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With Episcopal Priest, Author, Yoga and Meditation Teacher & Founder of The Hive
Rev. Dr. Hillary Raining


Experience a 5-step guided practice to cultivate deep peace and self-awareness, heal trauma, and rewire your brain — and learn about a highly evolved new spiritual tradition that’s inspiring hope in seekers of transformation.


As we navigate this time of enormous societal upheaval, it’s understandable to be anxious about the future.

Yet, what if this moment is actually a chapter in a much larger story that’s unfolding?

According to Rev. Dr. Hillary Raining, an Episcopal priest and seminary teacher, we’re in a global spiritual upheaval that comes along every 500 years, when the way we understand ourselves and the world around us changes.

During these periods of spiritual revolution, mystics and trailblazing wisdom schools respond to the moment, supporting and guiding seekers as they spiritually evolve.

So how do we put our focus on that which is birthing in us, so we can help propel this positive future?

Hillary some inspiring and uplifting answers. She’s the creator of The Hive, a spiritual and wellness community based on the model of connection and growth of the honey bee’s hive, an ancient metaphor for the church. Its guiding principles arose from the natural world, mystic wisdom, Indigenous spirituality, and trauma-informed research — to help plant the seeds of spiritual revolution in our own time.

We can learn from our ancestors of the faith who have lived through similar societal shifts — so we can evolve and connect to our spiritual lives, and deepest selves, for a hope-filled future.

Join us for a new 60-minute online event as Hillary shares the evolution we’re being called to as people of faith in this pivotal moment.

During the event, Hillary will give special attention to what you can learn from one of the great mystics, Ignatius of Loyola, who advocated the principle of using joy as our spiritual GPS, especially during challenging times.

She’ll help you understand the chaotic transitions of the world in a whole new light. And she’ll guide you through a 5-step practice in which you’ll ask Spirit to give you the light of illumination as you reflect on each day. As Hillary puts it, you’ll put on the glasses of God, centering yourself in the presence of the Holy One with gratitude.

As a result, you’ll cultivate peace and a greater awareness of how Spirit has been speaking to you all along — and where you need support to heal and use your gifts in this new era of spiritual transformation and growth.


In this hour-long free online event, you’ll discover:

  • A 5-step meditation to cultivate peace and joy as you learn where Spirit is calling you to use your gifts during this pivotal time
  • The 500-year shifts in Christianity’s history — and what you can learn from the mystic ancestors who lived through them
  • The teachings of Ignatius of Loyola, a trailblazing mystic who espoused the principle of using joy and pleasure as your guide your spiritual GPS — especially during times of spiritual turmoil
  • How fear and trauma keep us in a primitive mental and emotional state — and how gratitude is scientifically proven to heal trauma and rewire the brain
  • How Hillary created the Hive Christianity movement and community as a 21st-century upgrade to faith, inspired by the way bees work together in the hive toward a common goal — and how you can begin planting your own seeds of spiritual evolution

Hillary will also introduce her new 7-week live course, a profound opportunity to break free of fear and trauma to build a sustaining spiritual practice you can use for the rest of your life.

While Rev Hillary’s training is as a Christian, these mystic practices are for everyone — indeed, Spirit is more loving and larger than the Universe itself. Join us for this special event and experience new ways of asking Spirit for guidance.

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What People Are Saying About Rev. Dr. Hillary Raining...

“The Hive has been a real presence in my faith journey.”

The Hive has been a real presence in my faith journey. Since The Hive’s early days, I have learned an enormous amount from classes and discussions we’ve experienced, grown from the books we’ve read, and mourned and celebrated significant events together. I’m grateful to be part of this community of faithful friends, both on the website and on Facebook. It has been vital to me during these past pandemic years. Thank you to Hillary for her inspired idea and to everyone involved in making The Hive all that it is.
— Phyllis Drackley

“Hillary’s course is a masterclass in healing the suffering.”

Trauma imprisons us in an endless cycle of suffering. Hillary’s course is a masterclass in healing the suffering. Taught from the perspective of the seven chakras – or energy centers – of the body, this course provides context and tools to continue the journey of healing.
— Peg Schofield

“The Hive platform is incredible!”

The Hive platform is incredible! As a spiritual seeker and ordination aspirant in the Episcopal Church from India, I was surprised to see how beautifully you connect Christian tradition and Eastern spiritual practices, including yoga. Keep doing your great work.
— Baiju Markose


About Rev. Dr. Hillary Raining

Rev. Dr. Hillary Raining, the rector of St. Christopher Episcopal Church in Gladwyne, Pennsylvania, is the first woman to rector a large parish in the suburbs of Philadelphia. She is the founder of The Hive, an online spirituality and wellness community.

Hillary, who holds advanced degrees from Moravian, Drew, and Yale Universities, is Adjunct Faculty and the Director of the Center for Christian Spirituality at the General Theological Seminary in New York City, and has served as a deputy to several General Conventions of the Episcopal Church. She is the author of Joy in Confession: Reclaiming Sacramental Reconciliation and Faith with a Twist: A 30-Day Journey Into Christian Yoga.

As a 500-hour registered yoga instructor, and a 100-hour registered meditation teacher, Hillary loves to blend yoga and meditation with her spiritual teachings. She is also a Certified Forest Therapy Guide who blends her great love of the outdoors with spirituality, and a Certified Daring Way Facilitator (CDWF), having trained with Brené Brown and her team.