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Are you ready to release all the seeking, grasping and struggling and relax into a limitless stream of spiritual nourishment?

Have you desired a more feminine spiritual path that is kinder to your body, more loving to your ego, and actually more effective at helping you live in a radiant, loving and beautiful way?

Virtually every approach to enlightenment we’ve inherited has a built-in masculine bias because most of our spiritual leaders have historically been men.

While there are blessings and great value in these traditions, we’ve consequently grown accustomed to aggressive metaphors and oppositional practices, from trying to “kill our ego” to “shattering illusions” to “transcending our bodily needs.”

Our spiritual practices and mindsets have thus often been built on a framework of deprivation, disassociation and disdain.

What if the majority of those approaches were imbalanced and a bit misguided in how spiritual awakening actually occurs?

The practice of ego relaxation is about allowing, surrendering and opening to grace rather than doing battle with parts of yourself.

Yes, there is discipline involved, but it’s the balance of focus and surrender, practice and relaxation, that invites your divinity to blossom fully in your body and your life.

The beauty of this more feminine approach to spiritual awakening is that it invites a landing into your entire life and being in a way that’s more relaxed, at peace and ultimately joyful.

You can experience realization as a kind of homecoming rather than leaving anything behind.

Miranda Macpherson is a rapidly rising spiritual teacher who offers an integrated and distinctly feminine approach to self-realization that reveals the radiant majesty and indescribable beauty at your core, as well as a path of awakening filled with the blessings of grace.

Her teachings are rooted in her direct experiences and inspired by extensive study of the world’s mystical traditions, A Course in Miracles and particularly the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi.

For more than two decades, she’s been guiding groups of seasoned aspirants to let go of the paradigm of “seeking” and truly land at home within themselves through the practice of ego relaxation (opening to the divinity that’s already within you).

Miranda’s teaching methods marry an exquisite and piercing capacity for clear insight with an overflowing, loving heart that helps you release your aversion to any aspect of yourself.

She’ll guide you in shedding the conditioning that obscures the truth of who you really are, and help you approach the path with tenderness and self-forgiveness.

During this free virtual event with Miranda, you’ll be able to relax into a larger field of grace and discover why so many of your efforts to improve, grow and evolve leave you unsatisfied.

She’ll share how you can develop seven key pillars of awakening that allow grace to fill you up in a way that creates a lasting sense of fulfillment.

While you may have heard other spiritual teachers describe similar truths, we can assure you that Miranda is unique. She’s generating excitement as a spiritual pioneer who has steeped herself in the world’s mystical traditions and emerged with a profound body of teachings.

She has a down-to-earth, no-nonsense directness that flows from her Australian upbringing, which is paired with a heart-melting voice that soothes us like a mother’s lullaby. It’s no coincidence she’s a beautiful singer who weaves mantras and kirtan throughout her teachings.

During this free session, you’ll learn more about how to soften your ego’s quest for control, relax into a larger field of grace and experience the healing balm of unconditional love AS yourself.

You’ll discover:

  • How to truly relax into realization, rather than chase after special states
  • Why the impulse to chase after God takes you out of the receptive state, blocking your availability to boundless dimensions
  • How to experience grace through difficult life passages that may be the opposite of what you want at the time
  • Key pillars for awakening that allow you to begin functioning in the living stream of boundless love, wisdom and guidance
  • How to embrace deep wounds and past trauma and find the courage and confidence to open your heart

If you want to unwind the roots of suffering in yourself and access your true divine nature, this is the ideal event for you!

You’ll also hear about the exciting launch of a new program with Miranda called Awakening to Your Boundless Nature that will take you into deeper levels of awakening.

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About Miranda Macpherson:

Miranda Macpherson is a contemporary spiritual teacher, counselor and author of the spiritual guidebook, Boundless Love (Random House 2002). Miranda, who has been teaching internationally since 1995, is known for her depth of presence, clarity and refined capacity to guide people into direct experience of the sacred.

Miranda’s work is a synthesis of self-inquiry, spiritual psychology, devotion and meditation practice offered with feminine grace that embraces our everyday human experience as a gateway into the depths of our true nature. Through a blend of silent transmission and articulate teaching, she leads retreats and ongoing programs oriented to guiding people into direct spiritual experience while providing a practical map for actualizing our realization into daily life. Drawing from the ancient lineages of Advaita and mystical Christianity as well as from more recent wisdom teachings such as A Course In Miracles, Miranda leads from the ground of unconditional love and compassion for our humanity, emphasizing receptivity, discrimination and surrender.

Miranda is founder of the groundbreaking “OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation” in London, and today leads the “Awakening Love and Wisdom” sangha in Marin and Sonoma counties in northern California. She teaches retreats in the United States and in Europe, and is working on a new book, Tasting Grace. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, Bob Duchmann, a teacher of the Diamond Approach (A.H. Almaas’ Ridhwan School).