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With Master of Voice, Angelic Emissary, Author & Inspirational Speaker
Stewart Pearce


Learn how you can access the profound courage, empathy, and unity consciousness that lies within your truest self by connecting with the 12 Angels of Atlantis with sacred voice meditations, spiritual teachings, and divine prayers.


What do Princess Diana, Margaret Thatcher, and Vanessa Redgrave all have in common? They sought to express their truest self through their voices with the help of renowned voice coach Stewart Pearce.

Stewart works not only with qualities of emotion, tone, and presence, but also by calling in the assistance of higher-dimensional beings whom we call Angels.

As someone on a path of growth, you’ve undoubtedly wanted to connect and express your authentic, truest self. Yet, it can be difficult to do so in a consistent way.

It’s easy to lose touch with who you truly are during this fast-paced Age of Aquarius we’re all living through.

Stewart sees the Age of Aquarius as an era for spiritual awakening, deeper enlightenment, and higher consciousness juxtaposed with rank turbulence, societal confusion, and personal uncertainty.

Thankfully, no matter how your life is unfolding during this pivotal time, he tells us that you can access the 12 Angels of Atlantis as divine emissaries  to act as intermediaries with your highest Self and your truest purpose, using the magnetic and powerful song of your soul.

Stewart affirms that using the song of your soul can help you conjure the Angels’ light and sound to connect with higher-dimensional forces, which can help bring us to the memory and awareness of who we truly are “stars wrapped in skin,” as Stewart puts it.

Through the power of sonic meditations, spiritual teachings, and divine prayers, you can connect with each of these 12 Angels’ unique characteristics, traits, and essence bringing their unique wisdom, talents, and energy into your own life.

For example, you can learn to reconnect with your inner strength, courage, and willpower by following in the footsteps of the Angel Hanael, the Sacred Warrior. Or, you can envision your soul’s field of infinite potential with Angel Jophiel anytime you need inspiration through encouragement, as he is the Angel of Liberation who illuminates and liberates your path.

Each time you connect with these 12 Angels, you access greater love, wisdom, and inner knowing, which always points you toward your most authentic path, purpose, and destiny  for the Angels are an essential neural network in the divine mind of God.

You’re invited to a brand-new hour-long event where Stewart will introduce you to the 12 Angels of Atlantis, who are at the core of his life’s work  and lead you through a meditation to recognize each of their vibrational energies. You’ll release any disharmonies within yourself and replace them with soothing vibrations, as you calm your mind and release negative emotions.

You’ll explore how the Angels lift us up to higher accord, return us to harmony, and fill us with light directly from Source to uplift and inspire us, particularly during times of stress and uncertainty.

Now you can join Stewart as the emissary of the Angels of Atlantis and keenly feel their vibrational presence with you now and always!

You’ll feel the powerful truth that you’re never alone, as these Angels are always standing by to provide a powerful resource of support and love. They ignite a higher perspective that’s beyond human consciousness, yet perfectly obtainable using the power of your voice during chant, prayer, and meditation rituals.


In this hour-long free online event, you’ll explore:

  • How you can connect with the 12 Angels of Atlantis at this pivotal moment in history to share the transformative power of light and sound
  • The ways the Angels illuminate where healing, loving vibrations are missing in your life
  • How you can discover your life’s path and purpose while you’re here on Earth by emulating each Angel’s unique role in assisting humanity, based on the keys they use to open the 12 Archetypes within us
  • How your life can change when you learn to love for the sake of loving as the Angels do, expecting nothing in return accessing life-changing levels of compassion, truth, joy, and trust in the Universe
  • A guided meditation to identify the vibrational energies of each of the 12 Angels releasing negativity and disharmony from your body using healing sound and light vibrations

Princess Diana sought Stewart’s advice in 1995 when she wanted to empower herself by finding her unique signature voice, the song of her soul. Stewart coached her for the last two years of her extraordinary life, improving her vocal delivery, presence, and management status a collaboration that helped shape the image of the Diana we all remember.

Channeling through the divine service of the Angels of Atlantis, Stewart continues to share his acclaimed sound-healing wisdom and practices with students around the world, evoking magic, alchemy, and inspiration to help them become more aware of their own unique authenticity and power... through the sound of their own voices.

Now you can join Stewart to discover the power of your voice through your signature note during a sonic meditation. You’ll discover the once-hidden possibilities that begin to unfold when you feel profound harmony within your being.

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What People Are Saying About Stewart Pearce...

“All flock to [Stewart], and the inner folds of creation will open to you in response!”

Divine currents move through Stewart coordinated by the Angels of Atlantis, so it’s clear why he is in such demand as a vessel that reflects the purity of the Source. All flock to him, and the inner folds of creation will open to you in response!
Deepak Chopra, bestselling author and founder of The Chopra Center

“Stewart is an inspiration to us all and has helped me personally with such lovely generosity.”

Stewart’s gift is incalculable. His timeless wisdom and practical knowledge is unique, and they give him a leading-edge position as a master of voice and presence coach who not only coaches but truly heals. Stewart is an inspiration to us all and has helped me personally with such lovely generosity. We all need Stewart in our lives!
Diana, Princess of Wales

“Stewart Pearce is nothing short of a grand master...”

Each being has his or her own unique frequency. This frequency is in fact made up of a multitude of frequencies, a bit like an orchestra is made up of several different instruments. When we tune our instrument, we experience wellbeing, health, and wealth, and this is what Stewart does in his own extraordinary and unique way he tunes us in to our frequency and note. In fact, Stewart Pearce is nothing short of a grand master of this form of healing, for he channels the divine service of the Angels of Atlantis who assist his craft. Through this conduit, he is able to bring us back into a state of coherent, harmonic resonance, and thus drastically improve our lives.
Teal Swan, spiritual teacher

“The melodies created by Stewart’s work are simply beautiful.”

The melodies created by Stewart’s work are simply beautiful. Invocation is the prayer of wisdom, and the refuge of the pure. The unique intelligence of this sound alchemist’s work opens the scope of the meeting between heaven and earth. Thank heavens for Stewart!
Louise Hay, founder of Hay House

“Like a radiant comet, Stewart brings a glorious force to bear in the world through his angelic sound healing.”

Like a radiant comet, Stewart brings a glorious force to bear in the world through his angelic sound healing. The zeitgeist of today is a level of activism that is at core a peaceful protest. In a world that has become destructive, narcissistic, and highly critical, Stewart brings a unique witness to his angelic work, allowing us to feel the song of our soul. This heals the excesses of the ego and brings harmony to the world, which is truly remarkable!
Marianne Williamson, activist and bestselling author


About Stewart Pearce

Stewart Pearce is a master of voice, angelic emissary, author, and inspirational speaker. Stewart was the Head of Voice at the Webber Douglas Academy London from 1980-1997, and helped pioneer Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre between 1997-2010.

He has coached luminaries such as actors Eddie Redmayne, Matthew Goode, Hugh Bonneville, Mark Rylance, Sebastian Stan, Vanessa Redgrave, Emilia Clarke, Gwendoline Christie, and Helen McCrory. He has coached public and private leaders such as Margaret Thatcher, Mo Mowlam, Anita Roddick, Benazir Bhutto, Diana, Princess of Wales, and Marianne Williamson.

Stewart has published a series of self-empowerment books within the last 10 years, including:The Alchemy of Voice, The Heart’s Note, The Angels of Atlantis, Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards, and his latest work, Diana: The Voice of Change.