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With Afro-Indigenous Medical Intuitive, Healer & Author
Dr. Jennifer Lisa Vest

07/20/2024 5:00:00 PM
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Test your medical intuition skills on the spot by energetically scanning a case study subject remotely using the Vest Protocol, assessing their health using clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance  and identifying your strongest supersensory gift by comparing your intuitive hits to their actual medical conditions.


Do you long to deepen your intuitive gifts to help others heal, so you can fulfill your higher purpose in this lifetime?

Maybe you’ve already tapped into your gifts for example, energy healing or accessing higher intuitions and want to take your natural skills to the next level so you can serve others more effectively.

Understanding the three different methods of energy healing and how they work together is the best way to advance your own skill, says Afro-Indigenous medical intuitive and healer Dr. Jennifer Lisa Vest...

If you’ve been practicing or drawn to medical intuition, you likely have one or more of these healing gifts: medical intuition (serving individuals), medical mediumship (serving individuals as you work with spirit doctors), and medical mysticism (working with higher beings).

Would you like to learn which gift or gifts you possess so you can harness your innate gifts and reach new heights in your medical intuitive and mediumship skills so you can better serve others and fulfill your higher purpose?

Join us for a new hour-long event as Dr. Vest, a distinguished scholar renowned for her work in Indigenous philosophy, decolonial thought, and spiritual practices, reveals the fascinating Indigenous origins of medical intuition, medical mediumship, and medical mysticism.

She’ll take you through key steps of the Vest Protocol for Medical Intuition, a multi-pronged approach to developing your energy healing skills created by Dr. Vest after decades of studying and teaching medical intuition, mysticism, mediumship, psychic development, and spiritual healing.

The Vest Protocol is effective because it integrates diverse spiritual traditions and contemporary insights, offering a comprehensive and holistic method that addresses both the physical and energetic aspects of healing. By using this protocol, you can tap into your intuitive abilities with greater precision, enhance your healing practices, and achieve more profound results.

During this event, you’ll test your intuitive skills and abilities by energetically scanning a case study subject and applying the steps then comparing the intuitive hits you received with the volunteer’s conditions and ailments when Dr. Vest reveals them at the end of the event.

As you apply the Vest Protocol, you’ll be exploring your intuitive extrasensory perceptions clairaudience (hearing), clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentience (recognizing feelings), and claircognizance (knowing) and be able to evaluate which one(s) feel most natural to you.

As Dr. Vest will explain, when you learn how to work with your healing gifts in a way that aligns with the essence of who you are, your work is more sustainable, you’re healthier in every way, you won’t feel burned out or drained energetically, and you’ll fulfill your higher purpose each day.


In this hour-long free online event, you’ll:

  • Discover the differences between medical intuition, medical mediumship, and medical mysticism, and how to discern which of the 3 best aligns with your gifts  plus how you can expand your repertoire of healing skills
  • Participate in an actual case study and put your innate skills into action as you energetically scan Dr. Vest’s volunteer, then compare your findings to their true health issues, revealed at the end of the event
  • Learn how to use your medical mysticism gifts in the world for a larger purpose and the ethics to keep in mind as you explore and use this modality
  • Discover how to develop your mediumship specifically for medical purposes you won’t need to know much medicine, you’ll just continually perfect your mediumship
  • Learn how you can create a hybrid healing approach of your own featuring several different Indigenous modalities for example, working with plants, altars, sacred space, the elements, nature, or whatever is calling to you
  • Hear about a new comprehensive training program: Medical Intuition Mastery: Develop Your Skills in Medical Intuition, Mediumship, and Mysticism to Heal Yourself & Others & Fulfill Your Higher Purpose

Dr. Vest’s upcoming 18-week training is a comprehensive exploration of medical mediumship and mysticism within Indigenous and global ancestral healing traditions through a lens of respect, cultural sensitivity, and practical applications for holistic wellbeing. 

This training is ideal for holistic health practitioners, energy healers, and spiritual counselors who are seeking to deepen their understanding and practice of these ancient arts. 

