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With the Founder of Essential Somatics® and Author of Move Without Pain
Martha Peterson, CCSE



Reverse Sensory Motor Amnesia — the number one reason for muscle pain — using a technique that resets your central nervous system and “unsticks” your body from harmful repetitive movements so you can live a full and active life.


Do you ever think, I’m really too young to be feeling this old?

Why is it that some 70-year-olds can run a marathon, while some 40-year-olds struggle to bend over to tie their shoes?

Even if you think “age is nothing but a number,” it’s hard to not feel old when you’re achy, stiff, and unable to be active and enjoy life as you once did.

What if we could feel 10 or 20 years younger by fixing the root cause of our muscle pain?

Martha Peterson is a former professional dancer who discovered, after years of pain and injury, that much of her ongoing suffering was the result of poor movement habits and unconscious habituation to stress.

Through the work of Thomas Hanna, a professor, philosopher, pioneer in the field of somatics, and founder of Hanna Somatic Education, she learned the skill of self-sensing as the key to regaining freedom of movement and achieving long-term pain relief.

Martha began utilizing Hanna’s techniques and quickly found that when our bodies become habitually contracted due to emotional stress and physical injury, muscles lose their ability to fully relax — a problem called Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA) — which results in ongoing tightness, stiff joints, and persistent pain.

If you’ve had recurrent musculoskeletal pain that never seems to go away, and chiropractic care, massage, or acupuncture offers no relief, you may be suffering from SMA.

For the last 30 years, Martha has been practicing and teaching the groundbreaking work of Hanna Somatic Education (aka Clinical Somatic Education) — founding Essential Somatics and writing the influential book Move Without Pain — to help people recognize how the reflex patterns they’ve created in their bodies contribute to pain, stiffness, and restricted movement.

In this FREE 50-minute event, Martha will share with you how to restore your freedom of movement through reconnecting your mind with your body, becoming aware of how your movement habits can adversely affect your entire body.

You’ll learn about a technique called pandiculation that helps reverse the effects of SMA by resetting your central nervous system and preparing you for movement.

You’ll discover three involuntary stress reflexes that lead to unconscious muscle contractions that you can get stuck in due to habituation.

You’ll see how conscious pandicular movements can help you move slowly and consciously so your brain and nervous system can sense and integrate the biofeedback the movement provides, creating lasting muscle memory.

Martha will lead you in a seated awareness exercise where you’ll sense your neck as it connects to the center of your body, releasing its built-up tensions. You’ll pandiculate through three stages, beginning with contraction of the neck muscles, which sends strong feedback to the brain. You’ll then move into a smooth, slow controlled release, where the cortex “remembers” the movement. Finally, you’ll experience complete release so the brain can integrate the sensations and changes to feel loose and relaxed.


In this restorative event, you’ll discover:

  • How Sensory Motor Amnesia is the root cause of most muscle pain
  • How the daily stresses of our lives become habituated in our bodies in 3 different stress reflex patterns
  • A self-sensing exercise that releases tension in your neck and gets your brain back in control of your muscles
  • The 3 stages of pandiculation that can create lasting muscle memory
  • Why pandiculation is better for you than trying to stretch out tight muscles

Martha has worked with professionals and helped patients in the field of dance, bodywork, and somatic disciplines for more than 30 years. She has taught others how to restore freedom of movement and postural imbalances, and reverse painful, chronic muscle and joint pain with the gentle, revolutionary techniques of Hanna Somatic Education.

During ths event, you’ll also be the first to hear about Martha’s 7-week course where you’ll go deeper using pandiculation, delving into the science and self-actualization it takes for the brain and nervous system to control muscles. You’ll discover how to reset muscle function to enjoy pain-free movement and enhanced mobility.

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What People Are Saying About Martha Peterson...

“The back pain I was experiencing every day is now just an occasional background noise.”

I had been struggling with acute back and hip pain for months, and other therapies were not helping. Now I have the tools to address whatever my soma presents on a given day. Any discomfort I feel is a way for me to learn and explore what my body needs, physically and emotionally. The back pain I was experiencing every day is now just an occasional background noise.
— Sue M., yoga teacher, United Kingdom

“Since learning Essential Somatics, I have a new lease of life as everything is becoming easier and more enjoyable.”

If you want to live life to the fullest, you have to recognize and eliminate all your non-productive habits. This can only be achieved through Essential Somatics. Since learning Essential Somatics, I have a new lease on life as everything is becoming easier and more enjoyable. Essential Somatics seriously improves your sense of wellbeing in ways I could only have dreamt.
— Ewan S., martial arts teacher, ESMTT graduate, United Kingdom

“I am completely out of pain for the first time in my adult life.”

After practicing somatic movements for eight weeks, my shoulder that has been “frozen” for six months is almost completely back to normal. My gait is more balanced and efficient and I am completely out of pain for the first time in my adult life. I have been exploring self-care modalities for 20 years and nothing has given me the benefits that I have experienced from a consistent somatic movement practice.
— Jan B., pilates teacher, MELT method instructor

“The exploration, the awareness of this work speaks to my soul and really does spark an acceptance and peace that is spilling into my life...”

I feel more aware of my body and am learning to move with more ease instead of forcing things into place. Had I known about this years ago, my body and mind would be further along! I am so grateful to have this knowledge now and will continue to apply it daily for improvement. The exploration, the awareness of this work speaks to my soul and really does spark an acceptance and peace that is spilling into my life “off the mat.” Somatic practice is real life. And I wouldn’t have accomplished this if I hadn’t taken your courses, so I thank you. Your words and your work are changing my life.
— Julie H.

“I am totally blown out of the water with this work.”

I am totally blown out of the water with this work. I did not realize I was carrying so much stress. I have such ease in my body and mind. Thank you so much. Realizing what release feels like for real makes me want to cry.
— Kim N., Edmonton, Canada


About Martha Peterson

Martha Peterson is a Certified Clinical Somatic Educator and leader in the field of Somatic Education. She is the founder and CEO of Essential Somatics® and author of Move Without Pain. Martha heads a growing faculty of Clinical Somatic Educators who present Essential Somatics teacher trainings, retreats, workshops, and seminars around the world. She maintains a private clinical practice in Manitou Springs, Colorado.

Martha’s expertise comes from more than 30 years of working in the field of dance, bodywork, and Somatic Education. As a former professional dancer who suffered chronic hip and knee pain due to injuries, Martha understands the frustration and struggle many people experience trying to discern between the myriad different methods that claim to relieve or “fix” chronic pain. This is how she discovered Clinical Somatic Education, the only method that taught her how to reverse her pain and postural imbalances, regain physical control, and create a life of movement, choice, and joy.

Martha is an experienced hiker, inspired by her mother with whom she climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and trekked in Sikkim, Northern India. She has learned that the key to remaining healthy and mobile is daily, vigorous, fun movement, a regular Somatic Movement routine, a sense of humor, and learning the fine art of relaxation.