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With the Author of True Purpose and Founder of the True Purpose® Institute
Tim Kelley

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Redefine the parameters of what’s possible for your life using a step-by-step process that catalyzes the wisdom and inspiration of your unique higher guidance to help you discover and validate your life’s true mission — for greater fulfillment, joy, and soul alignment.


What are you here to do?

It’s a question many of us are asking ourselves these days as we individually and collectively struggle to find peace in an uncertain world.

Part of the challenge is that our sense of peace in and of itself has changed. It now feels as if peace and purpose are inextricably linked, creating an unprecedented time of pressurized possibility.

The world is definitely calling forth the better virtues of who we are... of who YOU are... to give back to the full extent of what we have been given. Not just monetary gains, but also our spiritual gifts, talents, and life skills in service to the whole.

We’re all being asked, What is your purpose? What did you come here to experience? What abilities were you blessed with that can help heal our world?

Tim Kelley, one of the world’s leading-edge teachers on higher purpose, can help you answer those questions. He’s created a simple yet innovative approach for streamlining the discovery of your life purpose... by connecting you with your higher guidance.

During this free online workshop, he’ll be sharing a step-by-step process designed to help you connect with your higher guidance to discover and validate your life’s true mission.

In doing so, you’ll open yourself to receive deeper wisdom, inspiration, and healing power, instilling a sense of greater fulfillment, joy, and soul-alignment in your life.

You’ll also experience a guided visualization to help you establish a clear vision of yourself living out your true purpose.

As Tim teaches, the signs, synchronicities, and messages that are meant to align you with your higher self and the best path forward are always with you patiently waiting for your senses to grow sharper.

As you harness the power of your higher guidance to discover your life’s purpose, the self-imposed barriers standing between you and your full potential will begin crumbling. You’ll more deeply trust yourself and your capacity to handle life’s challenges.

Imagine how wonderful it will be to wake up each morning with the sense of calm and clarity that comes from trusting that your life is unfolding in perfect harmony with the fullness of who you are and what you came here to do.

Tim’s education in mathematics at MIT, his distinguished career in Silicon Valley, and his experience as a Navy commanding officer have helped him hone techniques that are practical, replicable, and reliable.

At this pivotal point in human history, we’ve all been given the task and blessing to be the change we wish to see in the world... to become the transformational change agents we were born to be.

Join Tim for this enriching experiential event to begin connecting with your higher guidance to reveal your purpose... and redefine the parameters of what’s possible for your life!


In this free experiential hour-long event, you’ll explore:

  • The 3 different types of higher guidance — and which one is most likely to reveal your purpose to you
  • The 4 types of purpose statements — and how each one can help you fulfill your highest potential and live the life you’re meant to live
  • The 2 biggest obstacles to connecting with higher guidance — and how to remove them
  • A clear vision of yourself living your purpose through a guided visualization
  • How to redefine the parameters of what’s possible for your life by catalyzing your unique higher guidance to help you discover and validate your life purpose

As an added bonus, you’ll also be the first to hear the details of Tim’s new 7-week live video course, where you'll discover how to manifest your full potential by embodying your higher guidance in an authentic and life-affirming way.

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Join this FREE video event with Tim Kelley to redefine what’s possible for your life using a step-by-step process that catalyzes the wisdom and inspiration of your unique higher guidance to help you discover, validate, and carry out into the world your life’s true mission.

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What People Are Saying About Tim Kelley...

“What Einstein did for physics and Gutenberg did for printing, Tim does for purpose.”

What Einstein did for physics and Gutenberg did for printing, Tim does for purpose. You’ll discover that we’ve been in nursery school with respect to what we know, and how we access purpose. Tim’s method will be the standard for years to come.
— Martin Rutte, co-editor of Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work and founder of Project Heaven on Earth

“I know of no better guide than Tim.”

Tim Kelley’s work is of the highest caliber. His insight, precision, and skill shine out from a field that is typically hazy. I know of no better guide than Tim.
— Helen Palmer, bestselling author of The Enneagram

“... a roadmap for the discovery of our true purpose in life.”

Tim Kelley gives us all a roadmap for the discovery of our true purpose in life. If you want a life filled with meaning and purpose, let Tim be your guide. You won’t be disappointed!
— Howard Behar, former president of Starbucks Coffee

“Tim is a master...”

Tim is a master, and I have personally watched him transform hundreds of people’s lives — including my own.
— Marcia Wieder, founder and CEO of Dream University® and author of Making Your Dreams Come True

“I am far better prepared as an agent of change...”

Working with Tim has transformed me in ways I couldn’t have imagined! I am far better prepared as an agent of change; now I feel much more capable to use my resources and power to have the maximum positive impact and create a lasting legacy. Any leader who wants to create a better world should hire Tim and employ his methods.
— Scott Brickman, social investor and chairman of the Brickman Group, a partner in Monumental Sports & Entertainment


About Tim Kelley


Global change agent Tim Kelley works with top leaders in many fields and countries to transform human institutions and evolve society. He helps executives, politicians and organizations become potent and capable creators of change. He is the author of True Purpose and the bestselling co-author of three other books. His methodology, True Purpose, has been featured internationally in magazines, newspapers, and on television.

Tim has trained over 1,000 consultants, therapists, and coaches around the world in his methods. He has worked with hundreds of CEOs, including top leaders and executive teams from such companies as Nabisco, ING, Oracle, and PriceWaterhouseCoopers, as well as with government ministers and leaders of international NGOs.

Tim is the founder of the True Purpose® Institute, which provides messengers, change agents, and mission-driven organizations with the  training and support they need to create the impact they are meant to have in the world.

A retired Naval Reserve officer, he has commanded military organizations, including an amphibious assault craft unit. He holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from MIT.