It’s specially designed for individuals with a strong desire to integrate traditional Indigenous wisdom with contemporary healing modalities, enhancing their intuitive abilities, and expanding their capacity to serve others. 

For now, don’t miss this extraordinary and deeply experiential event with Dr. Vest!

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07/20/2024 5:00:00 PM

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What People Are Saying About Dr. Jennifer Lisa Vest...

“Dr. Jennifer Lisa Vest is a unique and gifted medical intuitive who has a deep awareness of the mind-body-spirit connection.”

Dr. Jennifer Lisa Vest is a unique and gifted medical intuitive who has a deep awareness of the mind-body-spirit connection. She brought to my awareness past and present factors that have contributed to my state of health. She proved to be amazingly accurate. I feel that I can move forward with my life in a healthier, more balanced way. I recommend Jennifer Lisa’s unique intuitive work to anybody who seeks clarity, awareness, and empowerment concerning their overall general health: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Her gift as a medical intuitive will well exceed your expectations.
Denise Carroll, Marina Del Rey, California

“Dr. Jennifer Lisa had information for me that changed my life.”

Dr. Jennifer Lisa had information for me that changed my life. She knew facts she could not have known and I am forever changed.
Lawrence Dillard, Beverly Hills, California

“[Dr. Vest] is truly gifted and I continue to see her for guidance with my life.”

The first time I met Dr. Vest, I received a fractal healing treatment and she gave me accurate and unexpected information regarding my childhood without me speaking to her at all. The second time I went to see her for a reading, she was so accurate it was creepy. The information provided through her no one else could have known. She is truly gifted and I continue to see her for guidance with my life. She is very helpful and a loving healer.
Kris Ladanyi, Los Angeles, California

“Jennifer Lisa Vest is my favorite healer.”

Jennifer Lisa Vest is my favorite healer. She is always right on target. She has an infinite connection with the Divine, and I know that what she says she could only know because of that. She never leaves you feeling hopeless, but always infuses love and healing through her work and touch. We always say we would rather go to her for healing work than get a massage! Her touch as she is healing feels angelic and relaxes you in a way that nothing else really does. My husband and I saw her a few times as we were faced with different crossroads in our life, and she was extremely instrumental at really critical times. We would not be where we are today without her! She deeply cares for all of her clients and that is evident in the work she does.
Danielle Boyle, Beverly Hills, California

“[Dr.Vest] has helped me to find peace and direction in an otherwise scary and helpless situation.”

I am so grateful that I found Jennifer Lisa Vest. We have been doing Skype sessions because I don’t live in her area. I immediately felt comfortable in our first session. Jennifer has a warm and light air about her. I have been struggling with late-stage ovarian cancer and have been quite fearful. Jennifer has given me insight as to why I am going through this based on my past-life experience and is helping me find the best course for healing. I am totally convinced that she is truly gifted. She literally has been a godsend to me. She has helped me find peace and direction in an otherwise scary and helpless situation. Thank you, Dr. Vest, for using your gifts to aid humanity. You are a gem.
Collette A., Kapaa, Hawaii


About Dr. Jennifer Lisa Vest

Dr. Jennifer Lisa Vest is an Afro-Indigenous medical intuitive, Akashic records reader, mystic, ceremonialist, and healer. She is a teacher of medical intuition, mysticism, mediumship, psychic development, and spiritual healing and the author of The Ethical Psychic and Sovereign Wisdom: Generating Native American Philosophy from Indigenous Cultures.

A former philosophy professor with extensive teaching experience, she helps clients connect to higher realms and develop their intuitive gifts. She is traditionally trained in Native American sweat lodge ceremonies, African American Hoodoo, Caribbean spiritual healing, and Spiritualism.

She is the founder of the online school Metatron’s Academy, where she teaches medical intuition and other supersensory courses. She also hosts the podcast, Journal of a Medical Intuitive.

Dr. Vest holds a PhD in Indigenous Philosophy from UC Berkeley, an MA in history from Howard University, and a BA in Physics from Hampshire College.