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Employment Opportunities

The Shift Networkis a global, Internet-based transformational education company. We cover areas from spiritual growth to enlightened business to holistic health. We have featured more than 1300 of today’s leading pioneers in our first five years while launching nearly 200 paid courses and trainings.

The Shift Network puts a strong emphasis on putting positive change work into practice, creating a healthy and supportive culture that truly makes a difference. We’re thus looking for people who are motivated by a mission of changing the world and spreading a more enlightened way of being, and who are committed to do so with excellence and authenticity.

Our current openings include:


The Shift Network is seeking a part-time, Independent Contractor, Marketing Copywriter for our Online Personal Development Courses.  Help spread the cutting-edge transformational content we create with some of the world’s foremost experts in personal growth, spirituality, conscious business, health & wellness, sustainability and more!  We are looking for someone with a depth of experience in the new consciousness field and ability to write about it from a place of sincerity, intelligence, and heart!  

The Marketing Copywriter will work closely alongside executives and highly experienced Internet marketers and branding experts to collaborate on creative projects aimed at helping people to make real and meaningful change in their lives and in the world.

The majority of this position’s focus will be on our online course sales pages, email campaigns, and copy for websites.  This position must demonstrate skill in crafting comprehensive direct-response campaign copy that supports the growth of individuals and society as a whole. 

This position is a part-time, Independent Contractor position.

The Ideal Candidate will have:

  • A deep interest in, and understanding of, the personal development market
  • A love of collaborating in a positive, creative manner
  • A sincere desire to have a massive positive impact on others and the world
  • Direct response copy experience

This position will be working with a variety of top teachers in personal and societal transformation to translate and communicate their concepts to the marketplace.  To do so effectively, it is ideal to have been on an extensive transformational, personal spiritual/psychological journey to fully understand and synthesize the material.

This is a fast paced, high-energy environment, with highly conscious colleagues who communicate clearly, and are dedicated!

Position Overview:

  • Marketing copywriting for marketing programs across multiple brand platforms and communication vehicles including online sales pages, emails and ancillary/promotional web pages
  • Skillfully infuse company brand tone and positioning in copy across all media
  • Collaborate with internal team to craft effective marketing campaigns for wide range of online courses, products, and events
  • Conduct online research for appropriate content
  • Apply best practices across company communications that are actionable and drive response to meet business goals

Seeking Talent Encompassing:

  • 2-4 years demonstrable Marketing copywriting experience with personal development teachers and market
  • Deep familiarity with the personal transformation market with an understanding of multiple lineages of spiritual paths
  •  Ability to write in multiple "voices": You will need to write copy for speakers and hosts, so an ability to emulate their voice is critical. You are able to write emails with a tone that sounds like a note from a friend, and then switch over to dense course materials — writing for concentrated periods of time on complex, often spiritual/philosophical subjects
  • Outstanding communication and collaboration skills; Desire to work in an iterative manner, while both giving and receiving feedback and constructive criticism
  • Exceptional listening and verbal communication skills to synthesize creative-brief direction and distill into on-target, inspirational messaging
  • Excellent writing/editing skills:  You can tell a story, know how to write long copy and make it "scannable." You know how to find and pull the emotional "triggers," but are conscious of when you cross the line into manipulation. Familiarity with AP Style Guide
  • Bachelor’s degree, preferred; personal growth arena for best fit

Setting Expectations:

  • Virtual position so must have reliable office equipment with high-speed interne
  • Applying your talents to a business community of people who get meaning and purpose from the work they do 
  • Competitive pay
  • Opportunity of a lifetime, working alongside like-minded and hearted professionals

To Apply:

If you are inspired and passionate about writing for our market, and possess the qualities and qualifications listed above, please submit a cover letter and your resume, to  In the subject line of the email, type:  MARKETING COPYWRITER, part-time


The Shift Network is an Equal Opportunity Employer

In gratitude for your desire to join The Shift Network team,

Stephen Dinan
CEO, Founder