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With Psychic Medium, Author & Founder of Empowering Intuition
Sheila Vijeyarasa


Explore your psychic abilities and gain greater agency in your ability to handle life with ease and confidence by learning new ways and best practices for connecting with your spirit guides.

What if your spirit guides held the key to unlocking a deeper understanding of your gifts and spiritual path?

What if they could offer you expertise, wisdom, support, and even energetic upgrades to help you actualize your full potential and navigate life with greater ease, grace, and confidence?

Connecting with your spirit guides is like having a passport to everywhere as you integrate your physical and spiritual selves. This connection allows you to fully embrace your multidimensional nature and delve into the deeper realities of life, exploring other dimensions and forming connections with beings in various realms...

Psychic medium Sheila Vijeyarasa says building relationships with spirit guides ultimately initiates us into a profound journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and transformation...

... as we explore the depths of our souls to clarify our true purpose, spiritual path, and gifts and expand our capacity to open our hearts and minds to flow with the inevitable uncertainties of life.

But first, we need to understand how to connect with higher-frequency guides across the universe who possess the expertise and knowledge we need to step into our higher selves.

Sheila’s practical approach for connecting with the nonphysical and beyond whether it’s loved ones who have crossed over, otherworldly beings, ancestors, or spirit guides...

... is built on decades of study and application  at Esalen, the renowned Arthur Findlay College in England, and the Omega Institute with world-renowned psychic medium James Van Praagh.

She’ll share seven of the most potent ways to work with spirit guides during this free online event, which includes a guided channeling meditation to receive a message from a guide on what your top priority should be for your highest good right now.

During the meditation, you’ll receive the healing that needs to happen in order for you to move forward in life, and experience how to better work with spirit guides to joyfully actualize your potential and purpose.

If you’d like to explore tried-and-true approaches for building tangible relationships with spirit guides and accelerating your psychic gifts such as:

  • The best time to connect with guides and how to invite them in...
  • Working with the ancestors to break intergenerational trauma to amplify your gifts...
  • Shifting out of lower frequencies to attract new guides...
  • Becoming a channel for the healing messages of light beings...
  • Increasing psychic self-esteem to connect with ease and joy...
  • Calling in different groups and guides who hold various expertise...
  • Inviting in guides to purify your field and upgrade your frequency...

... you’ll definitely not want to miss this event!


In this uplifting hour, you’ll:

  • Learn 7 ways to work with your spirit guides to gain confidence in your spiritual path, accelerate your psychic abilities, and live in greater flow
  • Be guided in a channeling meditation to connect with spirit guides and receive a message on your top priority, the healing that needs to happen, and how they will work with you in the near future
  • Dispel old myths about guides to dissolve limiting beliefs and assumptions that separate you from your guides and step into a multidimensional reality that nurtures your physical and spiritual self
  • Begin reclaiming your psychic and spiritual self-esteem and trust in being a channel to shift out of lower frequencies and increase your ability to attract new guides
  • Learn how you can begin working with an array of spirit guides in your daily life to gain more flow, support, and empowerment
  • Deepen your trust with your spirit team to dispel doubt and gain confidence in your psychic abilities and accelerate your progression on the spiritual path

In joining this event, you’ll also be among the first to learn about Sheila’s new 7-week live video course on how to build tangible relationships with spirit guides to accelerate and amplify your psychic and spiritual gifts, illuminate your soul’s mission, and embrace the transformative power of mediumship channeling to bring healing and guidance to yourself and others.

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What People Are Saying About Sheila Vijeyarasa...

“Sheila is the kind of woman you would seriously consider to be an echo of an ancient goddess from long ago.”

Sheila is the kind of woman you would seriously consider to be an echo of an ancient goddess from long ago. Her open heart genuinely lives in a balance of empowerment and vulnerability, and she has an uncanny ability to transcend the norm and reflect real wisdom from the ethers above.
Andrés Engracia, author of Pure Magic Oracle

“If you’re looking for a speaker who can move your audience and get them to think outside the box, Sheila’s your woman.”

Every once in a while, we meet someone in life who is truly inspirational. Sheila is one of those people. She’s combined her experience in business, in finance, and in the very unusual spiritual side that left our audience absolutely mesmerized. If you’re looking for a speaker who can move your audience and get them to think outside the box, Sheila’s your woman. I’m really grateful that she came and left her nuggets of wisdom with our community.
Getrude Matshe, speaker, author, and philanthropy consultant

“[Sheila’s] wisdom has the power to... heal and provide a roadmap in the awakening process.”

Sheila inspires us all to embrace life and realize our potential. Her wisdom has the power to not only validate the struggles of women, but to heal and provide a roadmap in the awakening process.
Tom Cronin, coach, meditation teacher, and creator of The Portal film and book

“Sheila is an amazing spiritual coach.”

Sheila is an amazing spiritual coach. In my journey of creating my sacred business, she guided me, walked with me, and celebrated my every success. I highly recommend her as a spiritual teacher when you are seeking clarity and courage to move forward.
Hazel, positive mindset coach

“Sheila empowers me to constantly step into better versions of myself and to trust my intuition.”

Investing in coaching with Sheila was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Sheila empowers me to constantly step into better versions of myself and to trust my intuition. I truly value Sheila’s honesty and insights. Always with my best interests at heart, she isn’t afraid to hit me with the hard truths and inspires me to take courageous action. Working with Sheila is magic!
Alanah, filmmaker and singer


About Sheila Vijeyarasa

Sheila Vijeyarasa, a powerful psychic medium, has the ability to channel passed-over souls and higher-dimension beings. She combines her spiritual wisdom with her skills and experience from the executive-level corporate world. She is a leader in the movement toward courageous leadership, spirituality, higher consciousness, and mindfulness within the corporate setting.

A keynote speaker, she has spoken on the main stage at the Mind Body Spirit Festival and has appeared on the Australian Television show Psychic TV as a professional psychic medium. Her book Brave: Courageously Live Your Truth has been described as a “comprehensive spiritual guidebook.”

Sheila cultivated her skills in mediumship at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in London, studied mindfulness at Esalen with Dr. Shauna Shapiro, and immersed herself in the Vedic teachings in India. She also studied with world-renowned psychic medium James Van Praagh at the Omega Institute.