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With Composer, World Music Artist, Oud Master & Educator
Yuval Ron


Embark on a transformative sonic journey with award-winning composer Yuval Ron mastering ancient sound-healing techniques for rejuvenating your brain health, enhancing your cognitive clarity, and instilling a profound sense of inner peace.


Imagine using sound to not just passively experience your world, but to actively shape your mental state.

We often overlook the symphony of sounds that surround us every day, but sound isn’t just background noise  it’s key to cultivating wellbeing, relevant to anyone seeking balance in a noisy world.

Acclaimed composer Yuval Ron, a pioneer in music therapy, shares that through harnessing specific sound frequencies, you’ll learn how to activate your brain’s healing processes, improve your focus, and find deeper rest...

... because sound affects our brains, feelings, emotions, thoughts, sense of place, sense of time, and the spectrum of light and darkness  and all of these phenomena can be used for healing.

Drawing from a rich career that began with groundbreaking work on binaural beats, Yuval’s collaborations with top minds in neuroscience and psychotherapy, along with his knowledge of various healing traditions, inform his unique approach to using sound as a tool for health and wellness.

His years of experience include global recognition, such as performing for the Dalai Lama, winning a Gold Medal Award for his book on spirituality, and receiving an Academy Award for his musical compositions for an Oscar-winning film.

His new 40 Hz brain entertainment project explores the science of sound and how certain frequencies are able to affect the listener’s mood and inner imaginal realm.

Brain entrainment the process of synchronizing brain waves to a specific rhythm has been shown to help listeners deepen relaxation, improve quality of sleep, and enhance general wellbeing. Evidence suggests it can help improve outcomes for people with dementia or recovering from brain trauma, and can also improve focus, motivation, and sleep.

Join Yuval for an enlightening free event where you’ll learn how intentional sound can be a catalyst for healing and transformation.

During the hour, Yuval will guide you through a potent experiential sound-healing practice using healing sound modes from the Middle East. This practice can help improve your cognitive function and alleviate anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

You’ll also learn how to deeply listen and feel how sound affects the energies of your body and mind, helping you become your own healer and understand how to choose the perfect sound-healing music or meditation for whatever ails you.

Once you learn how to listen to your inner world and the world around you in this profound way, you’ll begin to realize the cyclical nature of everything. As in nature, we are all connected, and each of us has a profound impact on each other and on the Earth.

You don’t have to be a musician to attend this event. No musical knowledge is required. If you have a desire for improved cognitive function and a calmer, more centered self, this event is for you.


In this illuminating event, you’ll:

  • Discover how to select your personalized sound-healing practices, becoming your own mindful musical guide
  • Learn how to fine-tune your brain’s frequency using gamma waves and 40 Hz vibrations for improved cognitive function and restorative sleep
  • Cultivate the art of deep listening to identify and apply the therapeutic sounds that resonate with your unique energetic needs
  • Explore ancient Middle Eastern sound practices that offer modern wellness solutions, improving your health and wellbeing affordably and effectively
  • Embrace self-healing by curating personal soundtracks to expedite recovery and foster wellbeing, placing healthcare back in your hands

With Yuval’s guidance, you’ll experience for yourself the exhilarating truth that intentional sound can supercharge your wellbeing journey.

You’ll also be among the first to hear about Yuval’s brand-new 7-week live video course, in which he’ll take you on a deeper journey using sound to help you heal and improve your health with easy-to-learn sound meditations, chanting practices, and sound-healing techniques from traditional wisdom traditions...

... as well as with sounds from three spiritual paths developed in India, Israel during Biblical times, and the Ottoman Empire, helping you cultivate a deeper sense of inner peace, universal love, and equanimity.

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Join this FREE video event with Yuval Ron and discover how to refresh your mental wellbeing, sharpen your cognitive abilities, and foster deep internal tranquility using ancient sound practices.

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What People Are Saying About Yuval Ron...

“Yuval Ron Ensemble’s performance was absolutely perfect!”

Yuval Ron Ensemble’s performance was absolutely perfect! It was a festival highlight for me! I am grateful that I can always count on him to bring his culture forward in authentic and compelling ways.
Barbara Leonard, festival curator, California State University, Northridge, California

“Ron is a master storyteller, whose soft-spoken sincerity and insights promote human solidarity...”

The Yuval Ron Ensemble’s poetry, melodies, rhythms, and movements transcend political, linguistic, and religious divisions. Ron is a master storyteller, whose soft-spoken sincerity and insights promote human solidarity, serving as a powerful antidote to our pessimism and cynicism. By the end of the concert, the audience once again believes in the possibilities for peace and friendship among Muslims, Christians, and Jews.
Joel Glick, Oregon Education Association (OEA), Portland, Oregon

“The sights were dazzling, the sounds were exotic, and the room was full of joy.

The sights were dazzling, the sounds were exotic, and the room was full of joy. The musicianship was world-class, the audience was dancing, and the whirling dervish was something to behold. It was a truly memorable evening.
Peter Gordon, Director of New Initiatives, Cal Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, California

“I am deeply touched and impressed by Yuval Ron and the Ensemble.”

I am deeply touched and impressed by Yuval Ron and the Ensemble. I celebrate their sacred music and peace, as well as their musical skills!
Maureen O. Rovegno, associate director, Chautauqua Institution, Chautauqua, New York

“Yuval Ron is a troubadour of the music of the soul.”

Yuval Ron is a troubadour of the music of the soul. When he and his ensemble play, heaven feels tangibly near.
Pir Zia Inayat-Khan, PhD, president of the Sufi Order International


About Yuval Ron

Yuval Ron, an award-winning composer, has been involved in the world of music therapy since a commission in 1990 from researcher Robert Monroe of the Monroe Institute for Hemi-Sync music composition using binaural beats. He has collaborated with neuroscientists Mark Waldman and Dr. Andrew Newburg, psychotherapist Dr. Sanjay Manchanda, pioneer healers Dr. Richard Gold and Gail Lynn, Sufis, Kabbalists, and Ayurvedic healers.

He is the founding director of the record label Metta Mindfulness Music, which produces intentional healing music for use in clinics and treatment centers worldwide. Yuval was invited to perform meditative music for the Dalai Lama and the Sufi Sheikh Sidi Muhammad, and has collaborated with the Sufi leaders Pir Zia Inayat Khan and Pir Shabdah Khan; with numerous master musicians including Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Estrella Morente, and Deva Premal; and with the Zen Buddhist priest and master artist Hirokazu Kosaka.

Yuval has been invited to speak at numerous schools, including Yale, Johns Hopkins University, UCLA, Middlebury College, MIT, Berklee College of Music, and the University of Chicago. He has given keynote addresses at the Pacific Symposium conference of Oriental Medicine in San Diego and at the Quantum Institute in New Delhi, India. 

His book Divine Attunement: Music as a Path to Wisdom, won the Gold Medal Award for the Best Book in Spirituality category in the Indie Book Award 2015. He has composed scores for the Oscar-winning film West Bank Story, PBS Nova documentaries such as Breaking the Maya Code, art house films such as Proteus, and for site-specific installations at the Getty Museum, Japan America Center, LAX, and more. 

He is the founder and executive director of Inspired Sound Initiative, the charity nonprofit organization dedicated to providing free-of-charge educational performance arts programming to underserved communities and youth-at-risk worldwide.