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By Larry Mosley, a member of the San Quentin Shakespeare Theatre group
Patience is time subtracting impulse
From movement
Opening key windows of opportunity
Displaying strength in the control
Of one's self
Awaiting that critical moment
To be free
Patience escapes us...
Releasing unrelenting rage from the grips of emotion.
Venting Fumes of Anger...
Deeply Rooted in pain.
Forecasting cloud storming hate
In the spirit
Threatening bolts of violent flames.
Shall I refrain?
Or should I push start?
Questions I believe patience inquires
Of the heart.
Beats . . . pounding in slow steady pace.
Sometimes even the grapes of passion we love
Must ripen to taste.
Be patient,
Be still,
I know the Good Lord will
Answer these, bending knees, as I pray
To be healed.
From Affliction
Drug Addiction
Chaos, prejudice, and restrictions
Searching for Calm in moments
Of waning conviction.
And so I envision
The countless decisions
That we must face in this evolution
Of time
Slowly worming our way through the
Path of experience.
Longing to do nothing
But Ahhh...
~Larry T. Mosley, a member of the San Quentin Shakespeare Theatre group

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This article appears in:
2013 Catalyst - Issue 20

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