A Free Online Event
With Award-Winning Author, Speaker, Actress & Teacher
Dondi Dahlin
& Author, Award-Winning Speaker &
Founder of Energy Medicine Dance
Titanya Monique Dahlin

Discover belly dancing as Energy Medicine to activate physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

Align your practice with your unique energy type from the Chinese Five Elements — in order to clear blocked energies, self-limiting patterns, and painful emotions.


Belly dancing has far more depth and power than the flashy, oversexualized Hollywood stereotypes might have you believe...

In fact, it’s one of the most ancient forms of dance which has for centuries been performed as an expression of love, creativity, and community — and was originally performed by women for women to celebrate beauty, femininity, and the stages of womanhood.

Belly dancing is also a powerful way to activate personal transformation and healing — bypassing the mind through the flow of movement for a truly somatic healing experience.

In Discover the 5 Elements Through Belly Dance & Ceremony, you’ll learn about the energetic healing qualities of belly dance — and your internationally renowned Energy Medicine and dance instructors will take you a step further by demonstrating how you can personalizing your practice to complement your unique inner vibration using the wisdom of the Chinese Five Elements.

According to the Five Elements system, we’re each born with a vibration that’s aligned predominantly with one of these elements — Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal.

Living out of alignment with the energies of this element or elements can perpetuate painful thought patterns and stuck emotions, resulting in anxiety, fatigue, depression, and even illness...

Honoring this element and learning to work its unique energy instead, can help you heal — physically, emotionally, spiritually — and empower you to live a more authentic life, bringing you balance, wellbeing, and happiness...

In this free online event, you’ll uncover and begin to tune into this inner vibration...

And you’ll learn how gentle movement — in the form of belly dancing — as well as sacred ceremony, tailored to shift your inner vibration, can help you break through old thought patterns and dissipate stuck energies.


In this experiential hour with highly experienced Energy Medicine and dance teachers — and sisters — Dondi Dahlin and Titanya Monique Dahlin, you’ll:

  • Discover belly dancing as “Energy Medicine” that can give you more energy and a stronger body
  • Learn how to uncover your unique personality characteristics — through the Chinese Five Elements: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal
  • Learn to do a “shimmy,” a belly dance movement that quickly connects you to the feminine power of the fire element, which is about passion and fun!
  • Be guided in a simple, hip “figure 8” belly dance to embody the Water element — aligning the left and right hemispheres of your brain to balance your energies and bring calm
  • Learn how sacred ceremony — tailored to balance your dominant elemental energy — can awaken your true essence and help you learn how to easily work with fear, anger, panic, worry, and grief

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Viewing your personality characteristics — and those of others — through the Chinese Five Elements enables you to better understand your temperament, emotions, and stuck places — and honor and break through them.

Dondi and Titanya discovered the power of these elemental energies from their mother, renowned energy medicine pioneer Donna Eden.

The sisters learned to understand each other and get along better through what they describe as the “humbling” teachings of the elements...

Titanya’s personality is predominantly Earth (rooted in compassion and worry), while Dondi’s is more Wood (which embodies justice and a sense of what is right and wrong), which can make for fierce relationship challenges. Learning their own  elements and honoring each others by “meeting” them without judgment is one of the great gifts they’ve received through this work. It has helped them in their careers, with friends, and in love relationships, especially during conflict and stressful situations. 

And it can help you too...

Learning the Five Elements provides a guidebook for your life... a new lens through which to find solutions to your problems, to understand your story about the journey you’re on, and to help you choose a new path — if you desire — for the future.

During this highly experiential hour, you’ll also discover how belly dancing can help you explore and embody your elemental energies to create and “birth” your most authentic and fulfilled Self.

Belly dancing allows you to embody your sensuality and true essence quickly and easefully, as you activate the powerful energies of your root chakra... opening you to a freeing feeling in the body — including greater comfort in your own skin — heightened creativity, and greater joy.

It can help you reclaim your body from objectification, cultural taboos, and the emotional weight of family stories. Physical weight loss can be a benefit too. It’s also a lot of fun!

Join us for this hour with two internationally recognized teachers who can open your eyes — and your mind — to the incredible healing shifts you can make in your life and your relationships through the discovery, understanding, and balancing of your elemental energies...

... and through the sacredness, and sheer bliss, of belly dancing — moving in the ways that thousands of women over many centuries have before — to embody your truest essence, and experience the joy and liberation of living on your own terms.


What People Are Saying About Dondi and Titanya...

"... live more joyfully and understand the steps in our journey.”

Dondi is a master of the Five Elements personality system, and presents them in a way we can use in our lives to live more joyfully and understand the steps in our journey. An invaluable book for all of us interested in the wisdom and Energy Medicine teachings of east and west!
— Alberto Villoldo, PhD, shaman, healer, and bestselling author of One Spirit Medicine

“... a must for those who advance on the journey to wholeness.”

