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With Conscious Awareness Instructor
Suzanne Scurlock, CST-D



Look within for resilience, inspiration, bliss, and your soul’s true essence using a profound somatic approach to self-awareness that tunes in to the feelings, sensations, and intuitive cues provided by your body.


In the wake of the past year, you may be feeling lost, depressed, or anxious, struggling with health or other life challenges, or stifled by unresolved trauma or unbeneficial beliefs.

Or, perhaps you’re feeling a twinge of renewed hope as the world reopens, but aren’t sure what is yours to do or how to bring your soul’s desires to fruition...

In this compelling hour with renowned conscious awareness instructor Suzanne Scurlock, CST-D, you’ll experience an inner exploration of your soul to reveal what inspires you the most…

… by tuning in to your body’s innate wisdom to access profound self-knowledge, resilience, and the inspiration and bliss that can open the door to embodying your soul’s true essence and a life of meaning and joy. 

As you feel into your soul’s wisdom circulating throughout your entire system, the path to manifesting this inspiration out into the world becomes clear.

Through Suzanne’s renowned somatic approach to self-awareness, you’ll discover how to tune in to the feelings, sensations, and intuitive cues provided by your body — and come to know this practice as the most direct route to knowing your soul and your authentic self.

Suzanne believes that the body is the vehicle for the soul to manifest on the planet. And our soul is the light, the energy that inhabits our system, energizing and catalyzing us... as if turning on the lights in our very cells.

As Suzanne teaches, when you listen to the wisdom of your body you tune in to your conscious awareness at a deep and profound level. You allow your soul to speak to you in clear, easily accessible ways, opening the door to what Suzanne calls true Soul Embodiment ® and the resilience, growth, and groundedness that comes with it...

… while also learning a powerful way to come back home to your body and soul — to find comfort, safety, and joy.

In this free 60-minute online event, Suzanne will guide you to touch into your body’s wisdom by tuning in to the seat of your soul to experience your soul’s aliveness flowing through every cell of your body. Plus, she’ll help you unveil a current life inspiration and begin the process of manifesting it.

You’ll also learn about your body’s other wisdom areas and how they can be avenues to soul embodiment. And you’ll discover the importance of awareness, curiosity, and trust for creating and living with resilience — and for invigorating aliveness in each moment.


During this transformative hour with Suzanne, you’ll:

  • Discover the true meaning of soul embodiment — and why it’s so important to your wellbeing and your ability to create what you desire in your life
  • Learn how to listen and open to your body’s wisdom — and how doing so enables you to feel into who you truly are... and authentically move through life
  • Learn about your body’s 6 wisdom areas and how they can help you stay tuned in to your soul’s desires
  • Discover tips for cultivating awareness, curiosity, and trust to ACT instead of react to life’s challenging moments
  • Experience an inner exploration of the seat of your soul to reveal what inspires you most at this time — and to feel your soul’s wisdom circulating throughout your system as it helps you embody and manifest your inspiration

Suzanne is one of the world’s leading authorities on accessing conscious awareness through the body’s innate wisdom — and the transformational impact this process can have on healing. For more than 30 years, she’s empowered others with practical tools that help improve every aspect of their lives — from health and wellbeing to relationships, career, creativity, and spiritual growth.

During this online workshop, you’ll also hear about a brand-new 7-week online course with Suzanne, where you’ll learn how to touch into your body’s powerful wisdom areas to unveil and embody your soul’s calling — profound tools for living in the moment, which you’ll return to again and again to cultivate a vital, creative, and blissful life.

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What People Are Saying About Suzanne Scurlock...

“... a brilliant teacher...”

Suzanne Scurlock is a brilliant teacher who offers a powerful approach to healing on all levels.
— Shakti Gawain, author of Creative Visualization

“... decades of work facilitating profound transformation...”

In her book Reclaiming Your Body, Suzanne Scurlock draws on her decades of work facilitating profound transformation in people suffering from a range of physical and emotional dis-ease.
— Tara Brach, PhD, author of Radical Acceptance

“... more health, vitality, and freedom.”

Suzanne is a master practitioner with extraordinary intuitive and healing abilities whom I have been blessed to know and work with for many years. Reclaiming Your Body is a groundbreaking work that can lead all of us to more health, vitality, and freedom.
― Rachel Carlton Abrams, MD, author of Bodywise

“Suzanne’s gift is in translating the unspoken, energetic principles...”

Suzanne’s gift is in translating the unspoken, energetic principles that are the foundation of being an excellent therapist into practical, learnable steps is critical for all of us in today’s world.
— John Upledger, DO, OMM

“The way Suzanne teaches and conveys presence is masterful.”

Eric Cornell, IAHE teaching assistant



About Suzanne Scurlock


Suzanne Scurlock, CST-D, is one of the world’s leading authorities on conscious awareness and its transformational impact on the healing process. For more than 30 years, she’s empowered people with practical tools that enable them to experience joy in each moment without burning out.

After decades of perfecting her methods of awakening the body’s innate wisdom, Suzanne created the comprehensive Healing From the Core® training curriculum in 1994. Today it includes a robust selection of international workshops, webinars, speaking engagements, and audio programs.

Known for her honest, grounded, nurturing manner, Suzanne is adept at weaving together mind, body, and spirit to create a unique environment that encourages profound healing. She’s a sought-after speaker who inspires healthcare providers, coaches, executives, parents, clergy, and others to stay relaxed and energized using her life-changing tools for dissolving stress, pain, overwhelm, and confusion.

Suzanne has authored hundreds of articles for industry publications, journals, and other media. She maintains a private practice in Reston, Virginia, where her clients benefit from the innovative techniques she teaches in her books, Reclaiming Your Body: Healing from Trauma and Awakening to Your Body’s Wisdom and Full Body Presence: Learning to Listen to Your Body’s Wisdom.