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Getting into Right Relationship with Indigenous Peoples

By Stephen Dinan, Founder of The Shift Network

First, let me share what I love about Thanksgiving: the expression of gratitude for all we are given, which for me includes YOU! I am deeply grateful to have connected with so many beautiful, powerful, radiant, committed souls who are doing their best to shift things on planet earth and create the world we all know is possible. That includes you. Thank you for the many small and large ways that you bring light into areas of darkness, wisdom into places of ignorance, and beauty into sullied corners of our world. We are on a journey of awakening together, in the service of birthing a new era. Thank you for showing up fully and inspiring me (and others) to love more, be more, and express more of the creativity that is our birthright.

On this day of gratitude, I also want to acknowledge the indigenous peoples of the Americas who were not treated with dignity and respect. May we heal that past and open a new spirit of partnership for moving forwards. Earlier this year, we launched a powerful Declaration of Commitment as a way for us to create right relationship again and I encourage you to sign it today and spread to others. Thanksgiving is a mournful holiday for many Native Americans, so let's help shift that by making a profound commitment together.

Also, we'll be in ceremony this weekend with Grandmother Flordemayo and Don Alejandro of Guatemala, plus several other indigenous elders. We hope this circle can help in some way to reweave the threads that were once broken. If you'd like to share in what emerges from this wisdom circle, we'll have a free teleseminar with them on Monday, which you can register for here.

May the ripples of gratitude spread far and wide through each of our hearts today!

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