A deeply original, state-of-the-art experience of Energy Medicine Dance, connecting the 12 Meridians of the body with the great archetypal structures that guide our passions and possibilities. Joyous, brilliant work... a must for those who advance on the journey to wholeness.
— Jean Houston , PhD, scholar, philosopher, and researcher in human capacities

“... teaches you an exquisite system for understanding how you and others operate in all conditions...”

[The Five Elements ] teaches you an exquisite system for understanding how you and others operate in all conditions, and describes how you can vibrationally call towards you much more of what you desire.
— SARK, Co-author and artist of Succulent Wild Love

“I feel more meaning and happiness, and I am able to maintain those feelings thanks to the energy tools [Titanya] taught me.”

Titanya’s Life Color reading transformed my life. I have a deeper clarity and appreciation for who I am. She guided me to see that what I thought were obstacles are actually opportunities to live a fuller life. She showed me my gifts! I feel more meaning and happiness, and I am able to maintain those feelings thanks to the energy tools she taught me. I am so grateful!
— Tina, of Tony & Tina Vibrational Remedies

“Baffling characteristics of friends, lovers, and family become understandable...”

Baffling characteristics of friends, lovers, and family become understandable when viewed through the lens of the Five Elements. A dive deep into the time-tested concepts in this book can unlock the full range of your wholeness, harmony, and joy.
— Dawson Church, PhD, author of The Genie in Your Genes

“... the code that will open the combination to yourself.”

Dondi Dahlin’s book is full of “aha!” moments and practical and powerful exercises that can be transformative for all personality types. You’ll find the code that will open the combination to yourself.
— Agapi Stassinopoulos, Author of Unbinding the Heart

“Titanya Dahlin has, by far, the best understanding of the colors in auras...”

Titanya Dahlin has, by far, the best understanding of the colors in auras... especially in Life Colors of anyone. I’ve personally witnessed the excitement that occurs after Titanya has completed a Life Color reading. It is such a thrill to have the mysteries of your vibrations (colors) revealed to you.
— Donna Eden, Author of Energy Medicine

“Dondi Dahlin is the perfect guide to show you how to read your personal map!”

Over thousands of years, Chinese medicine not only developed a map of the human body, but also a map of the human spirit. With her brilliant knowledge of the Chinese Five Elements, Dondi Dahlin is the perfect guide to show you how to read your personal map!”
— Jean Haner, Author of The Wisdom of Your Face and Your Hidden Symmetry

“... blending Western and Eastern cultures, with ease and fun.”

Many books about the Five Elements are written academically like a medical text book. Dondi Dahlin, from her years of experience and mastery of this ancient wisdom, has written The Five Elements with the layperson in mind, blending Western and Eastern cultures, with ease and fun.
— Robert Peng, Author of The Master Key: Qigong Secrets for Vitality, Love, and Wisdom


About Dondi Dahlin & Titanya Monique Dahlin


Dondi Dahlin is an award-winning author, speaker, and internationally acclaimed dancer, actress, and teacher. She grew up in both show business and Energy Medicine, and co-wrote The Little Book of Energy Medicine with her mother, Donna Eden.

A longstanding member of the Screen Actors Guild, Dondi has performed in over 30 countries, has been seen in over 100 commercials, and is a sought-after spokesperson.  She started belly dancing professionally in 1989 and became a dancer to the stars, including Omar Sharif, Peter Fonda, and Jimmy Buffett. She was one of the original dancers on Miles Copeland’s infamous “Belly Dance Superstars,” which brought belly dance to the masses.

“Outstanding Speaker in the Nation” is only one of Dondi’s many awards, as well as, “Belly Dancer of the Universe.” She has also been a recipient of many book awards for her international bestseller, The Five Elements, which is based on the world’s oldest personality typing system.Dondi has been teaching the Five Elements with her sister Titanya since 2001 at ACEP, OMEGA, Feathered Pipe Ranch, and other prestigious events throughout North America and Europe.

Dondi homeschools her son and became a historical preservationist after fighting for two years to get her 1904 home historically designated by the city of San Diego.

Titanya Monique Dahlin (EEMCP) is an author, professional storyteller, actress, and certified Waldorf education teacher. She’s an award-winning speaker, an expert at conducting holistic and spiritual ceremonies, and an award-winning professional Middle Eastern dancer. She’s worked closely with her mother, holistic health pioneer Donna Eden, for most of her life. For nearly two decades, Titanya has come into her own in the world of Energy Medicine, creating Energy Medicine for Kids, with an accompanying book series soon to be published. She’s the creator of the popular Energy Medicine Dance, based on her mother’s work, is on the faculty of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program, and leads sacred ceremonies for student transformations. 

Titanya, who has a worldwide following in Energy Medicine, is also a highly sought-after clairvoyant in the field of Auric Life Colors. Her professional movement DVDs have sold thousands of copies worldwide. For almost two decades, she’s been a featured presenter of annual workshops at the acclaimed Omega Institute in New York and other retreat centers.