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With Qigong Teacher & Healer
Master Mingtong Gu


Join a renowned Qigong master to work with your subtle energy and sound toning to eliminate stress, prevent illness, and revitalize your health and wellbeing.


Did you know that most health issues are directly related to your immunity AND that the best thing you can do for your immunity is to reduce stress — and its underlying root in fear?

Fear is one of the leading contributors to stress, according to one of the foremost modern masters of Qigong in the West, Master Mingtong, who received extensive training at the largest medicine-less hospital in China before going on to heal and inspire tens of thousands around the world.

Your body is not a machine or a robot. It is an energetic expression of your greater mind — which in many ways is often under attack from within by fear-based patterns of thinking.

Training your mind and body to relax has a direct impact on releasing your mind from fear, which is why it's the best thing you can do for your health at any time.

And given the chaotic times we’re living in, it’s essential!

The fear most people feel is stored in the kidneys and adrenals, which in turn affects the immune system. The accumulation of all this fear, anxiety, and depression — as well as any number of additional emotional and energetic afflictions — naturally suppresses your immune system.

Qigong allows you to attune to your internal guidance, drawing you out of fear... and allowing you to easefully guide your body into wellness.

A daily Qigong practice can immediately lower your stress and increase your energy — and support you in preventing illness and rejuvenating your body, mind, and spirit.

And adding sound and vibration to your practice — as Master Mingtong will demonstrate twice in this special online event — exponentially magnifies the impact of your energy to express itself as even more health in your body and purpose in the world. You can then more easefully ride the big waves of life, welcoming whatever life brings to you with a deep sense of compassion and wisdom.

If you’ve been on a path of spiritual and personal growth, you’re already well aware of energy medicine, holistic treatments, and other “non-Western” methods of treating disease and boosting your immune system.

Many of these methods, developed by Qigong masters in China, involve working with sound: patterns of vibration that dislodge and shift stagnant or blocked fear-based energy patterns in the body that otherwise may manifest as disease. When we experience larger traumas or even everyday stressors, we often accumulate areas of dense and blocked energy, which can persist for decades.

Master Mingtong teaches simple (yet powerful) sound healing and movement practices to help you release these blocks — eliminating daily (or accumulated) stress, revitalizing your immune system, improving your overall health, and restoring a positive outlook on life.

These practices combine movement, meditation, and sound, drawn from the Wisdom Healing Tradition of Qigong, to help you reset your immune system, whether it’s being challenged by stress, a cold, a chronic condition, or... a global pandemic.

In this inspiring online mini-workshop, Master Mingtong will share movements, meditations, and visualizations for renewing and rejuvenating your body and organs. 

He'll also share the five steps that can help you rejuvenate your immune system through Qigong — and take you through an embodiment practice, using sound healing vibrations and tenshi movement to ease your tension and open up your breathing.


In this rejuvenating one-hour video event, you’ll:

  • Explore how Qigong can change your perception of how your immune system functions
  • Experience healing sounds and movements designed to renew the organ systems that release fear and support your immune system
  • Discover how to break the cycle of anger and sorrow by releasing the congestive energy patterns in your lungs
  • Learn specific movements to release the stress from your day as well as the cumulative fearful patterns from your past
  • Discover how to start your own daily personal Qigong practice; including learning two practices you’ll be able to start using daily

If you’re facing exhaustion, worry, fear, sleep deprivation, colds, or ongoing health conditions, this life-enhancing hour can help you begin to strengthen your immune and lymphatic systems.

You’ll also hear about an upcoming 7-week video program with Master Mingtong Gu. Mingtong cured his own chronic health conditions through his dedicated Wisdom Healing Qigong practice and has witnessed thousands of “incurable” diseases being healed. He is now bringing these same teachings and practices to you through this course, where you’ll learn how to de-stress and relax, releasing fear, leading to better overall health!

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What People Are Saying About Master Mingtong Gu...

“... the practices he teaches can change your life”

Mingtong is full of vitality, wisdom, and skill. He is a real healer, and the practices he teaches can change your life.
— Jack Kornfield, PhD, Co-founder of Spirit Rock Meditation Center and the author of several bestselling books

“This technology is the quickest way I’ve found to experience the Source...”

For 20 years, I struggled with chronic Lyme disease... At the grand age of 60 I discovered [Wisdom Healing Qigong]!... I began transforming, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Physically, I have tons more energy. No more utter exhaustion or pain... Emotionally I feel more balanced, less reactive and much happier... This technology is the quickest way I’ve found to experience the Source, the One energy that is expressed in all creation. It takes me Home.
— Vivienne Verdon-Roe, PhD (hon.), Academy Award-winning director of the documentary Women for America, for the World

“... supports the empowerment and health of each person...”

Master Mingtong lives what he teaches, exudes vibrancy and love, supports the empowerment and health of each person, and shares his experience and knowledge as a wisdom master.
— Bruce Fabric, MD, Board-Certified Psychiatrist

“... a level of transmission of mind-body practice that is unparalleled...”

Master Mingtong Gu has brought a level of transmission of mind-body practice that is unparalleled in my experience. Since making these teachings available to patients in my medical practice, they’ve become healthier and happier.
— Brian Bouch, MD, Director of Hill Park Medical Center

“... amazing ability to heal emotional distress and physical illness...”

Master Mingtong Gu and Wisdom Healing Qigong are the partners I have been searching for during my 40 years as a Western physician. My personal experience with this powerful mind-body practice has confirmed its amazing ability to heal emotional distress and physical illness, from life-threatening to life-altering.
— Jerome Weiss, MD

“... experience his powerful healing energy”

[Master Mingtong] is definitely one of the rare true healers that are very hard to find. I strongly recommend for anyone to spend some time with him and experience his powerful healing energy.
— Dan Vicario, MD, Founder of San Diego Cancer Center


About Mingtong Gu


Master Mingtong Gu shares his joyous teachings and extensive master skills to train your ability to expand wisdom and energy. Born and raised in China, Master Gu received extensive Qigong training under Grandmaster Pang at the largest Qigong medicine-less hospital in China. He has mastered the unique ability to lead the collective energy field to accelerate personal and global healing. Named The Qigong Master of the Year by the World Congress for Qigong and TCM, Mingtong Gu leads retreats and workshops internationally with tens of thousands of people. Master Gu is the author of key books and the Pure Qi Online series that translate the ancient teachings of Wisdom Healing Qigong for contemporary times.

Master Gu is on faculty for Esalen Institute, Omega Institute, 1440 Multiversity, Spirit Rock Meditation Center, and The Shift Network. He has been a keynote presenter at Institute of Noetic Science (IONS), Wisdom 2.0, US Journal Training, PBS, and the Festival of Faiths. He has additionally spoken at VISA, GOOGLE, Mile Hi, and the Energy Psychology Conference.

He founded the Chi Center, a beautiful 79-acre retreat center located 20 minutes south of Santa Fe, to bring Qigong wisdom to benefit others, based on his success working with all ages and many physical and emotional challenges.