With the Founder of Sacred Energy Arts
Sifu Matthew Cohen


Reclaim your health and wellbeing through an inspiring multidisciplinary approach to Qigong that increases your functional capacity, empowers your goals, and primes your mind, body, and spirit for strength, compassion, resilience, and peace.


Is your movement practice as multifaceted as you are?

Your mind, body, and spirit require different things to remain balanced, joyful, and able to function at full capacity.

The three pillars of Qigong medical, martial, and spiritual create a holistic approach to health that infuses the mind, body, and spirit with vitality, strength, and presence, says Qigong expert Matthew Cohen, the founder of Sacred Energy Arts.

These pillars support your health and personal evolution by activating a trinity of body intelligence, mental agility, and centeredness that can guide you to sustained wellbeing and self-authority.

This insightful online event with Matthew explores how the three pillars of Qigong can awaken your physical, mental, and spiritual power and deepen your access to it.

Through Matthew’s deep and artful synthesis of Qigong, breathwork, poetry, embodiment practices, and meditation  all of which contribute to a grounding and uplifting experience, according to his previous students...

... you’ll learn how to enhance your ability to regulate your energy, live compassionately and face life with greater resilience, ease, and clarity.

Matthew is known for his integrative, calm, and reassuring teaching style that adapts to all levels of learning. If you’re looking for a movement practice that can meet you where you are on your journey, you’ll definitely want to tune in to this event!


In this free online Qigong event, you’ll:

  • Discover the 3 pillars of Qigong medical, spiritual, and martial and how they bring balance, strength, and equilibrium to your health and life
  • Be guided through “5 Expressions of Silkworm” a practice that shows 5 different ways of using the same movement for different results
  • Explore the sacred trinity of the 3 pillars and how they intersect through movement and in various areas of your life
  • Learn how the Five Elements of Qigong wood, fire, earth, metal, and water can help you adjust and regulate your energy, balance emotions, and develop functional strength
  • Explore how Matthew’s approach to Qigong practice can enhance your focus and ability to be more present and efficient by harnessing the power of intention, attention, and awareness

Priming your physical and energetic anatomy for strength and peace through practices that engage all that you are simultaneously, allows you to cultivate what Matthew calls intentional health...

... an intentional mindset for each moment that can help you befriend and transform the challenges, conflicts, and uncertainties of modern living.

You’ll experience this firsthand as Matthew guides you through the “5 Expressions of Silkworm” hand practice that reveals how the same movement can be used in five different ways based on your intention.

Matthew will also share how the Five Elements of Qigong are harnessed in Qigong practice to balance emotions and increase physical, mental, and emotional strength.

In joining us, you’ll also be among the first to hear of Matthew’s new 7-week live video course that will delve deeper into the three pillars of Qigong through the exploration of warrior, healer, and visionary archetypes  and a rich fusion of Qigong, breathwork, martial arts, and meditation.

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What People Are Saying About Sifu Matthew Cohen...

“Matthew’s teaching deepened and strengthened my practice on so many levels.”

Matthew’s teaching deepened and strengthened my practice on so many levels. The rare addition of Qigong has added a profound stillness to my life and is an inspiring, moving meditation. Most teachers I’ve known articulate their knowledge in a steady and cerebral way. Matthew takes it a graceful step further by connecting that knowledge through the emotional, physical, and spiritual, and allowing it to settle without force.
Minnie Driver, actress

“Matthew has an incredible ability to blend many of the internal arts such as yoga, Tai Chi, and Qigong together in one seamless flow.”

Matthew has an incredible ability to blend many of the internal arts such as yoga, Tai Chi, and Qigong, together in one seamless flow. If you’re looking for something grounding as well as lifting energetically, go and check it out, and keep an open mind.
Stefan Storace, Garden of Yoga

“I recommend Matthew to anyone who seeks to strengthen his or her physical and spiritual muscles.”

Over the past five years, Matthew has become my good friend, my yoga teacher, my spiritual mentor, and my training partner. Whether I’m kicking him during our training sessions or stretching in a yoga pose in his class, I always feel present when I’m in Matthew’s company. I recommend Matthew to anyone who seeks to strengthen his or her physical and spiritual muscles.
David Grunwald, CEO, American Sunrise Communities

“Matthew Cohen is one of the most inspiring teachers on my yoga journey.”

Matthew Cohen is one of the most inspiring teachers on my yoga journey. I feel very lucky to have taken his training and have had the privilege to assist his teacher training many times since. He keeps inspiring me and delivering rich knowledge. Matthew’s teaching draws from multiple methods and wisdom. He is very creative and motivates and challenges the body’s potential. His teacher training offers a full range of teaching skills, and I consider his training to be one of the “must take” trainings if you want to become an excellent yoga teacher!
Sean Ren, Yoga Yard China

“Working and training with Matthew is a joy and a deep exploration of strength, personal power, resiliency, and grace.”

Matthew is an incredible instructor of yoga, meditation, Qigong, Tai Chi, and martial arts. And, he is more than that. He is a genuine, fierce, and gentle spirit. Working and training with Matthew is a joy and a deep exploration of strength, personal power, resiliency, and grace. He offers a safe and courageous space that allows me to release obstacles in the way of ease in my practice and my life. Thank you, Matthew, for sharing your courage and presence, and offering your gifts, expertise, and Sacred Energy Arts your unique blend of healing work to the world. I am truly grateful.
C. Pete Lee, yoga teacher


About Sifu Matthew Cohen

Sifu Matthew Cohen is the founder and creator of Sacred Energy Arts a unique, integrated system of health and self-development drawing from the teachings of Qigong, martial arts, and yoga. Matthew developed this method after recognizing that Qigong, yoga, and the internal martial arts stand alone as great health systems. Together, the practices create a powerful and transformative experience. Matthew has been fully immersed in the study and application of martial, yogic, and healing arts for over 40 years, and has taught in more than 15 countries.