear about an opportunity to more deeply explore your vagus nerve in Dr. Melanie’s new 12-week course, where you’ll learn powerful energy medicine self-care tools and exercises you can use daily to support and restore your parasympathetic nervous system and enhance your body’s ability to rest, relax, and digest.

In this comprehensive new program, she’ll incorporate ancient Chinese chants, meditative experiences, many new energy medicine techniques, and an abundance of time for integration and Q&A.

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What People Are Saying About Dr. Melanie Smith...

— Donna Eden, Energy Medicine Pioneer: “Melanie, I Think You’re Brilliant and Amazing!”

— Ellen Meredith, Medical Intuitive & Conscious Channel: “Melanie's Work Is Rooted in Teaching You Ways to Care for and Heal Yourself”

— Madison King, Head of Donna Eden’s Advanced Training: “Dr. Melanie Has a Unique Fusion of Three Key Qualities”

“Her clarity and ease are hallmarks of a master at work.”

I had the good fortune of being in one of Dr. Melanie’s energy medicine classes. Her wellspring of knowledge is deep and clear. Her teaching style is precise and concise. Her clarity and ease are hallmarks of a master at work. Dr. Melanie’s blend of experience and scientific background add credibility to the field of energy medicine.
— Christine Simonetta, Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner

“I have only the highest praise and utmost respect for the gift of Dr. Melanie’s teaching.”

Dr. Melanie has carefully, skillfully, and thoughtfully crafted the teaching of energy medicine and taken it to a new level. Having taken most of Dr. Melanie’s energy mastery courses, I can honestly say that each one is better than the last; in fact, I won’t hesitate to take the same course more than one time to absorb all the rich material. At the end of a workshop, one feels so empowered, so revitalized, so grateful, and so cared for that there is only anticipation for the next one. Having taught many workshops myself for over 40 years, both as an attorney (teaching other lawyers, judges, and juries) and as an energy medicine practitioner, I have only the highest praise and utmost respect for the gift of Dr. Melanie’s teaching.
— Karen L. Semmelman, JD, Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner

“[Dr. Melanie's] work has created a shift in my anxiety, depression, and fatigue...”

[Dr. Melanie] is a great teacher: thorough, knowledgeable, and engaging. She took difficult concepts and broke them down into manageable, usable information that changed my life. I learned so much in these classes, I sought her out for personal care. When I started seeing Dr. Melanie in 2014, she put me back together as I was struggling with divorce, chronic health conditions, physical and emotional exhaustion, and all of my systems being overwhelmed. Her work kept me going so I could juggle parenting, starting a new business, and all the things life was throwing at me. She restored my balance and strengthened my physical and emotional wellbeing. Now she is part of my regular health maintenance and I feel great! Her work has created a shift in my anxiety, depression, and fatigue — and has reinforced my focus on self-care and balance. She has profoundly impacted my life.
— April Boykin, LMHC


About Dr. Melanie Smith

Dr. Melanie Smith is recognized as one of the most powerful energy medicine teachers of our time. She is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture Physician, Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner, and senior faculty for Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine Certification Program in the U.S. and United Kingdom.

Over 25 years ago, Dr. Melanie sustained a serious injury. When Western medicine could not improve her condition, she turned to alternative medicine and fully recovered. As a result, she changed careers and has since dedicated her life to empowering people to transform their lives by connecting with their own inner healer through the power of energy medicine.

She’s known for her intuitive ability to help people heal complex health issues with her holistic approach, which is a unique fusion of energy medicine, sound healing, acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, emotional healing, and nutrition.

Passionate about inspiring others to learn, grow, and heal, Dr. Melanie has created multiple Energy Medicine for Healthy Living™ resources to make it possible for individuals around the world to learn energy medicine. She is co-author of Energy Medicine: Your Personal Health and Wellness System for Today, and author of the Energy Medicine for Healthy Living ™ Online Courses and Charts series.

Dr. Melanie has provided energy consultations to patients in more than 50 countries and all 50 states, taught workshops on four continents, and treated thousands of patients in her practice, Well Within Natural Medicine, Inc., located in St. Petersburg, Florida.